A Simple Guide to Understanding the Ins And Outs of SEO

guide to understanding SEO

Do you remember that a few years ago you needed to buy ad spaces on television and radio to market your business?

But how much of that are you doing today?

There is no doubt that the days of buying television and radio ads for business promotion are gone for good. Right now, we all rely on the internet. Everything is done online. And there is a good reason for that…

Either it is cheap, or better yet, it is free!

Now, there are lots of free ways you can advertise your company online for free and other ways that you can pay for a little bit more. The most popular of these is through SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the way that company websites, actually all sites, are found online by consumers. It is a way of altering your search engine ranking and climbing the ladder to the top of the page.

Consumers are fairly lazy when it comes to surfing online. They will click on the first or second link after typing something in and settle on it. It does not matter what they are searching for. They could be looking for a used car or a movie news website. They will not spend more than five minutes looking for the site they will use for future purchases or expertise.

That is why is so important to get your company site on the first page when consumers search certain keywords.

You can do this in a manner commonly referred to as organically. That means that you work on your site to increase the ranking without paying for it.

There are a number of different ways that you can do this, but here are a few to get you started.

First, when you design your company site, input all the necessary pages such as a title and categories page. Then, you want to add some information on each page of your site.

When you do this, make sure that you add links. You want links to other areas of your site and links to relevant information on different parts of the web. Your site should have the keywords on it that customers search for. For example, if you own a website to search for used cars you want all the brands and different models. You will also want the words used, new and locations because these are the words consumers will be searching for.

If you found all that a little confusing, do not panic. SEO is quite technical, but luckily there are companies that can do it for you.

A business offering local SEO services will optimize your website. They will ensure that it is seen when consumers search for a product related to your company online. They will use the methods above as well as linking them to social media networks. SEO is a huge industry, and for your company to survive online, you do need to utilize it.

The problem is that for every real SEO company online there is another that is a marketing scam. You need to know how to recognize if an SEO service is worth your time and money. The easiest way to understand this is to evaluate how they decide on a price. This is very important because those who are simply after your money wouldn’t really care about the benefits you get from them. Most will simply give you their customized pricing list. But the best SEO companies will view your site and then send you a quote based on how much work needs doing.

This may seem insignificant but it is something you should take note of. So if you’re looking to hire a local SEO service it is important you get the right one. I do hope you have found this post informative enough to help you understand SEO a little more.  If you have any further question feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Real Estate Marketing: 3 Unique Ideas to Promote Online

Have you recently started a new real estate business?

How would you like to beat the competition and gain a significant percentage of the market?

Interesting, right?

Then hear this, you’ll need to think long and hard about online promotion. Yes, you will need to come up with some real estate marketing ideas that will help you promote online.

Why Real Estate Online Marketing?

There’s no doubt that these days, most people use the internet on a daily basis. More and more people now use the internet either to get more info about products/services or for their purchases. Ecommerce is on the rise and it will definitely be so for some time. So, it would be foolish to overlook the possibility of advertising and promotion using that platform.

As you will discover throughout the course of this post, the steps you need to take are pretty simple. However, you’re still going to need some expert assistance if you don’t have experience in the field.

That being said, here are 3 real estate marketing ideas that will help you promote online:

how to market your real estate business online

1. Get A Responsive Website

More people than ever before access the internet using their smartphone or mobile devices these days. That means it is critical that your site displays properly across all platforms. Most real estate websites use a specialist WordPress theme to ensure the pages are visible to everyone. You should follow suit if you want to get everything sorted as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you could pay a web design agency to handle all the hard work on your behalf. It all comes down to how much effort you’re willing to make, and how much cash you have to spend.

2. Open Social Media Accounts

Social media websites are the best tool for promoting your business online. You must open accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and the other big domains as soon as possible. It doesn’t cost anything to do that, but it could mean your company gets noticed by millions of people. If you’re looking to expand your customer base, there is no easier way of making that happen. Just make sure you use a specialist website or some relevant software to manage all the accounts. The last thing you need is to have to remember all those passwords.

