12 Days of Christmas Inspiration!

12 Days of Christmas Inspiration

12 Days of Christmas InspirationBack in 2012, during the Christmas season, I did a series I called the 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration. The series was a personal response to some issues I had with my online business.

I was actually at the verge of giving up following those issues. However, taking courage that nothing good comes easy and determined that I must not abandon my dreams, I took a deep look inside and taking a cue from the famous “12 days of Christmas” song,   I decided to spend the time “GIVING” some inspiration to my blog readers.

Actually, I did it knowing that when you bless someone else, you are in truth blessing yourself! So, what you have in these 12 days of GIVING” are really a way of lifting my spirit from the low ebb it fell then!

I reasoned that if indeed the tagline of the WebIncomeJournal.com is: INSPIRATION. EMPOWERMENT. RESULTS! then I shouldn’t be the one giving up when first with the challenges I was facing then! If I MUST  inspire others, then I MUST inspire myself first!

You will find some very “touching” truth in these articles. This is because I really wanted to be very frank with myself and YOU. The nuggets of wisdom that flowed out my heart as when I wrote these articles have continued to amaze me because some of the things I wrote during these 12 days of inspiration actually formed my direction for the blog in 2013 which brought me great success in that year!

You may want to read my story on that here!

And so, my advise to you is that you bookmark this page so you can always come back to it from time to time. If the nuggets of wisdom were indeed a blessing to me, I’m sure they will be to you also. Please do enjoy them!

12 Days of Christmas Inspiration – My Christmas gift to YOU!

Day 1: You mustn’t allow anything to kill your dream!

Day 2: Why Are You Here?

Day 3: The 4 Things That Will Insure You against Failure!

Day 4: The Quickest Way Up Is Down!

Day 5:  Who Is Setting Your Rules?

Day 6: Your Business Success Is Your Responsibility!

Day 7: Christmas Marketing Strategies that Works

Day 8: How You Can Make Your Business Truly Awesome In 2013!

Day 9: Are You Willing To Play Second Fiddle?

Day 10: What Christmas Teaches Us About Building A Successful Online Business!

Day 11: Boxing Day Giving and Building a Successful Online Business!

Day 12: Released And Redirected? Now Stay Focused!

I look forward to reading your comments on the individual posts. And if you are blessed with these inspiring words of wisdom, feel free to join the WIJ Insider Newsletter for more inspiring and empowering tips and strategies.

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