How to Use Social Media & Email Marketing For More Value Online

Given an option between and email , which would you choose as a small ?

Now, for many small owners this is really a hard decision to make. Of course, with the buzz about social media, especially Facebook and its huge user base, many will readily go for social media.

But, what if I tell you that scientifically proven stats states otherwise? What if researches over the years have proven over and over again that email marketing trumps social media marketing when it comes to marketing your business!


You should be because that’s not what the social media marketing experts want you to believe. But frankly, many of these are only concerned with selling you that super duper program that will help you create the much desired success on social media.

But no matter what any person says, as a small business when it comes to marketing your business online you definitely want to focus on those activities that produce the desired results and not just the noise.

This is not only wise when it comes to investing your money but for the fact that you have limited time to run and grow your business.

Now, comparing social media and email marketing is really like comparing apples and oranges. There may really be any area of comparison. However, like I have just said above, when it comes to marketing your business, you should focus on results. You want to judiciously invest your limited budget on the strategies and tactics that gives the most results both in time and resources put in.

So, the purpose of this post is to help you make the best choice and, as you will soon see, get the MOST from both worlds!

email marketing and social media showdown

Social Media Poor In Turning Readers Into Customers?

This might seem counter-intuitive considering the buzz about social media marketing. But the tell-all stats are glaring.

Let’s consider a few:

1. McKinsey & Co. – This survey result in 2013 by McKinsey & Co. clearly puts email far ahead of social media in effectiveness when it comes to acquiring customers!

Social media marketing vs Email marketing

As you can see in those results, email is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and combined!

2. – Recently, Amir Chitayat from OpenMoves published results for one of his clients where he revealed that the results of email marketing are more tangible and with better ROI if you are looking for leads or sales. The results of the test showed that email generated 1,192 direct transactions and 872 assisted transactions – that’s a total of 2,064 transactions standing at a ratio of 0.73. This means, email marketing generated more direct conversions than assisted! Now, note that he uses both email marketing and social media and spends about the same amount of budget on them.

Social media, on the other hand, generated less direct transactions (only 173) as well as 1010 assisted conversions. This is a ratio of 0.58. What this mean is that social media had less direct conversions and contributed less to assisted conversions!

3. – In it’s “State of Email Marketing 2016” report reported an average open rate of 21.73% for email marketing. This is in an industry where, for example, Facebook and Twitter have an organic reach of about 6% and less than 2% respectively!

Getresponse state of email marketing 2016

The import of this is that if you have 3,000 email subscribers, 3,000 Facebook fans and 3,000 followers on Twitter, what you will likely get is:

  • 652 people will open your email
  • 180 Facebook fans will see your message
  • 60 Twitter followers will see your message

From each and every one of those reports, it is very clear, that email marketing far outperforms social media in terms of reach and ROI.


Should You Abandon Social Media Marketing?

Combining email marketing and social media

Does the above results mean your investment every day, posting and tweeting on the various social media platforms, is a waste of time and resources?

Not really!

I want you to take a look at the McKinsey & Co. report again. Did you notice that between 2008 and 2012 there was a 20% decline in e-mail usage while social media networks, instant messaging and mobile-messaging had some form of increased usage?

I’m sure you will agree that that trend has not changed over the years. Personally, I believe that the slow-down in email usage is not unconnected with the increase of spam emails and the social media buzz which had led to many businesses investing in social media than email marketing over this period of time.

So, taking all these reports into cognizance, instead of abandoning social media the better route would be a marketing strategy that combines the power of both email marketing and social media.

Remember, the two insights from these reports are:

a. Email beats social media when it comes to customer acquisition


b. Social Media usage is on the increase and generates more assisted conversions!

As a small business you can actually have more value for your marketing spend by combining the two. By so doing you create a win-win situation for your business marketing. You simply need to:

1. Use social media to grow your email list – Your potential customers are already socializing on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. All you need is a well designed strategy to move them over to offers and build a list to help you turn them into customers.

I advise that you download this Facebook marketing guide for small businesses.

2. Use email marketing to boost your ROI! – You’ll need an email list management service like to do this.

For a detailed guide on how to put this strategy together I encourage you to read this post:

“The 3 Scientific Steps to Using Social Media for Online Selling!”

Bonus Read: How To Use Social Media Marketing To Acquire Loyal Customers!


