How to Improve Your Marketing & Digital PR Skills With Social Media Optimization


The advent of online social media sites has produced a significant change in marketing over the internet and this has led to what is known today as social media optimization (SMO). The massive amount of users of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has made this kind of paradigm shift over the internet something that must not be ignored by any marketer.Social Media Optimization Tactics!

SEO being an important element of internet marketing is also being molded keeping in mind the social media elements. Social media optimization, or call it SMO or social SEO optimization, is a method and technique being adopted by online entrepreneurs to get unique visitors or traffic using the social networking platforms. Therefore this new online technique called the social media optimization blends well with SEO to gain high, organic and search rankings.

In this article, we want to focus on how you can use social media optimization to boost your marketing skills and digital PR.

Why Social Media Optimization (SMO) Matters A So Much?

The reason why social media is considered to be a serious thing nowadays by internet marketers is the fact that the social networking sites have recently become a huge source of free website traffic. By using SMO in the right way you will be able to substantially generate a deluge of targeted unique visitors to your website/blog.  From recent studies it can be confirmed that there is a significant shift in searching pattern right now. The shift is moving from using the popular search engines to social networking sites.

You definitely must noticed that a sizeable amount of people now use the social media sites in various ways including being referred by their friends. With this increase of social media activities, Web entrepreneurs and bloggers who are involved in social media optimization are better positioned to generate traffic to their blogs and websites.

The Inside Story of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media optimization is an online marketing idea connected with search engine marketing, though it is pretty different in a couple of ways. The fundamental difference is the fact that you get traffic from social media and not from the search engines. But with a good SMO you can achieve a good search ranking for your websites as well.

SMO is related to the techniques of viral marketing in a number of ways, where you can see the word of mouth happening not through your family or friends but with the effective use of networking in video, bookmarking and photo sharing websites. Your business blog plays a significant role here too as it could be used for content sharing through RSS (Real Simple Syndication) with which you can distribute your content throughout the blogosphere and other specific blog search engines.

SMO is Advantageous In Many Ways

Social media optimization is not just confined to brand building and marketing activities. Of late, smart businessmen are incorporating social media participation as an integral part of their knowledge management strategies including business development, employee recruitment, product or service development, PR, customer satisfaction and so on.

Furthermore, you will find SMO being used sometimes to promote a community within a website which helps to build a healthy bond between the business and customer.

Final Word

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a new phenomenon emerging as a method for drawing unique traffic to your business on the net. Thanks to the growing number of users actively engaged in using the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and so on. Through the activities of virtual friends encouraging and recommending websites and blogs to their friends, you will be able to use SMO to gather a tangible amount of people to visit your websites. In this way your websites/blogs will be generating a more refined kind of targeted audiences. You must aim therefore to structure a well planned SMO strategy to market your business online because it  will also improve your search engine optimization (seo) and help build your digital image or brand.

[Editor’s note: The topic of social media optimization is one that should really interest you considering the fact that Google on 11/03/2011 announced it’s Freshness Update which will be driven mostly by social media. I’ve just downloaded a free social SEO guide book that is specially prepared to help you understand the best ways to integrate your social media marketing and SEO efforts. This free ebook is now my guide better understand the social media of a thing. If this article has inspired you to know more about SMO I recommend that you download and read this free social SEO guide book. Click here to download a free copy.]

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Social Media Marketing: Common Mistakes Bloggers Make and How To Aviod Them!

Blogging and social media tipsSocial media marketing has fast become a powerful way of promoting businesses online. As a blogger promoting your blog post via social networks is a great way to get new readers to your site. Facebook and Twitter can be a great tool, but there are also a few common mistakes bloggers make that cost them readers. To help you better market your blog using social media here are some common mistakes you must avoid as a bloggers. These mistakes have been found to be the top reasons why many bloggers are not making any real impact on the social social networking sites. Avoid them by all means possible!

1. Mixing Business with Pleasure

Too often bloggers use a personal account on Facebook or Twitter to promote their site. This can lead to a few big mishaps and I’d advise against it. What bloggers should do instead is create a dedicated account for their blog on whichever social network they wish to use. This cuts down on embarrassing mix ups and gives you a few key advantages. One of those advantages is a business Facebook page. Unlike a regular Facebook page, a business Facebook page allows users to receive updates with a “like.” This cuts out messy friend management and leaves you off the hook for things like spam accounts. On Twitter, a dedicated account for your blog lets you make sure you’re included on the right lists.

