Internet Marketing Company Files $3.5M Defamation Lawsuit Against Rival

Internet Marketing Company Files $3.5M Defamation Lawsuit Against Rival

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A Texas-based internet marketing company recently filed a federal lawsuit seeking $3.5 million from a Connecticut competitor that it claimed engaged in fraudulent advertising.

In its lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Hartford, Adscend Media claims it has lost millions in ad revenue resulting from a targeted attack by Norwalk-based DoGood Media. Adscend claims the attacks left several of its websites blacklisted, a move that has significantly cut its revenue.

At the crux of the lawsuit is what Adscend called an inadvertent programming error made by an employee. As a result, people using mobile devices to view content on one of its three video platforms were shown advertisements multiple times instead of the licensed video that was supposed to follow.

Adscend discovered the error on and immediately corrected it, according to the lawsuit.

Adscend operates in a marketing space where internet users watch licensed videos along with an advertisement, and earn a small reward for watching the content.

The lawsuit claims DoGood Media and Eric Farrell, its account manager, took advantage of the error by creating a video titled “A Look at Adscend Media’s Deceptive Ad Monetization System.” The lawsuit claims the video accused Adscend of hacking and cheating the system to “defraud advertisers.”

The video was sent to Adscend’s advertising partners earlier this month, according to the lawsuit. Soon afterward, advertising partner SpotX informed Adscend that all of its websites and applications were being blacklisted, cutting of a source of revenue.

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Nelson Mandela – Another Iconic African Dies at 95!

I never thought of doing any post today having published one just yesterday. However, when I heard of the passing on of Former President and foremost freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, I had no option but to put up this post.

As I have always done when a great personality that have touched my life passes on, I want to use this post to pay my tribute and last respect to this iconic African who has shown that there is hope for the African continent. At a time when the continent is plagued by leaders who are selfish, myopic and vindictive, President Nelson Mandela stands tall like a colossus.

My early of knowledge of Mandela

Nelson Mandela dies at 95!My earliest knowledge of Nelson Mandela was in the early 80s when as young men, he stood out as our hero. Many of my friends then actually chose to be called “Mandela” instead of their real names. That was when the South African oppressive rule of apartheid was at its height and my country, Nigeria, was at the fore front of helping the black South Africans against the oppressive rule. Many of us then became “activists” in our own ways. We sang “freedom” songs in solidarity with the South Africans. And Mandela was the center of it all!

This “activism” and fight for “freedom” spirit was what gave birth to the genre of reggae music amongst us back then. Finding a platform to express our distaste for the oppressive apartheid rulers, we all became social crusaders, singing songs of freedom in solidarity with our South African brothers and sisters. Songs like,

Kill apartheid, you get to kill apartheid
Kill apartheid, you get to kill apartheid
Kill it; kill it; cos we tired of it!

As students, we organized groups where we studied black ideologies and literary works by black Africans and also made financial contributions towards the struggle in South Africa. Till this day, I can still feel the emotional connections one such work, “Nightfall in Soweto” a poem by Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtshali had on me then. Though I have never visited South Africa, I have always felt like a South African because of this emotional attachment.

Mandela indeed epitomizes not just the struggle against the oppressive rule of apartheid in South Africa but also the oppressive and ignoble rule of African leaders today.

Victory of Good over Evil!

When Mandela came out of prison in 1990, most of us felt it was indeed a victory of good over evil just as Bob Marley rightly put it in one of his songs, “War!” (Please, let’s sing along!)

“Until the philosophy which hold one race superior / And another / Inferior / Is finally / And permanently / Discredited / And abandoned / – Everywhere is war – / Me say war.

“That until there are no longer / First class and second class citizens of any nation / Until the colour of a man’s skin / Is of no more significance / than the colour of his eyes / – Me say war.

“That until the basic human rights / Are equally guaranteed to all, / Without regard to race / – Dis a war.

“That until that day / The dream of lasting peace, / World citizenship / Rule of international morality / Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, / But never attained / – Now everywhere is war – / War.

