An Insider’s Guide to Driving Traffic to Your Business Blog

Over the years blogs have become very valuable tools for marketing online. This is because online marketers have found them to be fantastic tools for growing your online influence. As a business entrepreneur if you don’t already have one, then it is time to consider doing so. You just need to stop dithering and join the party!

But it is not just about having a blog. A blogging platform can only be considered a success when it attracts lots of visitors. Without generating the desired traffic you will simply be wasting time and resources. Yes, a blog can be used as a marketing tool to enhance your company’s online reputation, or as its own business venture but the rewards can only be realized if it is driving traffic to your products/services.

So, how do you encourage more traffic to your blog?

There are various things you can do. These may range from simple things like putting your blog link in your email signatures to complex tactics like SEO. However, in the post I want to share with you some fundamental tactics that will encourage repeat traffic for years to come.

How to drive traffic with your business blog

1. A Good Design

Appearances count for everything in the business world, and your website is no different. If your blog looks tacky or uninviting, then visitors will turn away. We’ve all clicked on a web link only to shut it down as soon as we’ve seen an off-putting home page. Do not let yours become the latest victim.

The first step is to register a strong domain name. If the blog is an extension of your business, then it should be linked to the company name. If it’s a new venture, then ensure your address is easily remembered. It’s always better to pay the little bit of money for your own domain rather than using the subdomain offered by your web host too.

As for the design, keep it simple. Use a template and make minor changes to suit your brand. Your visitors will appreciate the familiarity.

2. Online Marketing

It doesn’t matter how fantastic your blog looks if nobody ever sees it. Marketing is one of the most important parts of modern business, especially when it comes to the online arena. Your blogging platform is available via the World Wide Web, so targeting this online audience is a must.

Social media is an important tool and allows us to target an audience of millions without spending huge sums of money. Finding a way to create viral content could spread your message to a worldwide audience. This will help attract new readers and customers.

If your blog is an extension of your business website, then there’s a strong chance that you are aiming to attract the attention of a specific audience. It’s important to remember that most people still use search engines to find what they are looking for. This is particularly true if it’s a localised service.

With this in mind, a good SEO strategy is vital. If there is one area of blogging that requires professional help, this is it. An experienced company like can help find the best way to target your audience.

3. Engaging Content

Getting users to visit the site once isn’t enough. The key to success is building an army of loyal followers. The only way you are going to achieve this is with engaging content.

Blogging is different from normal journalism. Your blog is a community for you and your readers to share, so let them participate. Making your audience feel like they are playing an active role will keep them coming back for more.

Of course, doing this will also encourage them to promote the blog to their friends.  Free marketing you will say!


From the above you will discover that driving traffic to your blog is both a science and an art. Learn and apply them in your blog marketing you will soon see great rewards from your blog.

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  1. Amazing post. Nice tips on how to drive traffic to your blog. You should market thoroughly and write posts that will attract people.

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