3. Pay For Banner Advertising

Banner advertising platforms like Google Adwords are perfect for business owners in your position. You don’t even have to spend much money to see good results. There is no minimum spend, but you should invest around $50 so you can mess about with the targeting options. With a bit of luck, your market research will make it easier to ensure you concentrate on the right group of people. Again, some business owners choose to employ the professionals when it comes to that task. Most good web design companies and marketing agencies will offer that service to their clients.

The only other thing you need to worry about relates to creating mailing lists. Every time a customer makes a purchase through your website, it is vital that you record their contact details. Statistics show that around 80% of sales in the average business come from people who have had dealings with them in the past. That is why you must send out marketing emails to your contacts at least once each week. You should use those messages to advertise new products and deals.

Rounding Up

Marketing your real estate business online is definitely an option you should consider. One thing is, your competitors are already doing it. Ignoring the internet in your quest to promote your real estate business will sabotage your success. I do hope this post has helped to point you in the right direction. If you’re in any way confused with this info, feel free to get across and we’ll be glad to set the record straight!

Fantastic Marketing Methods to Help Get Your Startup off the Ground

Marketing your business startup effectively

Launching a startup is never a straightforward process. There’s a lot of hard work and sleepless nights involved. If you want to have any sort of business success, you’re going to have a strong marketing strategy in place.

As soon as you launch you need to have a good system in place for advertising. While there are numerous forms of advertising that you can use, here’s a list of some of the best forms of marketing that will get you up and running in no time.

1. SEO

One of the most effective forms of marketing for any business is to implement SEO. This is how you determine where your company ends up in search engines. To make sure you get the best SEO strategy possible, you should hire an online marketing company. This is a vital area of the advertising process, so it needs to be taken seriously. By hiring experts to take care of this for you, you make sure you’re getting the very best SEO service. It also allows you to focus on other areas of the company too.

2. Social Media

Of course, the most effective form of corporate advertising these days is to make use of social media sites. Get onto sites like Twitter and Facebook and create strong profiles. You need to have an active presence on these sites, so people are aware of you. Through social media, you’ll have the opportunity to target a global audience right at your fingertips. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

3. Website

A website is a fundamental part of running any business, so it’s imperative you get it perfect. You’ve got to work on the layout and design of your site. It needs to be as easy to navigate and user-friendly as possible. You also need to make sure that the content is snappy and attractive too. Your website is the benchmark against which people will judge your company. So you’ve got to spend the time getting it perfect.

4. Blog

We all know how popular blogs are these days, and precisely because of that they’re so important. You need to make sure you set up a business blog as soon as possible. You can use this to discuss your brand and why people should choose you, as well as talking about the industry. Many blogs fail because the owners don’t take the time to keep them current and relevant. Make sure you’re always keeping up with your blog and that you evolve it with the times.

5. Business Cards

Business cards are a highly underrated form of marketing for companies these days. As an entrepreneur, you need to make sure you have a supply of business cards to call upon. They’re fantastic and highly useful for advertising. Think of the cards like a condensed business CV, as well as a chance to inject some flair and personality. You can customize your own business cards, so make sure you make them as great as possible. You also need to make sure you carry them with you at all times to hand out.


Marketing is the key to growth and evolution in the corporate world. By coming up with better marketing methods, you will help the company to evolve and enjoy success. It’s essential you get the promotional aspect right, if you mess it up, it could have disastrous effects. You need to look at the different marketing methods out there and choose which fit best with your business.

10 Reasons Every Business Needs a Website

Every business needs a website.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a corner shop or a big clothes store, you need a website. If you don’t have a website, you’re not going to seem very credible to your audience – a large portion of people search for the website to a company these days to get an idea of what you’re about.