“And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes / that hold our brothers in Angola, / In Mozambique, / South Africa / Sub-human bondage / Have been toppled, / Utterly destroyed / – Well, everywhere is war – / Me say war.

“War in the east, / War in the west, / War up north, / War down south – / War – war – / Rumours of war. / And until that day, / The African continent / Will not know peace, / We Africans will fight – we find it necessary / – And we know we shall win / As we are confident / In the victory

“Of good over evil -/ Good over evil, yeah! / Good over evil – / Good over evil, yeah! / Good over evil – / Good over evil, yeah!”

Of course, Mandela’s life is victory of good over evil indeed. When he came of prison and became the very first Black President of South Africa, he who was victimized and brutalized by the Apartheid Whites turned around to be a rallying point for the whole country. Initiating a peace move, President Nelson Mandela worked hard to reconcile all South Africans and instead of paying back evil for evil he chose to pay the evil of the white oppressors with good!

Indeed, good must always triumph over evil!

Beyond that, to me, Mandela’s term as president was truly the “Daytime” that Mtshali prayed for in “Nightfall in Soweto” when he wrote:

Nightfall comes like
A dreaded disease
Seeping through the pores
Of a healthy body
And ravaging it beyond repair

A murderer’s hand,
Lurking in the shadows,
Clasping the dagger,
Strikes down the helpless victim.

I am the victim.
I am slaughtered
Every night in the streets.
I am cornered by the fear
Gnawing at my timid heart;
In my helplessness I languish.

Man has ceased to be man
Man has become beast
Man has become prey.

I am the prey;
I am the quarry to be run down
By the marauding beast
Let loose by cruel nightfall
From his cage of death.

Where is my refuge?
Where am I safe?
Not in my matchbox house
Where I barricade myself against nightfall.

I tremble at his crunching footsteps,
I quake at his deafening knock at the door.
“Open up!” he barks like a rabid dog
Thirsty for my blood.

Nightfall! Nightfall!
You are my mortal enemy.
But why were you ever created?
Why can’t it be daytime?
Daytime forever more?

And how we pray today that this “daytime” will continue even with the demise of this great African!

Mandela’s – A Man Ahead of His Generation!

Nelson Mandela was born on 18 July 1918. Joining the ANC later in his life he became an activist who believed that Black Africans should be entirely independent in their struggle for political self-determination. He was jailed for his activism and political views and spent 27 years of his life in prison from where he came out to become the first Black President of South Africa.

Like I have earlier said, his mistreatment in the hands of the white apartheid rulers did not turn him into a monster instead he proved “daytime” has indeed dawned on the South African soil!

Unlike what is so prevalent across the African continent today where political leaders would rather choose to remain in power perpetually, Mandela surprised the whole world when he chose to do only one term of 5 years as President.

Indeed, Mandela was a man ahead of his generation.

For those of us who as young men, even when we did not FULLY understand the whole import of what we were doing then, joined in our little ways to fight the apartheid rule, we are indeed satisfied that we took that stand. Mandela never disappointed us. And so, as we pay our tribute to him today, our hearts are joyful that the Almighty God allowed such a man to walk on the sand of Africa. He will remain a motivation to us, a light and beacon of hope. And like the South African President Jacob Zuma rightly puts it, the South African nation has lost its greatest son; the South African people have lost a father.

But I’ll say, not only the South African nation but African as a whole has lost a Gem – a father, a friend, a fighter!

Adieu, Madiba!

How to Profit BIG Time from Online Christmas Spending

Black Friday online spending reports for 2013 indicates a positive outlook for online businesses this Christmas season. Reports from ComScore Inc shows that for the first 29 days of this holiday season total e-commerce sales have reached $20.6 billion! This is about a 3.1 percent increase compared to the same period of Nov. 1 to Black Friday last year, 2012!

For this year’s Black Friday alone, there was a record $1.20 billion in online spending (a 15% increase) as more consumers opted to shop from the comfort of their homes instead of battling with long lines at brick and mortar stores! This is just in line with what I wrote in an earlier post, when I reported that Christmas 2013 holiday season would reach in excess of $220 billion! That truth is already playing out.
Christmas 2013 Online Spending report

But, What Does All of These Mean to You if You’re an Affiliate Marketer?

