Google Search Result Latest: A PLUS or …?

A few days ago Google announced a new way of showing search results. With this new system google will be showing more results from one domain on the first page. Before now only two results can be shown from one domain.

See the example that google has for us:

In the graphic above you’ll see that for a search for “exhibitions at amnh” google returned 4 pages on According to the google team, this “will help users find deeper results from a single site, while still providing diversity on the results page”.

Already there is a great debate going on about this change. While many found this to be a great thing others see it as something that will favour only the big ‘guys’. For example, showing so many results for only one domain will push the smaller domains down the page therefore hiding them from view.

But are all these concerns by the small domains any thing to think about? Don’t you think there are still ways to overcome this?

Having read the official google blog where this announcement was made, it dawn on me that this is really a chance for sites and blogs that are focused on a particular theme. So if your blog is focused on a niche and your content are tailored towards that niche, then you have a better chance of having more results on google first page if someone searches for your target keywords.

Well, for now I’m really hoping this will work out fine for us all. Or what do you think?