These reports on social media and email marketing are indeed an eye opener for small businesses who wants to use social media marketing for their online promotions. One thing that is clear from these stats is, social media is not the right channel if you expect short term rewards in terms of revenue or profitability. On the other hand, to use email marketing you will need to understand what permission marketing is all about.

Simply posting updates about your business on social media and broadcasting marketing/sales messages through email will not help you achieve your business goals. A carefully crafted marketing strategy, as outlined in this report (Click here to download!) is what will help you do the magic.

So, what do you think? Are you having great success with your social media marketing as against what this research report states?

How Your Small Business Can Collaborate With Others for Better Results

Ever heard the saying, a tree cannot make a forest? How about no man is an island?

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard that a hundred times. Now, the truth is that doesn’t just apply to humans only. Businesses too stand to gain a lot when they collaborate.

Considering the challenges of the business environment these days the idea of small businesses working together shouldn’t be toyed with. As a small business entrepreneur working with other similar businesses can help you overcome most of the challenges in the marketplace.

Some of the benefits from this include gaining fresh ideas on running your business, leveraging the power of togetherness to compete more favorably in the marketplace, tap into the knowledge and experience of partnering businesses, etc.

Fact it, collaborating with other businesses is better for you than flexing your muscles and competing with everyone else out there. Of course, I understand that you’re proud of your business’s ability to fend for itself. But you need to be careful because that kind of lone wolf attitude will only take you so far.

As I have said before just as no man is an island so also no small business is an island. Your small business functions as a part of a much large ecosystem, and it can really benefit from working with and collaborating with others.

If the idea of small business collaboration fills you with trepidation, then here are a few suggestions on how you can do it properly…

Tips for small business collaboration

How to Collaborate With Other Businesses

1. Find Companies That Can Do Things and Provide Things You Can’t

Your business might be great, but it can’t do everything for itself. That would simply be unrealistic.

You don’t have to fall into the trap of operating your business like a one-man band. There are companies that can assist you with logistics or technical issues that are hard to get your head round. Then there are financial service providers, such as, that can help you out too. Those are just a few examples among many others.

There is always going to be people out there who can solve problems you can’t by yourself.

2. Embrace Mutual Benefits

Any and every relationship your business has with another should be mutually beneficial. If it’s not, then it’s simply not worth pursuing any longer.

Go to to find out how marketing relationships can be fostered to everyone’s benefit. This is something that you should embrace, as long as you’re not trying to set up partnerships with direct rivals. That’s something that should always be avoided, but there are still many companies out there to work alongside.

Explore the options and don’t ignore the opportunities out there.

Mutual benefits of small business collaboration

3. Be Open to Learning When You Collaborate

As an entrepreneur, it might be easy to think you know it all, especially if you’ve had some success already. However, you should always be open to learning new things and embracing new experiences. When you do that, you will change your own conceptions and make your business better placed to increase its appeal.

Never go into this kind of project with a closed mind because you will only ruin the experience for yourself and your business. And that makes no sense at all. Go into this with a completely open mind.

4. Build Trust and Work Through Issues Constructively

Trust is going to have a big part to play in all of this. If you don’t feel like you can trust the people you’re working with, or they don’t trust you, that’s going to cause very real problems for your business.

However, trust can be built, and it always takes a bit of time to reach that point. It’s about proving to each other that this relationship is worth it. And when issues and differences do arise, critique and make your case in a constructive way.

Basic decency can go a long way when managing business is relationships.

Ways for small businesses to work together


While the idea of two separate companies working together may appear not practicable, in the post I have just shared with you briefly what this can do for your small business and how you can go about it. I’m sure you can now understand what it means to work with others and how you can manage problems, when they arise from your collaboration. It’s now your turn to get out there and start collaborating. It could be exactly what your business needs.

5 Little Talked-About Tips for Succeeding As an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is no doubt one of the super-easy ways for anyone to start making money online. Whatever your online marketing experience you can get started today as an affiliate marketer.

There’s no doubt that building and growing a successful online business requires some form of work however affiliate marketing is unlike creating and launching your own products. Definitely that requires much more time and commitment plus a greater level of risk!

Why is affiliate marketing that less demanding?

While there may be different reasons for this basically, as an affiliate marketer the products are already there for you to promote and make the money. There are a good number of fairly known brands for you to choose from. Most of these brands are not so hard to sell since they have already built some form of goodwill in the market. You only need to know how to sieve through the numerous products on offer to get a slice of the cake.