If you’re an affiliate marketer, just like me, this is indeed good news!

Yes, because all of these mean one thing…

… there is already a hungry market ready to be sold to and if you can find a way of giving this online shopper what she wants you are sure to go smiling to the bank!

Personally, I’ve been researching the market for the past few weeks and it is very clear that online stores, like, remain the best places where online shoppers are spending the money this Christmas season! This was why, sometime ago, I wrote a post titled:

How to Cash In On the Billions of Dollars Being Spent On Amazon This Christmas Festive Season!

If you have not read it make sure you do so right away. IT IS IMPORTANT YOU DO!

Now, with the suggestions I made in that post I want to add the following. These will help you get setup quickly since Christmas is already at the corner. Of course, the Christmas spending has already started and you don’t want to miss out!

1. Become an Associate

If you are not yet an Associate (affiliate) this is the time to do so. This will give you an easy platform to start promoting to this hungry market. Signing up for an associate’s account is both free and easy. Click here to signup.

2. Leverage Amazon Marketing Tools

The good news is that there are various tools in the market that will greatly help you set your Amazon Affiliate marketing plan. For example, this software tool is a 4-in-one highly-specialized tool used for uncovering profitable products to promote as an Amazon affiliate partner! The tool will help you:

(i) Research to uncover profitable keywords! These are keywords that buyers are using right on to look for products that are buying. You will never get these keywords using the Google keyword Planner tool!

(ii) Quickly find worthy top selling products to promote through the Amazon affiliate program! With this tool you don’t have to waste your precious time trying to find what is selling on You’ll be able to quickly extract and analyze all the top 100 categories from the US and UK Amazon sites!

(iii) Quickly extract and analyze products from Amazon beyond just the top 100 to uncover even MORE hidden gems! It helps you to look beyond the top 100 and uncover MORE hidden gems!

(iv) Set up your Amazon WordPress site and STUFF it full of highly profitable Amazon affiliate products in just 3 minutes! This is a simple but powerful WordPress plugin that displays Amazon products on your site using data you have researched and exported with the software tool!

Frankly, this is the easiest and quickest way of getting setup for your Christmas sales as an affiliate. I purchased a copy of this software a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been able to use it to set up different Amazon Affiliate sites in different categories.

Click here to download a copy of the amazing Amazon Software tool!

Let me quickly point out also that this software tool comes with a total package of 9 very insightful training videos that will work you through how to make money with the Amazon associate program. What this means is you are not just receiving a piece of software but also a complete training program. I must say, I’ve found this training program to be invaluable!

Click here to check it out.

The year is running out and the Christmas holiday season offers an opportunity to pull in some good results before the year runs out! Like Gian Fulgoni, ComScore Chairman, said,

“While Black Friday — and now Thanksgiving Day — is the traditional kickoff to the brick-and-mortar holiday shopping season, both days continue to grow in importance on the online channel. Many consumers prefer to avoid the crowds and lines typically associated with Black Friday by shopping from the comfort of their own homes, and we saw a record 66 million Americans do that this year.”

The holiday shopping season has indeed kicked off and Black Friday online sales shows that the season look great. This will continue for the next few days. And so, now is the time to position yourself for the Christmas season sales.

Get started today the easy way for a guaranteed slice of this lucrative Christmas cake!

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in your comments below. Feel free also to share your Christmas season plan of action with us!

US Government Shutdown: Lessons and Hard Realities of Our Time!

On Tuesday 1st October, 2013 following a disagreement between Republicans on the one hand and Democrats on the other, there is presently the unimaginable – the US government shut down!

The issues?

Republicans in the US Congress insisting that any new spending bill include provisions to either defund, derail or otherwise chip away at Obamacare while the Democrats are insisting it mustn’t be.

This stale-ment has now led to the Congress not passing spending bills that fund the government and so, most functions of government – from funding agencies to paying out small business loans and processing passport requests – have now grind to a halt!