Getting Political

Social networks are home to many a grassroots campaign for various causes. Most bloggers know to avoid political leanings in order to avoid alienating readers. Many of those same bloggers forget that on social networks. Sometimes doing something as simple as “liking” a political candidate can be enough to aggravate some of your readers. Chances are, readers who leave your site because of feeling alienated will never return. It’s important to remember that no matter how you feel about an issue, some of your readers will be on the other side. This is another reason it’s important to keep your site’s social networks and personal social networks separate. Even if your blog deals with politics as its niche, you may want to be careful whom you support publicly. Many a Republican blog now openly regrets supporting George W. Bush, as an example, because of his poor approval ratings.

2. Forgetting Grammar

One of the most common mistakes bloggers make on social networks is forgetting that grammar and spelling are important everywhere. You should never put out a status update or tweet that isn’t up to the same standards as a blog post. It’s important to remember that you’re representing your brand with every word you type, regardless of where it’s sent out. This is particularly bad on Twitter, where the character limit leads many bloggers to shorten words. This makes your blog look bad and is almost always a bad idea.

Indeed, these social media marketing mistakes may appear basic but if you allow them in your promotions much of your effort will simply be wasted.

Marketing With Twitter: 5 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Followers

free coupon In our today’s world of social media marketing knowing how to use twitter in marketing your products and services online is a skill you must inbibe. This is because marketing with twitter is one powerful way of achieving outstanding results with little effort.

Social media marketing has evolved in the last couple of years because:

  1. It enhances your web experience and build your credibility easier; and
  2. It positions you to profit from every marketing effort you employ.

Now, if you are interested in marketing with twitter then you must be ready to grow your twitter followers. That definitely is the first approach to gaining grounds in marketing with twitter because to sell your products on twitter you need a huge database of people who will read your tweets every minute.

Unfortunately, marketing with twitter is for the savvy marketers. Not everyone on twitter is achieving the results they desire. In fact, I discovered that a huge followership doesn’t really help, sometimes!

What you need to win with twitter as a marketing tool is to aim for a huge followership and then make that fan-base a responsive one.

It works like email marketing. It’s not the amount of subscribers you acquire, but how many of them actually respond to your follow-up messages.

In that vein, let me share with you my 5 point strategies to grow your twitter following. Remember, our aim is to make this list, targeted, responsive and long-term followers. If that’s what you want for your business, let’s dive in:

  1. Business Card Strategy:

Not so many twitter marketers are utilizing the power of business cards. But it works so well, and if you approach it creatively, your fans would skyrocket and grow at the speed of inflation! ?

But, please hold it before you run off to go get that card, what you need is a charming and classy business card. Something the recipient will be willing to keep for a long time. I discovered that an awesome business card doesn’t lose its vigor and vitality when shared.

Till this day, business cards I received from colleagues while in a business workshop are still with me. I can’t possibly throw them away – they look great but unfortunately, the owner lacks the intuition to add his twitter handle vividly. So, get your card ready, whenever you attend offline seminars, workshops and conferences, exchange business cards, and make sure you have your twitter handle well inscribed.

The people who receive this card from you are somewhat pre-sold. After all, they came for the event without you inviting them – they are targeted and eager to follow you.

2. Guest Posting Strategy

The power of guest posting for other blogs cannot be under-emphasized. My guest work have been featured across several A-list blogs and the results have been awesome.

Talking about free and fresh targeted visitors, that’s no longer my problem. All I’m after now is converting those traffic into future customers.

By writing quality articles on your niche, you can easily grow your twitter followers. A published work that has your name on it, not only increases your business presence, it also influences the way blog readers see you.

For those who want to grow their twitter followers, you should include your twitter handle at vantage locations especially on the bio.

But if you’re still working on increasing your backlinks, and pagerank, this strategy might not be for you. You can come back to it later in your business after you’ve acquired quality and decent external links from other blogs.

3. Position Yourself As An Expert

When an expert speaks, even when it looks wrong, you still believes it. Why? It’s a mindset and that’s the way we were taught in School to always take the words of professionals to heart.

As an internet marketer, I discovered that you can’t possibly call yourself an expert, but you can earn it.

So, don’t struggle to be recognized as an expert in your niche, there are things you need to do to win the hearts of your prospects easily. One way to do this, is to deliver quality information.

Whatever you do, make sure your work speaks for you. If you’re into blogging, don’t be in a hurry when writing your blog articles, take time and make it real. Within a short time, your expertise would become obvious.

Once people begin to see you as an expert, getting them to follow you on twitter is easier than your next breakfast. I mean, they could literally send your links to a friend and ask them to follow you. Why? Because you deliver top notch content just like the expert you are!

  1. Share With A Friend Link

I recently discovered a stealth approach to increasing your twitter followers and it works. For those of us who use emails to communicate with our subscribers, how much do you leverage on your current customer?

Do you know that every of your single customer has friends and chains of network? You need to start tapping into this idea and grow your twitting followers.

