A New Posting & Editorial Calendar For The Web Income Journal

Blogging is a publishing business and like every publisher would know, without an editorial calendar, you could run into a whole lot of confusion.

Frankly, I had not really taken this into consideration before now. But in the recent few weeks, in a bid to better apply my time to effective use, I have taken a concerned look at the publishing schedule of the Web Income Journal. I have realized therefore that a more structured publishing calendar is necessary.

For this reason, starting July 1, the Web Income Journal will be featuring a new publishing schedule/calendar. And so, knowing too well that this is much about you as it is about me writing the blog,  it is therefore my pleasure to officially lay out this structure so that you too can be a part of it.

A Brief Report of the First Half of Year 2012

First, I want to say the first half of year 2012 had been a wonderful one for us despite some of the problems we experienced, e.g. the crash following the movement to another web host. But all in all, the blog has been doing very well. Traffic has increased, most of which is coming from the search engines (an indication that the blog is doing very well SEO-wise even with the Google slap that everyone is complaining about!).  Besides, more and more people are linking to the site without my asking them – a clear endorsement for the content!

Also, in the past few weeks, I’ve received invitations to contribute to some very interesting blogs. I’m really excited about this and very soon you will be seeing my content on some of these blogs.

I must say that all of these wouldn’t have come to be without you. And so, let me use this opportunity to once again thank you for being a part of the Web Income Journal. I do hope that with our new posting schedule and calendar you'll get more involved. 🙂

The New Publishing Schedule for the Web Income Journal

After a careful study of what we have been doing in the past, I’ve decided to settle for a weekly publication of 3 posts which I've branded as follows:

1. Community Time Out – This will be on every Mondays and the purpose is to discuss any issue that has to do with running a business online. As I have always said, the Web Income Journal is here to build a community of like minds. It is not really about ME but US! This community time-out is therefore a platform for all of us to discuss any salient issue that will help us become more successful with our online businesses.

Thus far, I have been determining, through my posts, what topics to be discussed on the blog. But with this, you too have the opportunity to suggest what should be discussed. You can make your suggestions by sending them by using our contact form. Once a week we will pick one or two of the suggested topics and all of us will make our contributions.

Please note that the purpose is to increase our knowledge and to help our online businesses so, it will be a good thing if you make your suggestions worthwhile.

2. WebIncomenomics! – Ok, this is actually my own coinage which I've come to define as, “the science and art of making a living online!”

Yes, there is a science (the knowledge, theories, insights etc) and art (the tactics, practical steps etc) to making the internet work for you. As you know we have always tried to provide educative, informative and entertaining blog articles to help in these areas. The good news is that we will continue to do this. But this time,  such posts will be published on Wednesdays.

As usual, these may be my personal posts or guest posts written by our wonderful guest contributors.  Let me quickly say that our criteria in accepting guest posts will also be more selective than usual. If you want to contribute as a guest blogger please read our guest blogging terms here and follow the instructions.

3. Issues In The News – I’ve come to realize that as a journal dedicated to providing information on marketing and general business online, it is important to, as much as possible, touch on current issues that impacts on our business dealings on the net. This being so, every Friday, we will take a look at any issue in the news that in any way impact on our online businesses. We will present the issue and then give our analysis and commentary.

You also have the opportunity to contribute to this through your comments and through your guest posts. So, if there is any current issues you want to target in your guest post, simply send it and let me know how urgent it is and it will be treated accordingly.

We're All in This Together!

It will interest you to know that I have really been experimenting with all of these for some time now. For example, when I featured the cartoon on making friends on social media, I was only testing the community discussion idea. Also, the posts on Facebooks IPO and the Workers Day Celebration were a test of the “Issues in the News” idea.

Your responses to these posts have shown that we can do something much better. With this new publishing calendar all of us will know ahead of time on what we have in stock and then we can contribute as necessary.

Of course, how this will come out depends on all of us. Especially on the community time out, the topics you send in for discussion will greatly determine how it will go. Therefore, I ask that you make things easier for all of us.

Please let’s make this truly interactive and fun. I love you all!

So, Let’s know your take: What do you think of this new schedule? Is there any suggestion on how you think it can be made more interactive and entertaining? Please share your views in your comments below.

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    EZ (Easy) Editorial Calendar June 28, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    good article thanks for sharing

    Thanks & Regards
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  2. I like the purpose and that is really good in adding some useful knowledge.

    • @bj,

      Exactly bj. The purpose is to make sure all of us have a better view of what is happening here and to keep up with things. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Very informative and useful post. This will help a lot to me as a new one in blogging. This idea enhances my capability. Thanks for sharing this and its a very big help for me..

    • @Becca,

      Thanks for the comment Becca. Our aim is really to promote more community interaction on the blog. I do hope you’ll take advantage of this and make contributions that will help others produce results with their business operations!

  4. Agree, “ more structured publishing calendar is necessary” You won’t be lost for you’re always guided. 🙂

    • @m, you’re definitely right. We are setting this to ensure that the blog have a more structured direction in the days to come. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Very useful and informative article about the editorial calendar for the web income journal.

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    Ehsan @ GuideAndNews July 3, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    You are going great Chadrack, the second half of 2012 will be more wonderful for your blog because you are doing a great job by letting your readers suggest the topic of posts.

    Keep building the Burj my friend.

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