How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate Marketing Definition

To really make the best of your affiliate marketing efforts it is important that you have a good understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how it works. For this I will want us to turn to

And here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

“Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer.”

From this definition one thing you must note is that unlike programs like Google Adsense that pay you per click affiliate marketing pays per performance. That is, you are only paid for results. This way both the merchant and affiliate marketer wins!

To learn more about how affiliate marketing works, watch this video:

Now, let’s discuss some little talked about affiliate marketing tips that will help you succeed with your online business as an affiliate marketer.

How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose Wisely

How to win with affiliate marketing

To get started, you may want to choose something that you are familiar with. This product or service may not be the hottest thing in the market right now nor make you a millionaire, but you will come off more confident and sincere with something you know and believe in.

Besides, if you’re already running your business online, incorporating it into your existing business will be much easier since you may be running a business that is in sync with your talents and desires already.

Something familiar will allow you to be more personal and creative.

Trying to build your home business around something you know little about will soon become boring and tedious. Working with something familiar will also give you some experience in the program. You can always expand at a later time when you are more familiar with how things work.

Remember, in the world of affiliate marketing there is no such thing as the perfect program. Any particular program will be stuffed full of varying testimonials. Some will be great while others not so great. You need to decide for yourself and not get put off by a few bad experiences. In the end it is down to you and how much you want to put in.

2. Identify the Demand

With affiliate marketing programs you’ll likely be given a range of products to sell. Check out the demand of these products. You should try to stay away from trendy items. They’ll sell like mad one minute but you’ll be giving them away the next.

You need to sell things that you know people want and need. That way your long term sales objectives will get met.

Start your affiliate business by first identifying the demand

3. Never Limit Yourself

Don’t limit yourself to just one product. Try to offer a variety of affiliate products. Many affiliate marketing programs offer a selection and it is best to go with these. Basing your business on one product may work in the short term. However, someone will eventually come along with something better or cheaper.

4. Set Yourself Apart From Other Affiliates

You are not definitely the only one marketing that affiliate program! There are hundreds and in most cases thousand others doing just that. You need to establish what makes you and what you offer different from others. What do you offer that sets you apart from other affiliates?

You should always use tact when talking about your competition. Putting them down or being rude will only backfire on you. Talk up the advantages that you offer and leave it at that.

Stand out as an affiliate marketer

5. Do Everything You Can To Keep Your Customers

Finally, keep your customers happy. The happier they are the more likely they are to come back. Offer your customers incentives such as savings on their next purchase. It may cost you more but only in the short term. Keeping your customers happy will result in them referring you to others.


Starting an online business as an affiliate marketer requires much less risks than creating your own business to sell online. However, everything else is like any other business. You need to work very hard and be dedicated.  How much you put in will determine the level of success you achieve. There are no surefire ways but there are of course good tips that can be of help. Use the above tips and you can be sure of success today.

Over to you: If you’re an affiliate marketer I will love to hear your thoughts on this. How do you choose your products/services to promote? What one thing do you do that you think many affiliates are not doing? Share with us in your comments below.

Hired Help: How Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Small Business Startups

Many small business startups would never spend a dime on outsourcing. They see it as an unnecessary cost. They consider it more beneficial spending their money on something else, especially if they are tight on money!

But that is really a wrong way to look at outsourcing. It is a fact that all successful businesses have, at some point, outsourced work. As a business entrepreneur, it is definite that you can’t do everything yourself – there isn’t the time in the day and of course, you can’t just have all the skills necessary to do that!

In this post I want to share with you some of the reasons why outsourcing is good for your business – no matter the size.

how outsourcing benefits small business

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing For Business Startups

1. A Better Marketing Mix

You have been knee-deep in your product for months – maybe even longer. You know exactly how it works, and you have a rough idea of the people that will benefit from it. The trouble is, you have no way of reaching them. If you’re a marketing expert, then great – you are in with a shout of spreading your message as fast and as far as is possible.

But if you aren’t, you are going to struggle. So, the simple answer is to outsource to a marketing firm that understands what they are doing. They will see things from your customers’ perspective and help you form your central message to appeal to them. And, they can do so across all the relevant channels, whether that is offline or online.