For every broadcast message you send out to your list, add an anchor of your twitter handle and ask your recipients to share with their friends.

This looks simple, but the impact on your twitter account could be amazing. You can add 50 – 100 followers or even more within 24 hours.

A perfect example where this system works is this: online shoppers wants to save money and so they are looking for free coupon and discount deals. Sharing such emails could cause a viral marketing surge between friends, families and colleagues.

  1. Automate And Schedule Tweets

The final method you can use to grow your followers, is through automation and scheduling. You can’t always be available to post new tweets. You’ve got other aspects of your business to work on. But you can use free and paid twitter tools and apps to automate and schedule your activities.

This way, you’ll always have fresh content for your followers, and attract new visitors as they read your tweets every single day. Automation is the watchword of success on the internet. What would have happened if there was nothing like auto responders? So dull, isn’t it?

So, to get started in automating your tweets, I recommend It’s a free tool that’s compatible with twitter and works perfectly.

Action is what brings results. Why not step out and give this marketing with twitter strategy a shot, it could be the missing coin to your marketing explosion.

Twitter Lead Generation: Simple Strategies for Getting New Clients on Twitter!

make money on twitterNo doubt, twitter is among the top social networking sites that every savvy entrepreneur is turning to today for targeted online marketing. Thanks to the phenomenal rise and success of social media marketing (SMM). The growth of the social media has unleashed an extremely user-friendly and effective medium to capture your prospects within the gamut of your social influence. And it has become one powerful way of spreading your reach and enriching your inbound marketing strategy in an extremely cost-effective manner.

Before now leads were typically associated with email addresses. But not any more. Today using twitter for lead generation has become common place. You simply need to attract the attention of relevant prospects who may be interested in your business and then follow them on Twitter. While some may reciprocate by following you, the others are likely to skim through your profile and MAY notice if your product or service on offer, meets their requirements.

Unfortunately, finding relevant prospects in a random and unplanned manner on can be not only time-consuming but also a futile effort sometimes. But by simply using a simple but proven technique, this process becomes less stressful and more result-oriented.

Here we want to share our top tips on how to make the most of twitter, first by finding a set of interesting and more importantly – your prospective audiences – who you can follow and interact with on Twitter.

1. ‘Search’ For Treasures

Twitter search is your key here. Play around and search for hashtags that are relevant to your specific audience profile. They are your vital sources.

2. Get To Know Who Your Prospects Are

Open new browser tabs for each of the hashtags, then subsequently enter them into the search box.  Once done, this will throw up a live stream of people who are actively following or interested in that particular subject.  You will also observe, that if you keep open for a few more minutes, the browser tab title starts updating and providing a live count,  in brackets, the number of new tweets/posts that keep getting added on the topic.

3. Engage With Your Prospects

You can keep these tabs on and running all day, or for long as you want to.  At regular intervals, for example an hour or so, and/or based on how quickly your unread list increases, do scroll down the unread tweets. Then begin following your prospects who are tweeting and discussing their opinions and views on subjects that are of relevance and importance to you.

These indeed are simply steps but if you keep at them they will help you generate a veritable list of prospective leads. Besides by doing this from time to time you will be in the loop on the latest buzz and links that are occupying prime time in your world. The result? Better business relationships and wider marketing reach.

Over to you: Are you using twitter to generate business leads? What other ways do you think twitter can help lead generation?

Facebook Project Titan Comes Live On Monday?

If what I’m hearing about Facebook right now is the truth, and I hope it is, then we are about witnessing another big one from facebook.

There are strong indications that Facebook is about to launch its own full-fledged webmail client. This project code-named “Project Titan” will see Facebook bringing into the internet community what has been  unofficially referred to as “Gmail killer”.

Facebook has already sent out an invites-only event to a select group of people. The event holding on monday is been touted as the official launching of Project Titan. What this means is that very soon you will be able to have an email address.

Whether this will be available for all facebook users is not really clear right now but I think that is what will definitely happen. You can read more about it here.

It all appears that Facebook and Google had been running a silent war for some time now as reports shows that Facebook has tried in various ways to woo Google Engineers with fabulous offers in order to join them. But Google is not ready to take all these lying low.  It is reported that to counter one such move by Facebook, Google offered one of it’s staff engineers a jaw dropping .5 million in restricted stock.

Wondering what the guy did? Of course he wisely accepted Google’s counter offer and Facebook lost out on that! If it were you what would you have done? Hope I get such an offer very soon! 🙂

Any way, let’s watch out and see what comes out of all these. How this will affect the use of the facebook platform will soon be unveiled.

Sure, facebook users will go crazy about a email address or wouldn’t you? Let’s hear your voice on this.