In our today’s socially connected world, your business website is the best marketing tool for attracting and connecting with potential customers. There are of course, various reasons why every business should have a website but here are just 10 of such reasons:

1. Be Open for Your Customers 24/7

You can be open to your customers 24/7. They can order from you whenever they like, and you won’t need to do anything other than complete the order during business hours. Physical stores can’t be open 24/7 – well, most can’t. With a website, you can maximise your revenue.

2. Easy Access to Information

Before a customer decides to work with you, they might want to know a few things first. Perhaps they want your phone number, so they can call and ask you a question. Perhaps they have an FAQ that they’d like answering. A website can provide easy to access information whenever a customer wants it.

3. Become More Credible and Trustworthy

With a website, you’ll strengthen your online presence. Businesses with a strong online presence are automatically more trustworthy than those who don’t have one. You can strengthen it further by building social media profiles, writing a blog, and connecting them all up. A good web development company will be able to do all of this for you.

4. Show Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials can encourage people to buy from you. Your website is a great way to put these on display, but they must be true and legitimate. Your customers aren’t stupid; they’ll know when something is up.

your-business-websiteImage Credit: Flickr.com

5. Link to Social Media

As mentioned before, you can link your website to social media, which should help you to generate more interest and custom. Strong social media profiles are a great way to engage with your audience. If you do a good job, they’ll want to check you out further and will naturally end up on your website, so make sure you have one!

6. Create a Blog

Blogging is a brilliant way of getting a larger following. The idea is that you share valuable information. Your posts should be unique, informative, and relevant. They should also appeal to your target market with the language you use. Hopefully, you’ll begin to get shares and build up your following!

7. Your Competitors Will Have One

Your competitors will have a website. If they don’t, you’ll automatically be one step ahead of them once you get one. Do you want to be left behind?

8. Target a Wider Market

A website can help you to target a wider market. Targeting the local area is all well and good, a website could help you to target the world.

9. Showcase Your Work

Show off your work on your site. Build a portfolio. Show people what you can do!

10. Offer Better Customer Service

Better customer service is a must, and your site can do that by offering a quick way to contact you and find information.

Now, are you convinced that any business that truly want to succeed in today’s digitalized economy needs a website? In fact, if you are not convinced by these reasons then you’d be doing your business a great disservice.

Paper Work And Running Your Business: What I Discovered Recently!

As online entrepreneurs, there are a lot of things we take for granted.

For example, trying to keep your business completely paperless.

As much as this sound great the fact still remains that completely keeping paperless offices is not feasible for now as there will always be the need to have some information in official papers.

As it is now, some government requirements and legal necessities requires us to keep paper records. This is why no matter how much you try to keep everything “digital” it is advisable to have some of your documents in paper form – just in case there is the need for it!

I recently had the need to do this and that was when I discovered that there are actually different papers for different uses and purposes. Deciding on which to go for was a little problematic but at the end I got what I wanted.

Now, if you think paper is paper, then you will be surprised how wrong you are. The fact is, if you take your business serious (and you should) then you will want to present a professional look for your brand.

This is one reason why you will want to purchase nothing but the best official papers for your business.

Besides, if you want to run your home business office effectively, you are going to need to purchase several different kinds of paper.


Well, I discovered that for each job you do in the run of a day, there is a particular kind of paper that will get the job done best. So as a business it is important that you have the right type of paper for each job.

In this article I want to talk about some of the standard forms of paper that I discovered you will need for the day to day running of your business. So whether you’re running a “digitalized” or a brick and mortar business, you will definitely find this info useful.

So let’s begin, shall we?

Using paper work for your business

1. Printer Paper

All printer paper is not created equal.  For a truly crisp, true-to-colour prints, you will need to match the paper you use to the type of printer you have.  For example, if you have a laser printer, you’ll need laser printer paper.  This will give a smooth, professional-quality finish to your printouts.

If your printer is an inkjet or a combination of printer, scanner and copier, multipurpose paper designed for inkjet printers will do the job just fine.