2. Higher Volumes Of Traffic

Traffic is essential for any business these days, whether you are an online-only company or not. And, there are various means and methods of improving your performance in this area. However, it can take a long time for a new business to grow their online market share and traffic levels. It’s a constant process of checking, adjusting, and implementing an overarching plan.

Ask yourself: do you have the time? If not, then there are plenty of services out there that can help. You could use an SEO company to climb the search rankings, or a content marketing agency to retain more visitors. You can use PR sites and outreach companies to earn more links to your site, too, which will help give your ranking a boost in the right direction. Nobody has time to do all this themselves – so hand over the reins to someone who can do it quicker.

3. Convert More Customers

Traffic is a great start, but successful businesses understand that conversion is the most important part of any plan. You can have all the visitors in the world arriving at your site, but if nobody is buying, you don’t have much of a business. So, speak to copywriters, conversion rate optimizers, and UX designers. They will help you improve the flow of your website, and persuade your audience to become customers.

Again, this is something you can do yourself, but it’s important to have that view that others will bring to the table. Fresh eyes on your website will give you a better indication of where things are going right, and wrong.


It’s important to remember that you are not a small business SuperHero. Why wear yourself out trying to do everything yourself. Outsourcing will help you do more for your small business. All you need is to know what areas to focus and work on yourself and what areas to outsource. This way you will be able to do and achieve more with your business startup.

I hope this article has helped outline how good hired help can be for online startups. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

4 Essential Tips to Keep Your Staff Happier and More Productive At Work!

Running a business is both fun and challenging, especially if your business has grown for you to have a staff to help out. As a business entrepreneur you must understand that how you handle this human resource of your business will determine to a great extent the future growth of your business.

While you may be tempted to look at the staff as just another resource to make your money it is important to note that the staff is the most valuable asset to your business. Your team of employees is the key to driving your company forward, and it’s imperative that you appreciate their role in the venture.

A happy employee is a more productive one. Therefore, the benefits are just as rewarding for you as they are for your staff. Keeping staff morale at a high level is one of the most important roles that any boss can take on, and it could have a huge say on how successful the business is.

Now, it must be made clear that it is not really easy to make someone happy since happiness is, inherently something that comes from the inside of you. To be happy one has to make the decision himself. However, putting a few things in place so that the working place is not stressful will greatly help in putting the worker in the right frame of mind to make that decision.

So, that being said, here are a few tips that will ensure you put that smile on the faces of your staff and of course, yours!

Motivate your staff and make them happier

1. Pay

Let’s not kid ourselves; the primary motive for your employees is money. If you want to keep them happy, you must be sure to pay them well. And on time, too.

As the boss, you’ve got enough on your plate as it is. Embracing professional payroll services is a great way to ensure that your staffs are paid promptly. It also saves you from many wasted hours too, which ultimately, allows you to concentrate on making more money.

If your staffs have got money to enjoy themselves at the end of the working week/month, they’ll be a lot happier. No employee wants to waste their spare time chasing missed payments.

2. Remote Working

By now, you will have heard about the term cloud computing. These facilities can increase office productivity and reduce overheads. One of the greatest benefits, though, is that it promotes remote work.

Your staffs have lives outside of work. A child’s illness, for example, can throw a spanner into the works. With cloud computing, they can access stored data from home. For you, it removes the threat of workflow taking a hit. Meanwhile, your empathy will go a long way to building a stronger relationship with the employee.

As previously mentioned, this is hardly the only benefit of embracing the cloud. But it is a factor that shouldn’t be ignored.

3. Outsource

Allowing remote work from your permanent staff isn’t the only way to use the internet to your advantage. You can also utilize it to have specific tasks completed through outsourcing.

Freelancing is a growing online trend, and there are thousands of skilled people ready to take on your odd jobs. This could mean redesigning your website or knocking up a few spreadsheets. Whatever the task, using freelancers can help keep costs down as you won’t need specialist equipment.

Meanwhile, it makes it easier for you to manage your physical staff.

4. Be A Boss First, And A Friend Second

Your staffs are employed to make you money, and that hierarchy needs to be present. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t become a great boss by encouraging positive relationships.

Offering staff perks will get them on your side. However, just being there for your team will make a huge difference. You don’t want personal talk to get in the way of work. But showing that you care can help them greatly, especially in tough moments.

Moreover, you can show them the potential for career growth to keep them motivated. After all, your employees will have ambitions to climb the career ladder too.


