6 Pinterest Tactics for Exposure and More Traffic! [Part 6]

How many times have you heard it said that, “Build It and They Will Come” is only a line from the Field Of Dreams?

Lost count, right?

Ok then, I beg to sound like a broken record here for the fact is, even if your Pinterest account has a professional look and its well optimized in all the places, if you cannot get people to see your pins or if your Pinterest boards are not driving traffic, you might just be wasting your time.

In this post therefore we want to look at some tactics for getting targeted traffic to your boards and how you can siphon some of that traffic to your niche blog and then convert them into leads that will make your money!

But before then, let me quickly remind you that this is part 6 of our Pinterest for Business blog series. If you missed previous entries, please click here now to join the flow!

Now, on to today’s post….

How to grow your Pinterest account

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Pinterest Algorithm, Pinterest Search and Your Pinterest Exposure

Before now, Pinterest was showing every new pin in the category sections. This was good for everyone since the pins could stay for a few minutes before being pushed down by newer pins. However, of recent, Pinterest has changed this to also show repins.

Of course as expected this pushed up the volume of pins showing in the category sections. The result is that pins now only stay at the top of the category sections for a few seconds leading to reduced exposure for your pins!

But there are more frustrating things. For example, getting into the popular categories on Pinterest is a herculean task, especially for new accounts. Right now, no one can actually say exactly how Pinterest algorithm works to determine what pins to show in the popular categories. All we can work with for now is what we know about other social media sites, like Facebook EdgeRank, We must must content ourselves in assuming that Pinterest gives more weight to well-established accounts with more followers, more likes and more comments.

But the good thing is that though Pinterest algorithm proves elusive Pinterest search engine, on the other hand, appears to work basically on keywords density.

For example, a simple search on Pinterest usually returns pins with no likes, comments or repins showing up above the ones with hundreds of repins simply because these ones have photo titles and descriptions that match the keywords used in searching!

Knowing these about Pinterest and its algorithm here are a few tactics to boost your Pinterest exposure:

1. Keywords optimization

Forget about Google’s war against keywords. This is Pinterest and not Google! Freely use keywords in naming your photos and graphics. Use keywords also in the descriptions. This will increase the chances of pins showing up when someone search on Pinterest with your target keywords.

2. Use of #hasttags

Hashtags are another good way of getting find easily on Pinterest. Hashtags have now become a generally accepted way for many to quickly and easily find what they are looking for on social media site. When this is used together with keywords you actually increase your chances of being found on Pinterest.

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3. Choose who to follow with care!

Of course it may be tempting to want to follow as many pinners as possible. However, instead of following just anyone out there you will want to concentrate on popular pinners who are in similar niches and have boards similar to what you have. Though many of these established pinners may not be as willing as newer people to follow you back, but because you have similar niches and boards, many of them are far more likely to follow you back because you match their interest and taste.

Now one of the reasons why you need to focus on popular pinners is the fact that these pinners already have large followers. When they follow you back and they repin your pins all of their followers get to see your pins!

But how do you uncover popular pinners to follow? Here are 2 simple methods that can help:

a. Visit the popular category on Pinterest and look for pins that match your boards. Select the ones that are repin-worthy.  Locate the original pinner and then follow them.

b. Carefully search your niche category with keen interest for the pins that have a good number of repins. Choose a few of them and then follow them.

Do this over time and you will soon have a group of targeted followers.

4. Comment on popular pinners’ pins

This is a covert way of attracting the attention of other pinners. As mentioned above when you start following other pinners, watch out for those who have thousands of followers. When you notice anyone that matches your interest, take note of them and then monitor your following feed for latest updates from these popular pinners.

Whenever there is an update from any of these pinners, like and comment on some of them before other pinners start seeing and repining them.

The idea is to expose your comments to as many of the followers as possible. This is similar to posting comments on popular blog posts when they are first published to gain the attention of other commenters. The good thing here is that not many people post comments on Pinterest pins.

This is good for you as your comments have more chances of standing out.

5. Use guest pinners

Do you know you can invite other pinners as contributors on your boards?

Yes, you can actually use this to have access to popular pinners’ follower news feeds without you doing anything. This is actually like guest blogging. First, you will need to create a special board specifically for guest contributors. After doing this, go out and look for popular pinners. First follow them and then invite them to be contributors of your board. If any of them accept your invitation, your board will automatically show up on their own list of boards.

To take this to another level, you can also choose to follow your contributors’ boards and they will automatically follow all your boards!

On the other hand you can seek to be a guest on others’ boards. This automatically gets your pins in front of all their followers without even having them to repin your pins.

6. Paid/Sponsored Ads

You also have paid options that will help you build your Pinterest following faster. If you want to take this route it is advisable that you wait till when you start making a profit from your efforts and then re-investing part of that profit into paid advertising.

Here are some places for paid/sponsored ads options:

Pinbooster – http://pinbooster.com

Pinauthority – http://pinauthority.com

Apart from the above you can also use fiverr.com. There numerous special fiverr gigs of people who will repin your pins for only $5!

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Whatever your target in building your followership on Pinterest there are few things you must commit to over time as this does not come easy. Pinterest like Google is working hard to ensure no one knows much about how its algorithm works but from what we know about other social media sites it is clear that by simply increasing your followership and engagement, the Pinterest algorithm will give you some preference.

Use the above strategies therefore to improve your chances of being found on Pinterest and subsequently driving more traffic from the one social media that is reported to drive more targeted and converting traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus combined.

So, that is for this entry. Which of these tactics are you already using on Pinterest? Do you think any of these ones should not be on the list? Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.

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  1. That’s amazing tips to follow for Pinterest exposure. Instead of building relation with unrelated people, build your relationship with relevant people so that you can get benefits for your efforts.

    • @Pankaj, That’s exactly the way to go. Those who are already in your niche will be more willing to connect with you and of course when they do you gain more exposure.

  2. Thanks for sharing informative article. It’s really useful for online readers. I think when you use Pinterest as a tool to build your brand, you have an opportunity to reach millions of people without having to spend a dime. Savvy business owners use this social media site to market their business; if you do it correctly, you will get your brand in front of thousands of new users.

  3. Now I know I have to include at least 1 image in my blog posts so that I can pin them at Pinterest. Thanks for all the useful information here.

  4. Nice post

    Pinterest is one of the famous social media website . For branding your business pinterest is the best place you can find on web. The above articles explains few tips that can help us manage your business in a very effective way. I think using keywords in description and using hashtags are few important points that i need to try .

    Implementation of the above tips will help us to be found on pinterest and will also help us in diverting traffic to our website or blog.

    Thank you for sharing. .

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