12 Days of Christmas: A Daily Inspiration for the Season!

Today, in light of the Yuletide season, I’m starting a daily dose of inspiration and empowerment talk aimed at helping you better appreciate what you have passed through in the year and preparing you for the coming year!

The idea for this actually came to me after what I passed through this past week when the Web Income Journal came down for the second time this year! Indeed, it was yet another trying moment for me as different thoughts raced through my mind.

Wonderfully enough I was able to overcome these negative thoughts and during that time I came to realize that a whole lot of thing account for many abandoning their dream of enjoying the internet lifestyle!

Yes, the purpose of the Web Income Journal is to “educate, inspire and empower our esteem readers and friends” as clearly stated on our tagline:

Inspiration. Empowerment. Results!

And what better time to do this than now. For this reason I have decided to give my own little 12 days of Christmas inspirational dose which I hope will greatly help one way or the other!

12 Days of Christmas Inspiration from WebIncomeJournal.com

First, you may want to hear my story…

On Wednesday 4th December I woke up fully loaded and energized for the day’s activities. The day before I had published the readers’ appreciation webhosting giveaway post and waking up that morning, I was excited about the things I was going to do.

And so, with high spirits and after a few things to set the day rolling,  I proceeded to load the Web Income Journal but instead of the site loading it returned a 403 forbidden error!

I couldn’t understand what was happening. At first I thought it was something to do with my computer but when I tried another one and the message was the same, I knew there was trouble!

I immediately got on the phone with the mind of contacting my webhost. But then, I was met with another surprise, none of the customer service numbers were working!

To make matters worst, when I attempted visiting the webhost’s site to create a support ticket, I discovered that the their site was also down!

You could practically see my frustration at this point. I tried desperately a few more times but after about 4 hours of trying without any results I was both annoyed and wondered why this was happening again a few months after this site faced a whole lot of troubles which also had to do with webhosting?

After about 8 hours of waiting and contemplating what to do, I received an email that simply read….


“One of the accounts hosted on your VPS is causing load issues by running multiple instances of resource intensive PHP scripts. Due to these scripts laod is going high and our clients are experiencing performance issues. Here is the list of processes that we found running on your VPS: (then followed a list of codes that were the cause of the problem).”

“We had no other choice but to disable web access of this account. You need to contact your developer in order to optimize these scripts and queries to ensure they consume less amount of resources.”

Seeing this as a ray of hope, I quickly replied the email asking for more clarification promising to fix the problem. But somehow till this hour, no answer came in reply to the questions I asked neither was there any other one to the other emails I sent later.

This was really unsettling for me as this has never happened before.

All Is Well That End Well…!

After 2 days of trying different ways to access the site (with no reply from my webhost and web access still disabled to the site, I really did not know what to do) without any success, I decided on starting a fresh site using the backup I had with me, though that would have led to my losing about one month’s content.

But then, I felt moved to check the VPS Control Panel. To my surprise, it opened! Surprised at this, I proceeded to open the Root Control Panel (this is the central control for all the sites hosted on the VPS account) and this also opened without any problem.

It was then I realized that the internet access was only cut off to the blog and not the root cpanel!

At this point my hopes were rekindled and I quickly took a backup of the database and also downloaded some other essential files. Once I had the backup and files, I was ready to set up the blog again.

Well, it was 4 days of soul searching for me.  Experiencing two site failures in just a year was damn too much for me. However, throughout this period the words of Apostle Paul, one of the foremost fathers of the Christian faith, were always ringing in my heart:

“We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are prepared, but not in despair; perplexed, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed…

“For our light affiction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.”

These words not only uplifted my spirit but also gave renewed zeal knowing that what is happening is only but for a moment but what is ahead is far more glorious!

And so, with that mind I went on to install a fresh blog and wonderfully the blog is back without any loss of data. Even the webhosting giveaway post which was published a few hours before the tragedy struck is intact!

So, What’s the Lesson for Us?

Ironically, instead of this incident crushing my spirit it rather boosted my resolve to move on to accomplishing my dreams! Yes, at first I had some unsettling thoughts but then considering those words of Apostle Paul I realized my dreams are just too big to be crushed by disappointments like this one. And this is what has fired my decision to share this with you.

I don’t know your experiences so far in your journey to achieving your dreams online, one thing that is sure is, do not allow such experiences to deter you. Don’t allow them distract you from the fact that you have a destination – a goal. See them as temporary setbacks but your destination is something too big to be stopped.

