3 Interesting Ways You Can Market Your Business More Effectively!

We all know how important marketing is to every business. Without it, your business would struggle to survive. Put in place the right marketing strategy and you will see “miracles” in your business!

While there are many ways you can deploy for your business marketing most are strenuous and cost a whole of lot of money. In this post you will learn 3 interesting ways you can market your business starting now. By simply using these methods you will see significant improvement and you’ll also enjoy using them!

Interested? Then let’s get started.

Effective business marketing tips

1. Build A Website

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we’re now living in a digital age. Technology is dominating everything, including business! So, you have to make use of technology and get your business up to speed.

One thing you can do is build a website to help market your business online. Think of a website as a digital place for people to find your business. There are so many people using the internet, and if you have a website, they’re more likely to find you.

Once you’ve built a website, you have to know how to market it properly. This means making sure it appears high up in the search engine rankings. You can use things like SEO and PPC to get your website up those rankings. The higher up you are, the more likely it is people will find your website when they search for things related to your business.

Websites are such an important marketing tool and an important thing for businesses to have in general.

2. Attend A Convention

Business conventions are a great opportunity for you to market your business to people in the flesh. It’s a wonderful way for you to directly promote yourself to others. You can talk to people face-to-face and show what you’re about. At the convention, you’ll be given the chance to set up your own marquee.

The key to a successful business convention is making sure you get your marquee spot on. It needs to be eye-catching and lure people in. It’s a good idea to hire some people to stand around your marquee and grab people’s attention, luring them in. Marquee Image Staffing offers a range of people that can fill this position for you. Getting some extra staff in can seriously benefit you.

In general, attending conventions should be on everyone’s list of things to do if you want to market a business successfully.

3. Create A Billboard Campaign

Billboard campaigns are an old school marketing method that still holds a lot of power in today’s world. It’s a simple concept; you just have a large advert displayed on various billboards in an area of your choosing. If you’re a local business, it makes sense to have them on billboards in the surrounding area.

What’s great about billboard campaigns is that billboards are typically found in good places. They will be by traffic lights, or opposite a bus stop. Places where people are likely to be waiting around and stare at them.

If you want to create a successful billboard campaign, you have to get the actual advert right. Make sure the design is on point and that it’s an attention grabber. You want people to look at it and then keep looking at it. Rather than give it a glance, then look away. Also, make sure your advert clearly shows what your business does.

Take Away

The business arena is getting more competitive by the day. If you want to see success you need to market your business and do so not just by doing what others are doing. Try out the above business marketing methods and you’ll not set yourself apart but also see good returns.

So, what are your interesting ways of marketing a business? Or, have your used any of these methods in your business marketing? Share your experience with us below in the comments section.

The 5 Pillars of a Successful Business Marketing Strategy (Are You Missing Any of These?)

When you think about the biggest brands and companies in the world, there’s one thing that CLEARLY really sets them apart from the others.

What is that thing?

It’s their marketing! Take it or leave it, your marketing strategy is such a powerful thing that it can make or break your company.

Now, if you carefully examine it there are two key facets to it. The first is identity. Businesses use marketing to carve out their unique place in the industry. They use it to create an identity, and show off their differences. Secondly, it’s all about awareness and recognition. You need to get your product or brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

As a small startup on a budget, it’s tricky to know where to start. But don’t worry, I’m here to offer some help in this area.

In this post I will walk you through the five core pillars of marketing. Each have their unique benefits, and you’ll need a good mix to stand out in the modern world.

So, if you are ready, let’s get started!

Pillars of Marketing Success

1. Traditional Advertising

One of the cornerstones of marketing is advertising. Paying money to access a huge community of potential customers is still one of the best ways to get your name out there. Traditional advertising refers to TV adverts, radio adverts, and magazine placements. They focus on old media. Now, many marketers have pronounced this market dead. But, if you create a powerful and compelling TV advert, you’ll reach the masses. Plus, magazines are still one of the best ways to reach a niche audience.

2. PR

PR stands for ‘public relations’, and it usually involves hiring a third-party company. It’s their job to introduce you and your product to the press. Natural press coverage (in magazines and online) is much more powerful than advertising. It means that journalists and tastemakers are actively promoting your product. Customers tend to trust their recommendations, so it’s a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

3. Digital Marketing

Of course, the dominant form of marketing now takes place online. If you’re a small startup or new business, this is where you should begin your activities. First of all, it’s much cheaper than traditional marketing, and it’s much more targeted. You can use online advertising through Facebook or Google to reach highly specific audiences. You can build a website, start a blog, and create a rabid community of followers.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media is part of your digital marketing strategy, but it deserves a category of its own. It is incredibly powerful when used correctly. Some modern companies have built their livelihoods through social media. Creating a community on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest is your best way to reach customers.

5. Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a little more tricky to get right. But, when you do, it’s the most impactful of all. You’ll need to get a little more creative here. It’s all about creating an experience, and making an emotional connection with your brand. Think about Red Bull’s marketing campaigns. It’s all based on extreme sports and challenges. It makes you feel something. You connect their brand to a particular emotion. That’s experiential marketing at its best.


