A Quick Guide to Starting a Profitable Online Business!

A Quick Guide to Starting a Profitable Online Business!

Starting an online business can truly be a thing of fun. Low cost of entry, improved technology and excellent tools – all guaranteed to push your online business to unimaginable heights!

But, and this is a big BUT, if you're just starting out, the problem of not knowing where to begin or the right steps to take can turn out to be a real headache! However, instead of chickening out or allowing yourself to be confused, because you want to understand everything before you begin, my advice is focus on the basic start-up process laid out below.

The basic start-up process can actually be broken up into 3 broad questions you need to answer to kick-start your online business. Once you have gotten this right, you can move on to choose how to run it and then work to improve it as you go along.

What I have done here is to lay out these 3 questions and then referenced some of the very best posts on this blog that relate to each of these questions. Of course, there are over 300 posts on this blog from which you can choose from but to save you that pain and trouble, I’ve carefully selected these ones.

I hope you enjoy your entrepreneurial journey!

Step 1: Determine Your Strengths

Truth is, not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur. So your quest to build a successful online business must begin by assessing your entrepreneurial strength. Are you willing to take a risk with your money to make more money? Are you fired up with such a prospect or does it frighten you? Besides, are you a self-starter? Do you have the self-discipline of an entrepreneur? Are you willing to work hard and do you possess an ability to handle uncertainty? If you answer yes to all of these, then you are set to go!

Step 2: What Is The Right Business For You?

The next question you need to answer is what sort of business is right for you? Now, you must understand that entrepreneurs fall into two types when you are considering the right business:

(a) Those who love something so much and because of their passion for that thing will gladly turn it into a career. If you fall into this group be sure there is a market for that which you love before making it your business.

(b) Those who simply love entrepreneurship and will gladly start any business in any market, after carefully analyzing the potentials. The focus of these types of entrepreneurs is the market potential. Once they see any potential in it they will gladly fall in love with that business!

Bottom line: Develop a list of business ideas, do your research to determine if there is a demand for any of these ideas and then pick the ones that offer the best opportunity.

Here are some articles to help you along this path:

Step 3: How Will You Market Your Business and Make Sales?

As much as many of us do not want to be sold and so find it really difficult to sell online, building a business online is not different from building in the offline world. The methods and strategies may be different but looked critically they are all the same!

Marketing and selling online has much to do with your website. Setting up a website and then driving traffic to it is actually the secret to any online business success. Without website visitors you will not be able to make money with your website. You need to determine your marketing strategies. Will you employ free methods, paid methods or both?

It is important to note that with the competition online getting fiercer everyday, you will need to employ different marketing strategies then by tracking and testing you will be able to determine the ones to focus on.

Take a look at these articles for some insights:

These 3 questions form the core of starting an online business. Get the answers to these questions and you are set to build your online business.  Doing this can be as complicated as you want. But the fact is that if you are able to get this right starting your own profitable online business will be a breeze!

Do You Need a Business Plan?

While you're still here let's quickly consider the question: do you need a business plan for your online business?

Of course, your online business is just like any other business and so it will need some form of business plan. However, understand that you don’t need to know every detail about your business before you start. Most business coaches usually recommend thoroughly thinking through what the business will be before starting.

While that has it's advantages the truth is, when it comes to online business it is better to hit the tracks running and work on things as you go along rather than getting bogged down by these minute details. At this stage a simple plan that will act as a guide for your journey is all you need.

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As you can see there's so much already on this blog,  and there's still much more to come.

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