Commenting Policy

Updated Today, 27th December, 2014

The comment section of every blog is actually the community arena where we all can interact and put in our say. But as we do know many want to take advantage of this.

As much as I hate to put up any rules I’m compelled however to put up these simple guidelines to ensure that every comment on the Web Income Journal  is useful and valuable to all.

Any comment that fall short of these guidelines will be removed promptu.

1. Real Names in Name Field:

Please use real names and not KEYWORDS in the name field. This way we can relate with you and not just what you represent.

2. Link Dropping:

Posting links to useful resources that add value to the on-going discussion in your comments is a good thing indeed. But any attempt to simply drop an irrelevant link will lead to that comment being deleted or the link edited out before approval.

3. Be Respectful and No Foul Language:

I encourage interactions and debates where necessary but we must respect the views of others. Please be professional with your comments and use language that reflects the business community of which we really are.

4. Be Valuable:

This is obvious. Alright, use common sense and post something valuable. You could really stand out with your comments and who knows, that could just be a plus for you. Instead of trying to be self-promotional or simply saying, “great post keep it up,” expressing your opinion why you consider it a great post will be much appreciated.

Simple enough right? Good!

Thank you for making things simple then!

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