Having a successful business is the dream of every true entrepreneur. To actualize this you need the help of employees. Hiring a staff for your business is not just a thing of convention; it’s an investment that should produce the desired result. How you treat the staff will determine their productivity. Use the above tips as a guide and you will be able to motivate them for greater productivity.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2015: Here’s What to Watch Out For! (INFOGRAPHIC)

Social media marketing has no doubt caught on with marketers, whether they be online or offline. This is really not a surprise.

However, what is surprising is the rate of transformation. Over the past few years we have witnessed social media marketing trends that simply beats the imagination.

It was just some five years or so that the social media giant, Facebook, rolled out what we now know as the “Like” button. Since then, social media has grown into a huge worldwide phenomena. For example, imagine 2.46 million posts being posted on Facebook every minute!

But do you know that such figures might soon become child’s play in the next few years if we’re to take seriously what the experts are projecting?

Yes, it is projected that about 2.44 billion users will be networking with friends and family on their favorite social networks in the coming year!

Can you, as a business person who wants to connect with, and engage potential customers ignore such figures? The fact that as much as 97% of marketers now use social media, with up to 92% acknowledging its importance in their businesses, should be another reason why you take note right now.

So, how do you ensure that you get the best out of your social media marketing?

The sure way is to stay up to date with the trends. The following infographic provides an overview of new trends, highlights and things to watch out for in the next year so you can prepare yourself and your business for what’s in store for social media in 2015.

Hope you learn one or two things from it. Enjoy!

10 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out this 2015 (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing

Data Security Tips Every Businessperson Should Know

How secure your data from loss

Computers have today become an essential part of our daily lives. Whatever we do, whether it is in our private or professional life, chances are we will always have the need for them.

Are you a blogger, small business entrepreneur, sports man or woman, an educational institute or some multi-million conglomerate? Everyday most of our dealings on done using computers. And of course, most of these work are stored in these wonder boxes.

Now, imagine this scenario:

You’ve been slaving away for hours over the keyboard. You’ve created the ideal business plan. You’ve arranged your client’s accounts. You’ve just written the blog that will define your career.

And then, WHAM – the computer crashes !

Did you back up? Well, we hope so.

But let’s face it; data security and preventing data loss is something that we tend to do as a reactive measure.

If you don’t to hear those cries of agony and annoyance then now is the time to be more proactive about data security. You need to ensure that you are doing all that you can to prevent the onset of data loss. After all, you don’t want to be faced with losing vital pieces of work.

To help you stay on top of the game when it comes to preventing data loss, I have put together these three essential tips that you can use to ensure that you are proactively preventing data losses.

But first,

What Really is Data Security?

According to Techopedia,

“Data security refers to protective digital privacy measures that are applied to prevent unauthorized access to computers, databases and websites. Data security also protects data from corruption.”

That being said, here are the top 3 tips to help you prevent data loss:

1. It’s All About Location

In a bid to prevent data loss for your business, you need to ensure that you are using multiple locations to store your data. Yes, this may seem commonsensical, but think about where your business data is currently stored. If you are simply storing it within your hard drive, you need to think beyond this. USB sticks and external hard drives are cheap, yet savvy, solutions to ensuring that you are preventing data loss. The loss of data can have a detrimental impact on your business. So, ensure that you are implementing multiple locations of storage. That way, you will be able to access your pertinent information, even if you have a computer malfunction.

2. Beware of Malware!

Everyone is aware of malware and the severe impact it can have on a company. But, are you making sure that you are preventing an attack of malware? The key to preventing data loss is to ensure that you are proactively protecting your computer and data systems from viruses. Trojans, worms and malware can all have a severe impact on your data. So, make sure that you are implementing a software solution that protects your data against this threat.  Anti-malware programs are becoming more of a mainstay than a luxury. Ensure that you have firewall installed too. Now, you are in a great place to protect your data. After all, data is not only lost, it can be stolen too. This can have a severe effect on your business. Ensure that you are in the right place to protect yours and your client’s data.

3. Backing Up

Okay, so this may seem commonsensical but are you backing up regularly? Backing up your data is the best way to prevent losing it. You need to ensure that you are backing up regularly and efficiently. Ensure that you have CDs, DVDs and pen drives in your possession. Cloud software is a great way of backing up your pertinent data too. Google provides free cloud solutions for documents and spreadsheets. Of course, there are more robust forms of cloud software like Dropbox and Skydrive too. There is a vast amount of choice when it comes to cloud backup systems. Now, you have no excuse to lose your data again!