Take another look at the above again. How many of these pillars of marketing are you currently using? Can you think of any room for improvement?

As mentioned above, your marketing strategy is very important. What you do and how you do it will greatly impact on your business success. So no matter what you do you should take your marketing strategy very serious. You can take one of the above marketing concepts and concentrate on it or take a few and use them as a combination to drive your business to the next level.

Does Your Business Have A Unique Brand Identity?

Creating a unique brand identity is a tricky business. It’s the thing that separates the biggest companies in the world from the ones you’ve never heard of.

Apple, for example, have a strong brand identity. Their logo and messaging instantly portrays their unique identity. They are visionary, forward-thinking, and aesthetically beautiful.

The question then is, does your branding say the right thing about your business?

Is it easily identifiable from a simple logo or color scheme?

If your answer to the above questions is no, then there is definitely an urgent need to improve your brand identity. In this post, we’ll explore the key ingredients required to set yourself apart. This of course include every decision you make, from visual imagery to your wording on social media. All of these have an impact.

The biggest companies are incredibly careful about how they present themselves. So why shouldn’t you? Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

The Apple Brand

How to Create a Unique Brand Identity

1.    Define Your Vision And Mission Statement

A brand identity always comes from deep within the company. It’s based on a set of values and core ideals that drive the business. Set out a strong mission statement that defines the heart of your company. What drove you to start the business? How does your product or service make a difference in the world? It’s these values that inform your public perception. Adidas and Nike, for example, have aspirational and motivational core values. That comes through in every single thing they do. What’s yours?

2.    Logo

You can identify the biggest brands in the world from a simple logo. A small image or icon is all it takes to set you apart, and build an entire image around your brand. Think of Twitter’s bird or Starbucks’ Siren/Mermaid. They’re iconic and immediately recognizable. You need something equally powerful. Don’t worry if you’re not very creative, there are plenty of design services online. In fact, you can search for logo designs, and order now. Within a week, you’ll have a design that you can start to work with.

3.    Tone Of Voice

You’ll notice that the biggest brands have a unique tone of voice that captures their aesthetic perfectly. We’ll use the example of Adidas again. Throughout their website, social media platforms, and adverts, they’re incredibly motivational. Every word encourages you to pick up a football or hit the gym! That’s the power of good tone-of-voice. It encapsulates your brand and portrays it through the right wording. You can do the same to help promote your brand online.

4.    Color Schemes And Images

Our brains are highly visual. That means we actually respond better to colors and images, over words. So, while words are important, you must also focus on the imagery. Think carefully about what your colors and photographs say about your business. Did you know that certain colors appeal to certain demographics, for example? Visit the Land Rover website, and you’re flooded with their trademark army-green color. They also have photos of their cars halfway up a mountain. This has all been carefully chosen to strengthen their brand identity.

Nike Brand Identity
Nike: one of the most recognizable logos ever (photo)


There’s no doubt that you need a unique brand identity for your business today. Don’t be left in the dust. Use the above to check how your business compare to the strong identities mentioned in this post. And start right now to think about how you can create a unique brand identity for yourself.

4 Scientifically Proven Reasons WHY Your Business Needs To Go Digital!

When you are a business owner, you need to ensure the company evolves and grows. This is frankly the only way to stay green. Ignore this and your business will soon wither and die!

So, how best can you ensure that your company is constantly evolving and growing?

There’s no better way to achieve this than going digital. Computers rule the world these days. And as such, you’ve got to make sure your company has a strong digital platform. So, if you have not done so, it’s time to go digital. There are plenty of ways you can go about achieving this. But beyond taking the business online, you’ve got to make the most of it because it will really benefit the business.

Why your business should go digital

Here Are Some of the Ways Going Digital Can Benefit Your Company

1. Marketing is More Wide-Reaching

Marketing is the one area of the business that plays the biggest role in success. With the right marketing strategies, you can make any brand a success. Now that you’re going digital it opens many more marketing doors. You can use a digital platform to launch a successful blog and a strong website. Also, you need to think about making use of social media sites. These are wide-reaching and offer the opportunity to market yourself to a global audience.

2. Improves Efficiency

The most compelling thing about going digital as a business is that it makes you more efficient. You can make use of the different digital facets that will enhance your brand. For instance, you might think about using a virtual office. This will make it much easier for you to run the business.  Then of course there is freelancing where you can send your projects outside the business for freelancers to complete.

3. You Can Protect the Business Better

With great power comes great responsibility. As a business owner, you are responsible for all the information that flows through the business. And in previous years it’s been very difficult to protect this information. However, when you go digital, you will have numerous options to help you look after your business. For starters, you might think about password protecting your computers, and installing antivirus software. You should also make use of online storage facilities like The Cloud and Dropbox.

4. Work on the Move

One of the best parts about the internet, and how it’s changed business, is that it allows you to work on the move. Now you don’t need to worry about being stuck in traffic, or being late. Make that work commute much more productive. You can use a tablet or your smartphone and get some work done remotely. Even something as simple as checking and replying to emails is going to make a big difference to your working day. Being able to work on the move makes things much easier. And it will help you to run the company run like a well-oiled machine.