2. Photo Paper

Is your printer designed to print photos? Then you’ll need to invest in dedicated photo paper for best results.  This paper is designed to give crisp photos with ink that does not bleed.  This can be an affordable option over having photos printed professionally if this is something your office does frequently.

3. Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is best reserved for internal correspondence, where image and professional appearance isn’t the top priority.  Because of its recycled nature, this type of paper often features a duller colour with small specs of fibres, etc. in the paper, which can give a more rustic appearance. It is an environmentally responsible and affordable choice for printing emails and internal memos or other in-office correspondence.

4. Office Stationary

Even in our technology-driven world, there are still occasion where nothing but a pen and paper will do the job.  Be sure your office stationary supply cupboard is stocked with things like notepads (for taking down notes during meetings, etc.) sticky notes (for annotating documents and leaving quick notes for co-workers) and telephone message pads.  These things may seem outdated in a modern office, but they aren’t.  Sometimes a pad of paper is the most efficient tool for doing the job.

5. Envelopes

This is often overlooked when some people stock up on their office paper supplies.  Unless you do everything electronically, you are probably going to need envelopes for things like sending out invoices, distributing product information and other types of sales correspondence.  A variety of sizes and types will help cover your bases.


Give or take, every office needs paper. And so, to be sure you are getting the best results out of your printer and copier, it’s important that you purchase the right kind of paper.  Beyond that, paper products are used at virtually every turn in an office, so always be sure you stock up on everything you’ll need.  There’s nothing worse than needing to take down an important message and not having something to write it on!  Your choice of paper sends a message about your company’s image.  Make sure you are sending the right one.

Business Branding: How to Make Your Brand Recognizable Online

As a business person do you know that your brand is your corporate identity? Do you know that how your current and potential customers perceive your business depends greatly on the picture you present to them through your brand message?

So, what are you doing to build a brand that is recognizable online?

It might surprise you to know that many business owners neglect doing the right thing about their online brand recognition, to their own peril. Of course, many may not do it intentionally. But all the same, if you neglect to do the things that will help build your online brand recognition, you might just be the worst enemy of your business.

Okay, that may be a little harsh, but the truth is, one of the easiest ways to get your brand name out there and be seen by your potential customers is by having a strong and recognizable online brand presence. Neglecting it therefore is really sabotaging your business growth.

Understandably, if you’re new to the world of online branding, there might be some things that you find hard to grasp at first. But the truth is, a lot of the things you do online will be similar to traditional marketing and branding practices.

To help you out, here’s how you can make your brand recognizable online.

How to Make Your Brand Recognizable Online

1.    Create a Great Logo

Every good business needs a strong logo. There’s nothing more off-putting when you encounter a new company than a poorly designed, unattractive logo. It might sound harsh, but this can be the difference between someone doing business with you and walking away.

A poor logo can make a business appear amateurish and unprofessional. So, don’t let this happen to your company. Get a fresh, clean logo made that you can be proud of.

2.    Develop Your Narrative and Repeat It

You need to control your brand narrative when you’re constructing a strong brand for your business. You can create these narratives by creating interesting image and video content as well as a strong website.

If you’re not sure how to market your company in this way though, you could contact a digital marketing agency and let them do the work for you. Sometimes using an expert company is the best way to go.

3.    Offer Interesting Content

Giving people a reason to visit your website other than simply buying your products can massively boost your brand awareness. One reason why people visit websites is to read or watch entertaining or informative content.

Dedicating an area of your website to blogging is a great idea. If you develop a reputation for creating enlightening blog posts, more and more people will flock to your website. And while they’re there, they might look at your products!

4.    Take a Consistent Tone

Consistency is key when it comes to branding online. You don’t want to be sending out any mixed messages to your potential customers. So, make sure you adopt an appropriate tone and then stick with it.

Your tone is most important when it comes to social media. Your posts and tweets should reflect the style of your company and be tailored to what is expected from you by your target customer.