However, though it is being referred to as the “US Government Shutdown” the fact is that those who are principally affected are those referred to as “non-essential” workers. While these ones (about 800,000 out of the 3.3 million government employees) will be out of work and without pay, other “essential” government workers will continue working.

Most surprising however, is that while these “non-essential” employees go home without pay, the President, the House and Senate members will not be affected by the shutdown as they will continue to draw their pay checks!

It’s indeed a surprising thing for many that this is happening to the biggest economy of our time because beyond this disagreement about spending there’s also the issue of the debt ceiling. With the U.S. on the verge of maxing out its $16.699 trillion credit we know that more is yet to come. And so, we will need to look into our crystal ball right now in order to pick up a few lessons that can help us.

For me, here are a few lessons that come out plainly from the shutdown

U.S. Government Shut Down!

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1. J.O.B.  Security Is a Myth!

It’s really funny but the biggest lesson I can learn from this government shutdown is the fact that there is nothing like JOB security. Of course, many believe that government jobs are safe and securing such an employment is securing ones future. But we can see right through this shutdown that this is simply a myth. Government jobs, and any other job for that matter, are not safe!

2. You Are Not Secure If Your Future Is Dependent On the Actions of Other

This is another plain truth from this government shut down.

In the recent past few years there have been a whole lot of bickering around the world as a result of the economic downturn that befell many countries.  We saw how the masses rose up against their governments in various countries in mass protest not quite long ago. All of these are plain facts that the government is not the solution. You must be ready to take your destiny in your own hands.

3. You Need Your Own Business

I think this is obvious. Knowing that there is no J.O.B. security (even in government employment) and because you cannot hinge your future in the actions of some government official, becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business is the best option. You can start small. Even if you are in government employment right now you can have a side business.

The internet has opened a whole lot of opportunity to all of us. There are various business ideas you can pick on today and build your own online business around. But remember, building a business is unlike a government employment where you are guaranteed a pay check each and every month. Building your own business demands specific skills and entrepreneurial traits like hard work, honesty, perseverance, focus, vision, etc. Start early enough and you will not be afraid when the rainy days come!

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4. Whatever You Do Make Yourself “Essential!”

Now, let’s face it. What you are doing right now, how essential is it? Are you running a business blog like this one or is your online business model that of providing services for other businesses like B2B content writing services? Are your blog or business services really that “essential” that even if there is a “shut down” today you will be protected? How productive are your activities, can they guide against a shutdown?

It is definitely clear that the world demands more than just being a “noise” in the marketplace these days. The only way to stand out so you can beat any form of “shutdown” is to be a “voice”, like what you have in the Congress and many other “essential” government jobs who, despite this unpleasant situation, will continue to receive their pay!

Build your own business but in doing so make sure you make it “essential!”

5. Bullet-Proof Your Business That It Will Continue To Be Relevant Even When There Is A Shut Down!

It is pertinent that what is happening right now will soon begin to affect some businesses even though they are not government agencies. This means therefore that when you start your own business you must establish systems that will ensure that no matter what happens in our unpredictable economic environment, your business will continue to run.

If your business is online, there are few things you can do. For example, investing in a system that will continue to drive targeted traffic to your business sites no matter what is happening (SEO optimized web content) can help. Even when money is in short supply to invest in more business activities, your marketing content ranking high in the search engines will continue to drive traffic to your sites for years to come. Such content will help your brand build a solid reputation, generate leads, drive a flood of website traffic, and also save your business even when there is a shutdown!

Over to You: Has the government shutdown affected you in any way? How about some unforeseen event forcing a shutdown of your business operations, can your business survive it? Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.

Is Google External Keyword Tool About to be Laid to Rest?

Do you depend on the free Google external keyword tool for your keyword research?

Then this will interest you.

You’ll agree with me that the Google external keyword tool is one tool that SEOs and webmasters in general will not want to ignore with a wave of the hand. Despite the fact that there are many paid keyword research tools which you can use to do a faster job when doing keyword research the Google external keyword tool is simply a darling, whether you are an experienced or a newbie SEO!