If you will put these tips to use all the time, you can be sure that your data are secured and you will have that peace of mind that you so desire.

Over to you: Ever experienced a computer crash? Can you share with us your experience?

6 Cost-Saving and Business-Building Tips That Will Help You Succeed Online

After our unpleasant experience last week we want to once again turn our attention to providing you with practical and useable tips to help you run your your online business with much success. We are indeed happy that those who tried to bring down this blog have failed for I sincerely believe that someone must have tried some backhand tactics on this blog. Any way let’s put that behind us and move forward!

Have you noticed that many more people these days desire to be their own bosses? And do you know that many of these have found comfort in the internet?

That indeed is the fact.

Unfortunately, many of these are discovering that as much as the idea of starting a profitable business online looks attractive, the reality is far from what they dreamed of. The truth is there is so much you need to do to keep your online business afloat. Though this is contrary of course to the picture we were made to believe when we started!

In this article I want to reveal some insider tips that will help the aspiring internet business entrepreneur to, not only get their business off the ground, but also build an enduring business empire online.

Every business entrepreneur who has ventured into building a business in the real world will readily confirm that the two biggest factors that put many off starting their own businesses are money and the risk involved. Starting even a small business takes a fair amount of money. You need a space to run the business, you need to purchase stock and equipment and of course pay for other expenses like advertising. And all of these require money. Those who are lucky enough to get the capital to start face yet the big challenge of risk. This one is so big that it has stopped many from even starting. With business statistics showing that nearly 90% of all small businesses fail in the first year many are never ready to take the risk. Of course the risk does not stop there as you’ll need to put in years of labor both of time and invested money to build up the business. And this, most times, could be anywhere from 5-7 years before any significant profit is seen. Unfortunately not many of us will want to wait that long.

This is why the idea of starting and building a business online is such an attractive offer to many of us.

It must be noted however that, though building a business online involve little or no cost and less risk to you, you must understand that what you put in will determine the reward you receive. Besides, there are challenges involved. Unlike what you may have heard before you’ll have to work very hard to build up your online business. You must get it into your mind that there are no “sure-fire” ways to success online but there are some good tips that you can follow to make your success possible. The truth is it is down to you and how much you want to put in.

This being said, I want to offer the following online business success tips which have been proven to be effective no matter the business model you choose to pursue online.

Online Business Success Tips

1. Choose Something Familiar

The internet is replete with different business models and programs that promise you the moon. However, to get started you may want to choose something that you are familiar with. Choose the product or service you want to market online with care. Of course, this product or service may not be the hottest thing on the market right now, but the good point is that you will come off more confident and sincere with something you know and believe in. you must understand that choosing something familiar has a lot of advantages. For example, working with something familiar will give you some experience which will help you when creating your business site. You will be more able to bring in your personality and creativity when you’re treading on a familiar turf. Trying to create a business site around something you know little about will soon turn out to be a boring and tedious experience.

2. Identify the Demand

Of course, this is the golden rule of succeeding in every business. Not minding the point above about choosing what you’re familiar with, you must check out the demand of any product or service you want to market or sell online. If you desire to build an enduring and a long term business, you must stay away from trendy items. These may sell like mad one minute but you’ll be giving them away the next. You should build your business around something that you know people want and need. That way your long term sales objectives will be met.

3. Don’t Limit Yourself to Just One Product

This may sound a little out of place but the truth is that if you want to build a business online that will still be there years to come then you need to note this very well. It is a confirmed fact in business that those who purchased from you in the past are more open to buy from you again. Now if you’re offering just one product, how do you expect these ones to come back for that same product? Because of this and other reasons you should offer a variety of products. These may be your own products or affiliate products which you promote to earn a commission. What you should note however is that these products should be related and complement each other. This way, some could be offered as front ends and others as back ends.

4. Set Your Business Apart

One very important business success strategy that the savvy entrepreneur takes seriously is your unique selling position. This simply means what makes what you offer better or stand out from others. It’s about everything your business offer that sets you apart from the competition. This could be your product/service or your peculiar way of delivery it to the customer. Besides, in trying to present you unique selling position, you should always use tact when talking about your competition. Putting them down or being rude will only backfire on you. Talk up the advantages that you offer and leave it at that.