5.    Don’t Forget to Make it Clear What You’re Offering

Branding is vital, as I’ve already made clear, but your branding is worthless if people don’t know what it is your business is offering to them. That’s why it’s so vital to make sure you make it clear what you’re selling.

A lot of companies can overthink their branding, so don’t fall into that trap. Simplicity is often much more effective than a complicated branding strategy.


Your online branding is vital so don’t skimp on it. Do everything you can to make your brand easily recognizable online. The internet allows anyone who’s willing to get creative and be innovative to make their brand a hit. Use that to your advantage.

How to Push Your Brand on a Digital Platform and Reap BIG with Digital Marketing!

Are you taking advantage of the outstanding benefits of digital marketing for your business?

Do you have in place a well-structured and workable strategy for pushing your brand on a digital platform?

As we all know, the key to any sort of business success is in the marketing and advertising. And this is one area of business that’s changed a lot over the past two decades.

Before the internet more traditional forms of marketing included radio, newspaper and TV adverts. Unfortunately, these tended to be extremely expensive, and often limited exposure to a localized setting.

But then, the internet exploded and suddenly businesses could market for free. This transformed the corporate world and is now a big part of how we do business today.

By now, as a business owner you should know the importance of a digital platform to your business. When it comes to every facet of running the business, you’ll know that going digital is always best. And you need to make sure you work hard on pushing and marketing your brand on a digital platform. Digital marketing plays such a huge role in business branding and success. If you don’t make use of it, you’re going to find yourself falling behind your competitors.

But how do you do it?

That is the aim of this article. If you’re wondering about the best ways to push and promote your brand on a digital scale then you will need to take note of the follow points. Put them into your marketing arsenal and will be sure to see the best possible outcome for the business.

Push Your Brand on a Digital Platform

1. Consult the Experts

The first thing you need to do is consult the experts. You’ve got to come up with a digital marketing strategy. But before any of this you need to create your own business website.

Now, you might think this is something you could do yourself. And of course, you could. But you shouldn’t. It’s best to leave this sort of thing to companies that specialize in web design and creativity. They know all the tricks of the trade, and they know the ultimate ways to push your brand.

A website is of fundamental importance. It’s the face of the business and the first line in your marketing strategy. It needs to be done well, and the best way to get it done well is to hire experts to do it.

2. Blog

A more unusual, but no less effective, way of plugging your business is to start a business blog. This is becoming hugely popular these days, with more and more people each year starting one. You don’t want to miss out on this fantastic marketing opportunity.  So you need to start your own business blog.

You can blog about what’s happening with the business and about things going on in the industry. Maybe try to get guests spots on other people’s blogs to boost your profile. Always remember to link back to the website in every blog you do.

3. Use Social Media

The ultimate form of digital marketing is social media. And this looks set to be the case for a good few years to come yet. You hear businesses talk about having an online presence. And when they say this what they mean is being active on social media.

Because of how powerful social media is, you need constant presence. You’re connecting with a global audience of millions at just the click of a button. So it’s vital to keep up with current trends and interests, and use them to your advantage.

The above is just a few ways you can begin pushing your brand on a digital platform. Implement them today and you will see great benefits in no time at all.

Know of any other ways for enhancing your brand on a digital platform? Then kindly share with us in your comments below.

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Online Business Success

With the growth of social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and the rest, many businesses are now devoting more time and resources to promoting their wares on the sites. Unfortunately, as expected not many of these business owners understand how to effectively use these sites.

As we already know, social media sites are not the proper place for direct selling. Using any social media site as a sales platform is a guaranteed formula for failure, right from day one. This is why if you want to succeed with Pinterest marketing you must aim at knowing how Pinterest works.

But that is really not enough…

Beyond that you should also establish a clear link between your Pinterest account and your blog or website. You must also be able to conveniently pin photos to your account even if you are not tied to a desk and with access to your computer or laptop.