Personally, I’m a big advocate of this keyword research tool. My preference for it is not because it is the best in the market but for the simple reason that Google, being the biggest and most popular search engine on the net right now, have more data that you can use for your keyword selection.

This fact is attested to by the many paid and free keyword research tools that use data from the external keyword tool.

So, you can imagine my surprise when, a couple of days ago while doing keyword research for the ongoing niche site challenge I saw something that caught my attention. Right on the keyword tool page there is this notice:

“In the coming months, the external Keyword Tool will no longer be available. To get keyword ideas, sign in to your AdWords account and try Keyword Planner.”

Google External Keyword Tool going? As you can see the notice is very clear: the external keyword tool will no longer be available in the coming months!

And what more?

Google wants you to create a Google Adwords account and try their Keyword Planner if you want to have access to the keyword tool!

As you do know a Google Adwords account points to one thing, spending some money on Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) program which means you’ll need to make some money for Google as an advertiser! You can say Google’s business acumen at play again!

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Ok, for now you don’t need to spend money as a Google advertiser for you have a Google AdWords account. If you have a Gmail account (and who don’t have one these days when Google has tactically propelled us to have a Google plus profile?) you can login with that info right now and have access to the Keyword Planner for free.

But the question is, for how long will Google keep it open to everyone for free?

That is definitely a question that will be answered in nearest future. And please note that in that notice, Google said, “sign in to your AdWords account and TRY Keyword Planner.” (EMPHASIS MINE!) But that actually appears to be telling us that we are only trying out the tool, something else may be coming! 🙂

The External Keyword Tool vs The Keyword Planner!

It will interest you to know that the Google external keyword tool and the Keyword Planner don’t actually work the same. While you will be able to still conduct your keyword research within the keyword planner, the purpose of that keyword research within the Keyword Planner is focused on anticipating demand for topics related to your products and services. This means you will need to take some different approach when running a keyword research with that tool.

Additionally, the Keyword Planner can also help you research your keyword ideas while giving you the ability to estimate the potential traffic.

In this regard one will say Google is now giving us more, since you can use the insights from the Keyword Planner to optimize your existing website, blog and social content as well as inspire new content topics.


But again, the question is: will Google give all these for free forever? While I cannot answer that question with a definite “yes” or “no” I think we may yet receive some more news from Google about this in the coming months!

But then we can rightly say right now, RIP Google Reader and to the Google external keyword tool we may say, may this not be your death toll! 🙂

Happy 4th of July, America!

Before signing off, let me use this opportunity to wish our American friends, brothers and sisters a happy 4th of July celebrations. As you celebrate the declaration of Independence and look forward to the fireworks my happy wishes are with you. Have a happy celebration!

If you are looking for some good deals as a gift to some loved one or you just want something for yourself to celebrate this day, then there is no better place to look than Follow this link to check out these 4th of July Deals from!

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Over to You: So, what do you think of Google pulling out the external keyword research tool? Do you think this is another way of Google trying to make some more money from SEOs? If Google turn around to put a restriction on the use of the keyword tool wanting only paid advertisers to use it will you gladly pay to use it? Please share your views in your comments below.

It’s Valentine’s Day 2013 So Why Not Some Music?

Valentine's Day 2013

Ok, Valentine’s Day 2013 is finally here and whether you’re happily involved or happily single, whether you have some great plans made up for the day or you just want to stay at home and have fun, you definitely know the fun cannot be complete with some good Valentine’s Day Music.

So, here’s some of the greatest Valentine’s Day Music collections of all times. Sing along if you want to and if you want the complete track simply pop over to

And, if there’s a special someone involved, nothing is more romantic than getting them some good gifts. Check out our last minute Valentine’s Day gifts here!

At least for a day why not have fun? Widgets 


FREE Web Hosting Giveaway: Announcing the Winners!

Happy New Year to you all.

I hope you had a wonderful time enjoying your holidays! From all indication 2013 is a year of great prospects and having had time to relax and reflect on your business activities, I’m sure you are coming back refreshed, and prepared to claim your success!

As you would remember, as a Christmas gift to all our esteemed readers, I partnered with Zyma Technologies to run a web hosting giveaway in the month of December 2012.