5. Ensure Fast and Efficient Service to Your Clients

The world of online business is a fast paced one indeed. The distance between you and your competition is a click away! Word of mouse travels fast and what you do to one customer could spread over the web in a matter of seconds – thanks to the social networking sites! Bearing this in mind you should aim for efficient and fast service when building a business online. However, there will come a time when there is a glitch. In times like this you need to keep your customers informed and aware of what is happening. Things happen that are beyond your control. Most customers are very forgiving if they are made aware of this. Keeping your customers in the dark could result in losing them for good. This is where adding a blog to your business website or offering a newsletter is necessary as you will be able to easily pass across urgent information of this type to your customers.

6. Keep Your Customers Happy

One cliché that has become very familiar in the business world is, the customer is king! And as the king you must be ready to serve him well! Make your customers happy and they will be more likely to come back. You can do this by offering them incentives such as savings on their next purchase. This may cost you more but only in the short term. Besides, keeping your customers happy will result in them referring you to others.

Conclusion: After years of being involved in marketing online, I have come to realize that building a successful business online is not about having a perfect product or service for there is really nothing like that. With much of the risk and cost of starting taken out of the way, what you simply need is to start with something you know and have an interest in. Build a site that is attractive to others and work on satisfying your customer. It is really up you for what you put in will determine what you get out of it.

Over to You: What are some of the challenges you’re facing presently in building your online business? Feel free also to add your own tips that could be of help to those who are just starting out.

How To Create A Celebrity Status For Your Online Business!

Celebrities are a bunch of admirable people. They command our respect. We look up to them in many ways. They are idols in their own respect. And most especially they are leaders in their own fields.

Wouldn’t you rather be a celebrity in your own field? What would it do for your web marketing business if you can create a celebrity status, commanding the respect and admiration of your target market? Can you imagine the possibilities? The truth is there are various ways you can really do this without putting a hole in your marketing budget.

Let me say first of all that if you’re a small business entrepreneur and you do not have an online presence you are missing out greatly in today’s information driven economy. Indeed sometime ago I wrote a post detailing why you should have a website for your home based business.

But you should understand that having business website is not just enough. The internet is a big vast universe of its own. No matter how fanciful or appealing you business website may be you could easily be lost in this vast virtual world.

If you truly want to succeed with your online marketing then you will need to propagate your business information online. I’ve discovered from experience that this is where many home business entrepreneurs fall flat on their faces. There seems to be so much to do. But the good news is you don’t have to do everything at the same time. Decide on a few to concentrate on and very soon you will be there.

Here are a few ways you can easily build a celebrity status for your business on the net.

1. Start A Blog

A blog, besides being a traffic generating tool for your online business, has become one of the quickest ways to build a celebrity status on the net. Providing expert information on your target niche on your blog quickly creates the aura of the “go-to-guy”. Setting up a blog on your business website or on a separate domain name can do miracles for you online status. There are lots of free information online on how to do this. Check out these free video tutorials for help –

2. Use Online Social Media

These are increasing by the day. But for a beginning I will advice to start with and Connect with other businesses and individuals interested in your niche. Various plugins and applications are available out there that will help you integrate your blog with these social networking sites. Make use of them so that as you post new articles you can always send people back to your blog or website.

3. Use Videos

Like the social media sites, video hosting sites are also increasing by the day. But the grand daddy of them all right now is Shot short content rich videos and host them free on Provide a link back to your business site so that people who watch your videos can also find you. Besides, you can also post these videos on your blog by simply taking the code provided by and posting it on your blog.

4. Write Articles

This one has always been there from the very beginning of the internet and it still remains one of the best. The internet is indeed an information super high way. People today depend on the internet to get the information they need. And the search engines remain the first point of call when it comes to getting information on the net. The search engines love article directories just as they do blogs. Your articles on your blog and on article directories will ensure that you expand the area of your influence on the net. Commit yourself to writing and submitting articles to article directories.

The whole idea here is to get your business image out there. Propagate yourself and your business. Let people find you all over the place. You’ll want to do this so that whenever someone searches for information related to your niche they will easily find you.

These are simple strategies indeed. But if you will put them into use you will soon become a celebrity in your niche. The aura of “the expert” you create by these activities will guarantee your success with your web marketing business.