Pinterest marketing tips

Some Useful Tips For Succeeding With Pinterest Marketing

1. Have Pinterest Buttons On Display On All Your Websites And Blogs

Pinterest itself has several free buttons that you can use. They already come with the necessary HTML codes to make embedding hassle-free. You should also check with your content management system or CMS provider if they have options for including Pinterest buttons with every blog post you upload. If not that then maybe there are widgets or tools related to Pinterest, which you can host on your blog or site.

2. Download Pinterest Applications In Your Site

Pinterest also has its own official mobile application that you can download and use for free. However, there are also a number of paid applications, which are designed to make pinning quick and easy even when you are using a mobile device.

One application, for instance, allows you to pin photos straight from your mobile device’s browser – something that the official Pinterest app actually can’t do at the moment.

3. Make A List Of Possible Pins You Can Use

Photos, which immediately capture your attention are definitely worth pinning – maybe not now but sometime in the future for sure. You just need to come with a great article or blog post to link such photos to your business. Be sure to list the sites where you’ve seen such photos. Give yourself some time, and they’ll prove handy to your business sooner or later.

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4. Have A Camera With You At All Times

The best photos to pin are those that you have taken yourself. As the original source of such photos, your link will then be used every time your photo is pinned and repinned by other Pinterest users. As such, you should not let any opportunity for taking beautiful photos go to waste. Have a camera with you at all times – preferably one with an excellent range of features that include HD resolution, panorama sweeps, options for editing, and filtering effects.

In most cases, the cameras of high-end smartphones would already suffice. It’s actually better if you use a camera phone since this will automatically give you access to the Internet and have it pinned to your board in no time.

5. Subscribe To A Mobile Internet Service

Speaking of Internet access, that’s yet another thing you should have at all times as well. A mobile Internet service will not only enable you to monitor your online business effectively, but it can also make sure that you will be one of the first to pin photos of events that you may be covering with live blogging. With the help of some handy-dandy applications, live blogging and pinning can be easily performed with just a smartphone or tablet.

Hopefully, these tips should be enough to equip your business with all the necessary tools and resources for maximizing the marketing opportunities offered by Pinterest.

Want more? Then click here to check out this insightful resource.

Your turn: What strategies or tips can you share about with us about your Pinterest success? Will be glad to know. Share in your comments below.

These Marketing Rules Will Change Your Business Forever!

If marketing your business has become a burden then this is one post you really want to read very carefully.

As you may have come to realize by now, marketing is an ever-changing beast. To tame it, you have to work extra hard. If you have a marketing team, you need to work with them to make sure that you have a brilliant strategy.

If your current processes are not getting the results you desire, you need to know why that is. Why not completely revitalize your campaign?

That sounds logical, right? But the problem for many is, how do you really do this?

And so, if you are one of those who are still struggling because you are lost on what to do, here are some important marketing rules that you should follow. Put these to good use today and see your business change for the better!

Business marketing rules to grow your business

Here we go…

1. Keep A Watchful Eye On The Competition

You always need to know what the competition is up to if you want to outsmart them. If you think that paying attention to their marketing is a waste of time, you are mistaken. Ensure that you follow your competitors’ social media activity online and see what they are doing.

2. Be Clear On What Your Message Is

When you try to engage your audience, you need to know what your message is. Writing loads of random statements will confuse and frankly irritate people. For example, if you send an email to your customers, keep things simple. Write in the subject line what the email is about; you could write something like “10% off this weekend.” Next, in the message itself, give a brief description of the deal and how customers can redeem it. You don’t need to add in more information than that, and you should avoid doing so.

3. Embrace New Media Streams

As I just mentioned, marketing is always changing, and so you need to work to keep up with it. Rather than shying away from new streams, such as mobile marketing and video marketing, you ought to embrace them. Keep up to date with the latest trends in the world of promotions and jump on the bandwagon. Sure, you might not be the first person to think of new techniques, but at least you won’t be the last.

4. Make People Recognize Your Brand

Your top priority has to be to get people to recognize your brand. Once people know you and know what you do, they will start to trust you. When you have people’s trust, you can sell them almost anything. Above everything else, you need to try to get people to engage with your branding.