Announcing the contest, I mentioned that to ensure the whole of 2013 hosted for you free by Zyma Technologies, the contest would run till December 31, 2012 while the winners will be announced today, January 2, 2013!

And so, to keep up with our promise and to kick off 2013 with a bang, I’m happy to announce the winners of the FREE webhosting giveaway contest.

Thank You For Your Entries!

First, I must appreciate all who entered for the giveaway. I truly wish you could get a prize for just being a part of the fun. But as you do know, there are only three available slots!

Nevertheless, as I always say, everyone is a winner! Hopefully we will be coming up with something very soon.

And Now the Winners!

There were all together 115 entries out of which the following had been picked as per the points received be each.

First Position: This goes to Sandeep Chaudhary with 15 entries and a total of 53 points!

Second Position: There was a tie for the second position. Nwangene Theodore and Srini Vas both had 20 points each and 6 entries each!

Third Position: This goes to Jessica Brown with 16 points from 5 entries!

And so, since there are only 3 slots available these will go to the following:

1st Slot: Sandeep Chaudhary

2nd Slot: Nwangene Theodore

3rd Slot: Srini Vas

free webhosting giveaway results

All winners will be contacted by email.

Congratulations to you all!

Dramatic Easter As A Once-Self Confessed Atheist Converts to Christianity!

Easter is once again here and in the spirit of the season I want to sincerely wish all my readers, that are celebrating, a happy Easter indeed! Easter is definitely the bedrock of Christianity as it marks the glorious event of God’s great love to mankind.

As you celebrate my prayer for you is that may the power that raised up Christ Jesus from the dead work mightily in you as you work to fulfill your dreams online!

I have never really being religious in my posts in this blog but in the spirit of this Easter season, I want to relay a story that was a great inspiration to me. It definitely shows that the power of the glorious gospel of Jesus is still available today if only we will put it to use.

I’ve just read a story of one Patrick Greene, a die-hard atheist who a few months ago threatened to wage a legal war against the nativity scene in Henderson County in Athens, Texas.

A wonderful Easter graphic

Greene previously threatened to sue if the nativity scene was again erected on public land “to show that Christianity does not rule my state of Texas, the Constitution does. Christianity is only one of the many faiths represented in this state.” but now this same Greene has turned a Christian!

This is really a dramatic conversion that could be likened to that of Paul in the Bible. Paul who once was an oppressor of the Christian faith later became the most vibrant Apostle ever. However, while Paul’s conversion came about by the intervention of the Lord Himself, Greene’s resulted from the Christ-like action of the believers in Athens.

The report shows that while Patrick Greene was threatening with his law suit, he discovered that he was suffering from a serious eye condition that could lead to blindness as reported by the Friendly Atheist. The Christians in Athens on knowing of his situation rallied round and raised fund for him. At the end they were able to offer him $400 for groceries and other needs.

This simple act of kindness, which of course is a response to the commandment of the Lord to never retaliate a wrong but forgive those who wrong you and to pray for those who despitefully use you, caused Greene to re-think his atheistic inclinations.

Today Greene is not only a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ but the report indicates that he is considering going into Ministry. Hallelujah!

As you celebrate this Easter I think this is really a story that should inspire you. You may have recounted how the Lord Jesus prayed for those who were nailing Him to the cross on Good Friday. But do you remember that He has commanded us to do likewise?

Let the story of these Christians in Athens, Texas, once again remind you of the Lord’s command. Live out the Easter life in everything you do. He rose that we may live a new life in Him. To Him be the glory.

Over to you: I don’t know your faith but if this story in any way touches you, share your thoughts in the comment below.

Google New Policy: You’ll want to do this, urgently!

Ok, this is rather late but just got to know of it and couldn’t wait to let you in to it.

I’m sure you’re aware that Google’s new privacy policy will be coming into effect in a matter of hours, precisely, March 1 2012, right?

Do you know the cardinal thrust of that policy is so that it will allow Google explicit rights to combine your personal information across multiple products and services?

