Chatwing Chat Widget: Uplifting Customer Engagement and Satisfaction the Easy Way!

What do you think is the key to online business success? Is it your well-designed marketing website? Or your knowledge of generating website traffic through implementig the right SEO tactics to rank your website high on Google?

Indeed, running an online business comes with a lot of challenges. However, if you will take the bold step of implementing the right strategies and tools, the reward could be great.

Now, many online marketers are of the view that getting traffic to your website is the key to online success. But you must understand that getting more people to visit your site is not just the end of it – you also need to convince them that you’re offering only the best there is. And Chatwing chat widget can actually help you do that.

So, what is Chatwing Chat Widget?

Chatwing Chat Widget - engage customersChatwing chat widget is a chat tool that instantly installs itself in any website – yours, for instance – in seconds. After you embed it, the chat software becomes a website chat box that will act as a direct connection between you and your potential buyers.

The chat widget is practically versatile, since you can open it in another window and turn it into a pop-window, dragging it with you as you browse other pages or sites while at the same time chatting with your viewers.

Engaging your customers in live chat is a sure way of gaining their attention and for them to reply to you is only a trivial matter. Chatwing chat widget comes with its newly upgraded social media integration capacity that lets your potential customers join your chat room by logging into their Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo accounts. They can also log-in anonymously by signing in as guests. This not only gives your chatters ease but also the freedom in logging in whatever manner they like.

How Chatwing Chat Widget Can Help You with Your Business

With Chatwing Chat Widget  you can directly influence your potential buyers’ point of view of the product they’re going to buy for the better. You can make them understand; let them know more details of that product that’s not listed on your site. You can use it to endorse your products and services you offer to them firsthand.

Being able to maintain credibility is also a must in garnering more buyers. Your chat room is a very accessible place where everyone can go to. Therefore it is only natural that you must set up some rules and regulations so you can manage it properly. Chatwing chat widget has the features that are just right for this job.

The blacklist system will block out anyone outside the chat room. This is very useful for keeping those spammers or flamers or anyone who just wants to disrupt your conversation with the other chatters at bay. You can use the feature to block their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo accounts or their very own IP address. You also have the choice of deleting their messages for added convenience.

You can also set up word filters to block out profanity and modify it anyway you want. This feature, along with the blacklist system will give your chat room security and gives you a sense of control. Assigning moderators to look out for your chat room and your customers is also a good idea, especially if you’re managing a well sized company.

Moderators can have the same control rights as the administrator (you), in that they can also ban chatters and delete their messages, but only if you allow it. Now you can bring out customer satisfaction and do other things at the same time.

Take Your Chatwing Chat Widget Wherever You Go!

Being an online business owner it’s only typical that you’re always on the go. But at the same time, so is having constant communication with your buyers. The Chatwing development team has already put that into consideration and has made the widget Android OS and Apple IOS friendly. Now you can keep chatting with them in your mobile phone wherever and whenever you go.

Being able to provide quality service is one of the main criteria in maintaining a successful online business. That is why satisfying the customers’ needs is a must and by chatting with them, not only will you know their concerns quickly, you can also address to them just as easily. And as you engage in conversations with your potential buyers, keep giving your best services at hand while at the same time keeping a lively chat room, chances are when they’re off buying something again, you’ll be the first one their list to buy from.

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  1. A nice tool,
    I haven’t heard of that widget before now but i can see from your review that it might be a handy tool, but you didn’t mention the flaws at all or is there none?

    Can it work with wordpress? You know sometimes, all this new tools can slow down a site, so i will look into it to so if it will be compatible with my own blog.

    But it might also distract your readers in my own opinion.

    Thanks for sharing dear.

    • @Theodore Nwangene,

      Chatwing is the most scalable live chatroom solution you will find as it can handle over 7000 simultaneous users. With that said, the loading is also nearly instant as chatwing is on some very highly trafficed sites and loads without any delay.

      There are many customization options and distracting a reader is simply the way you choose to use chatwing. So if you place it or use the pop-out customize button we offer that can be less distracting but it is really depended on your site and design. We have not heard of any distraction feedback.
      Btw, we just integrated Google and yahoo login options to compliment the existing facebook, twitter and guest options.

  2. Hey Chadrack,
    Thanks for the enlightening post! I will look into this widget.
    I figure if my friend Chadrack is recommending it, it’s worth taking a look at.
    I really appreciate the info you exposed us to here.
    Keep up the fine work!

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