5. Be Quirky, Be Different But Don’t Be Weird

Sometimes, companies go too far when it comes to trying to be different. You might think that if you are 100% unique customers will love you. In reality, clients are only interested in the level of service you provide them. Avoid gimmicks and nonsense. If you give people straightforward products and services at a decent price, they will trust you and buy things from you.

6. Make Promises And Keep Them

When you reach out to your customers, you need to give them a reason to care about what you say. One way you can ensure people will care is to promise them something. When you make promises to your customers, they want to see them through, and so they will invest some time in getting to know your company. Take some time to set out what you can do for your clients, and make sure that you deliver.

7. Communication Is Key

If you are a strong communicator, you should have no trouble marketing any business. The main thing you should take away from this piece is that honesty pays off. When you communicate a true, honest message to your key demographic, you will succeed in getting what you want. Clients want companies that they can trust who don’t mess them about, in the long run. If you can provide people with that level of service, they will never leave you.

Of course, there are many other rules but these are a must if you MUST make the best of your marketing efforts!

Image credit: Marc Wright

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Online Marketing

The world of digital marketing is basically a world of facelessness and automation. As a result many marketers see the customer as just another number in the profit equation.

But that shouldn’t be. while you are looking at your stats and want to measure hits, new visits, repeat visits, conversions, etc. the customer wants to be seen as some human and treated as such. You must understand that the customer can tell when they’re being treated as just part of a machine, and when they’re truly respected.

With modern technology at its current state, there is no excuse for this anymore. Digital marketing can be every bit as personal as a real life encounter. A personal touch in your marketing will make a world of difference. Customers love to know that they are dealing with real people. They like to know that they are acknowledged.

If you’re wondering how you can do this then I invite you to carefully read this article.

Here are…

5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Online Marketing

1. Show Your Face

Use your marketing channels to show customers behind the scenes. We love to know that real people are working to make things happen! It’s a small thing, but a simple picture of employees working together makes a big difference. Upload pictures of you and your workers planning the next big launch. Show them using your product or just working behind the scenes. Get creative with this, we love seeing how things are made and the people behind it!

Personalize Your Business Marketing

2. Address Customers By Name

Email marketing is still one of your most powerful tools. However, it can often seem so indirect and impersonal. Our tolerance for poor emails and spam is at an all time low. We’ll ignore anything that isn’t useful or personal.

The good thing is that nearly all mass email clients out there have the functionality to implement the recipient’s first name. It’s so simple, but so powerful. Try putting their name in the subject line for serious results.

3. Happy Christmas!

One of our favorite pizza restaurants has a fantastic approach. They send us a free pizza voucher on our birthday, every year. What a brilliant way to show a personal side! It rewards loyalty and makes an emotional connection with customers.

You can do the same thing with a company like Ecard Shack. Send personalized birthday, Christmas or Halloween e cards. It’s fun, it’s personal and it makes a connection.

4. Reward Loyalty

Customers really love to know that they are recognized for their loyalty. In the faceless world of online shopping and services, it’s hard to feel valued. It’s really important to make sure that your loyal customers feel valued. Register how many purchases each customer makes. When they hit a certain number, reward them with a free purchase. Offer them a streamlined service or an upgrade. Anything that recognizes their loyalty will go a long way.

5. Remember preferences

People will flock to your business for a variety of reasons. Often they will be there for a niche reason. Use a web algorithm to remember their choices and preferences. Make sure that when they return, they are shown these preferences. Use wording to tell them that you have hand-picked these results for them.

Get to know your customers and create a personalized service for them.


The world of digital marketing is now more sophisticated than ever. Take advantage of this and show a personal side to your services. The best marketing makes a strong, personal connection.

Are you making that personal connection with your customers? Want to share how you’re making a stronger emotional approach with your marketing? Why don’t you do soin the comments below?