Of course, Google is pulling about 60 different privacy policies into one so that the company can provide enhanced services and ads. But to do this it needs your permission to combine personal information  of users that they have across multiple products and services. Before now, Google only had implicit rights to do this but as from the March 1 2012, Google will be able to do this automatically.

Now, you may be wondering, what is the fuss about?

Nothing really!

However, you should know that Google is tracking your Web activities if you have a Google account.  Believe it or not Google know much about your online activities than you know because it has been keeping track of your searches and the sites you visited. This data has been separated from other Google products, but on March 1 it will be shared across all of the Google products you use.

if you think there are some personal information about you you wouldn’t want Google to “roll” into the “new web”, you can actually stop Google. But you just have to do it now before the clock strike midnight today!

Click this link for details on how to do it with a few clicks.


Moammar Gadhafi’s Demise and the End of the World – Harold Camping May Be Right After All!

Thursday, 20th October 2011, brought to an end months of hunting for Libya’s strongman; and the longest-serving leader in both Africa and the Arab world, Moammar Gadhafi. Ironically, his fall came just hours before the date declared by Harold Camping as the God-ordained day for the end of the world!

Harold Camping had announced to the whole world that, by some insight into the divine scriptures, he had discovered that the day determined by God to wipe out our world was October 21 2011. Despite the cries of mainstream churches and the secular world that has erred since the books shows no one knows the date, Harold held to his guns. Of course,  when May 21 which he announced  to be the day of rapture never happened Camping was said to have taken a more neutral stand in a recent podcast when he said,

“I do believe we’re getting very near the very end. Oct. 21, that’s coming very shortly, that looks like it will be, at this point, it will be the final end of everything.”

“Probably there will be no pain suffered by anyone because of their rebellion against God”

“I really am beginning to think as I’ve restudied these matters that there’s going to be no big display of any kind. The end is going to come very, very quietly.”

Anyway, today is October 22 2011 and here I’m at my desk writing this article. Of course, I woke up this morning to discover that once again Harold has miscalculated or maybe God has changed his mind since most of us have decided to beg for forgiveness of our sins and the sins of the whole world! Indeed he is merciful God!

But come to think of it, was Harold Camping really wrong with his predictions?

Don’t you think maybe he somehow missed the details and therefore misapplied his calculations to something else?

Frankly, I’ve been thinking about this after considering the happenings of the last couple of days. As much as I try to push the thought out of my mind yet I want to believe that indeed our old world, as we used to know it, has just ended and we have begun a new one!

Please remember Harold just modified his stance when he said the October 21 date may come without any real big display of any kind and that the end is going to come very, very quietly!

Believe me, am being serious here. The demise of Gadhafi coming just hours before the 21st October date announced by Camping, is prophesy come true! You know, prophesies can sometimes throw a surprise if we’re not open minded enough!

The end of Gadhafi is indeed symbolic of the end of a world for leaders who wants to toy with the destiny of those who gave them authority to lead them. It is the end of political despots and those who believe they and their cronies have the prerogative of rulership and therefore want to lord it over their fellow men!

I write this from the perspective of an African where these forms of political desperadoes abound. Indeed Gadhafi is far better than most of those who are still holding on to power right now in the African continent.  These ones have held on to power enriching themselves while their fellow countrymen live in abject poverty. I really do hope that they have read in between the lines and know that their era is gone.

A new world has begun not only for the Libyans but for the whole of Africa, if not the whole world. Indeed, this year has witnessed some unprecedented happenings not only in the Middle East but both in Europe and the Americas. From occupy Wall Street to the Greek riots, from the London riots to the Middle East uprising, it is clear that the divide between the people and the political elites is widening by the day.

But it is time to make it clear that the world has changed. Power indeed belongs to the people and where any one person or a group of persons decides to misapply this, the consequences is grave.

What am I really saying here?

It is simply this, why the Libyans are celebrating a new world for their people, we should also be celebrating the end of political despots that have over ran the continent of Africa. Let’s celebrate the end of an era when political leaders believe they have the prerogative of power over the people who elected them. Let’s celebrate the end of a world order where democracy was the rule of the few by the few and for the privileged few!

Welcome to our new world!