And so, here is my encouragement to you…

  • Don’t Give Up – Adversities Are Actually Your Advance Riders!
  • You may not be able to prevent every tragedy from happening but you can prevent them from destroying you!
  • Your goal and dreams are far too wonderful to be stopped.
  • Tragedies that come your way are truly there to teach you things you may never have learned otherwise!

Yes, keep on the race and always remember: “Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!”

You will end well!

Your friend.


As 2010 Closes and 2011 Unfolds: Believe It Can Be Better!

The countdown to 2011 has begun. In a few hours time the curtain will finally and eternally fall for 2010.

Yes, 2010 has run its course and it will never be again.

That, simply is the truth about time. It comes and goes, never to return!

Did not the Holy Book say, “Teach us to number our days that we may incline our hearts to wisdom?”

Our life here is compartmentalized into time. That is why we must learn to number our days. That indeed is wisdom.

Time lost may not be regained but, that does not mean you have lost all! It only means you can decide to make a better use of the time you have now. That is why as I arose from my bed this morning knowing we have just a few hours before the curtain finally falls for the year 2010, I asked myself, what can I do in the remaining hours of this day to uplift someone before the year finally run out?

And here is what came to my mind. I hope you get some inspiration from these lines as you step into the year 2011.

1. Think Backward With Gratitude

I don’t know how you have fared in the year 2010, but what I do know is that there were moments of joy and of course that of regrets. Be thankful for all! Be thankful for the times of joy for they added value to your life. Be thankful for the moments of sadness, for the lessons gained because those lessons will once again add joy abundant.

Express gratitude for the relationships you’ve been able to foster in the year 2010. Be thankful for yor family. Be thankful for your life.  Be thankful for your online business. Be thankful that you are among those who are still afloat despite the turbulent waves of the internet.

And let me use this opportunity to say thank you so much for being a valued friend of the Web Income Journal. We appreciate your time spent here. We thank you for your comments. They have given us encouragement and direction.  As we look back over the year, we know we wouldn’t have come this far if not for you. Thank you for being our fan on facebook. Thank you for following us on twitter and for joining our update list.  We are indeed grateful.

2. Look Forward With Hope

With Hopek ForwardSomeone indeed said, “Time is earth’s currency” and that indeed is the truth. And truer still is the fact that to every one of us is dealt the same amount of time. No one of us is given less. Neither is anyone given more!

And that means you too can achieve as much as anyone else.  So look forward to year 2011 with hope. That, which you have not been able to achieve in 2010 can still be possible in 2011. The fact that you are still standing shows you are better than a thousand others. Many who started this journey with you have fallen by the way side. They have joined million others in the DotCom cyber waste bin!

No, your portion is not to end that way, for the whole world is waiting for you. No other one can take your place.  So strategize again. Set your targets once more and from your quiver of experience take once more you arrows, aim and shoot. I’m definitely sure your hands, steadied with the experience gained over the past days will indeed strike their target!

Oh, so you have achieved your targets in the year 2010? That indeed is glorious news. But never relent, for success should breed more success. You definitely stand on a better ground. Strike now that the iron is hot. Look forward with hope for better things to come.

3. Look Up With Assurance

Yes, look up and be assured of this, there is enough room up there for everyone. There is a place for you up there. You have labored in different ways building your online business. And you must know that to every labor there is gain. So your labor shall not end in vain!

So look up and ask the rain to come and water your land that your harvest indeed shall be great. Ask and you shall be given so the Holy Book did say. The universe indeed waits for you to ask. What shall I give you? Is the great question the universe is asking every one of us even now. Rise up therefore and demand what you want for the year 2011. Now is the time.  Look up with assurance. You can have what you want.

I hear the sound of abundance of rain in the year 2011. But to be part of it you must rise up now and sow you land for when the rain comes, it must meet your land sown. Or else how can you expect to reap a harvest if you have not sown. The overriding principle of life is this, “as the earth remains, seed time and harvest shall not cease.” As long as you’re still alive know for sure that your harvest will come. But that harvest must be preceded by your sowing. For he who sows shall reap but he who observes the wind shall lament in harvest!

I wish you a FRUITFUL 2011!

We will appreciate your comments below. Share with us your dreams for the year 2011.