These days it seems there’s little point in running a business if you’re not going to go digital. The world is changing in a big way. And you need to be sure that you and your business change with it. And the first step towards this is to make sure you are active on a digital platform. It makes the company much more efficient, functional and successful.

If you are reading this right now, chances are you’ve already gone digital or you are considering doing it soonest. Wherever you stand right now, I’m sure this article has given you some enough reasons to make your business a digital entity.

5 Amazing Strategies to Effectively Promote and Market Your Brand in Today’s Digitalized Economy!

As a business owner, one of the things you MUST seek to understand is the key aspects involved in running a business in our today’s highly digitalized economy. You must know that succeeding in that business is really not about your product line or target market.  Your primary focus should be on your marketing.

While many are struggling today in the marketplace is because they have not been able to appreciate the tool and strategies available today for promoting and marketing their brands. In this post, I want to share with you some of the best marketing strategies out there that you can take advantage of and make your brand a success. It doesn’t matter your target market, employ these strategies and you will see how powerful they will impact your success.

how to effectively promote and market your brand

Strategies to Promote and Market Your Brand

1. Web Site

All businesses need to have a website for the company. If you don’t have one, you’re not going to be able to attract any clients or customers. A website gives the business legitimacy and professionalism. It’s also a useful ways of informing customers about the brand. When people first hear about you, they’re going to check out your website. And they will make judgements about the company based on the site. So you need to hire a team that focuses on website design and development. This way you’ll ensure you have the best possible site you can.

2. Blog

These days blogging has turned into a hugely successful form of business marketing. Many companies across the world have created their own blog. And you need to do this to make sure you don’t get left behind by the competition. Use your blog to talk about your company and the industry you’re in. You can keep it informative and slightly more informal. You might feel like you want to hire writers to write the blog content for you. Make sure you link the blog to your website so you can help make it as successful as possible.

3. Social Media

Perhaps the most powerful marketing strategy in the business world is the use of social media. This is a free and accessible way of promoting the business. It’s estimated that tens of millions of people use social media sites every day. So that’s a global audience of millions you have at your fingertips. Make sure you take advantage of that fact. You need to make sure you’re active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Get on there and create strong profiles. Use these profiles to drive and promote the brand. And make sure you follow trends to keep yourself relevant and current.

4. Business Cards

In this digital era, it’s easy to forget how important offline marketing can be as well. And there are few techniques better to use than business cards. These are like a condensed version of your business resume. You can use the cards to detail things about you and the business. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of flair and personality into the design either. There are a lot of resources online that will allow you to design your own business card. So make sure you get on there and design your own. You’ll want to order quite a few, and carry them with you at all times to hand out.

5. SEO

A lot of people overlook the importance of search engine optimization in business. But in reality, this is a vital part of promoting and advertising your company. SEO is essential for determining where your business ranks in search engine results. The idea is to make sure you rank as highly as possible to drive traffic to your website. SEO is a vital component of your marketing strategy. So you need to make sure you hire an excellent SEO team to help take advantage of this area of the market.


It’s important as a business owner to embrace the influence and power of marketing. You need your business to grow and flourish. And to do this you need to understand the best techniques to use for the company. Have a look at the suggestions on this list, and use them to help your brand thrive.

To your success.

Revealed: Why Paying For Facebook Advertising Is Worth the Money!

Facebook marketing for businesses

Social media is a brilliant way of engaging with your customers. It gives you the opportunity to solve problems and encourage them to buy stuff from you. As you can imagine, social networks like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users.

If you wanted to promote your brand online, there’s no denying that social media is the way forward. Facebook is a social network popular with companies. You may know that they offer paid advertising opportunities on their platform.

Unfortunately, many marketers consider paying to advertise on Facebook as a bad business decision. They believe that all you need do is concentrate on updating your profile and providing useful content and you will achieve your marketing dreams.

Now, as much as this may sound interesting, as there is the hope of you saving advertising cost, the question is: Should you REALLY spend money and advertise on Facebook? Is it worth it?

The fact is, as much as you will want to save cost by not paying for Facebook ads, you must remember that that time is money. So, the answer to that question is a big YES!

Ok, I may need to expand on that. So, here’s…

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay For Facebook Advertising

1.    Facebook Allows You To Achieve Your Social Media Goals

You will no doubt be aware that the social network has a large user base. According to their website, Facebook has almost one billion active users each day.

As you can imagine, there are people from all walks of life that use the social network. It makes sense to use Facebook advertising because you can target your particular niche.

2.    You Can Test Different Ad Concepts Within The Same Campaign

One thing I love about Facebook is the flexibility in its advertising system. Let’s say that you want to run a campaign targeting a specific age group and gender.

You can have many ad groups that use different text and images. It’s then possible to find out which groups perform the best so that you can use them and delete the others.

Those with pay-per-click ad providers like Google AdWords will feel at home! That’s because the same advertising methods and structure get used with Facebook. You can then fine-tune your ads to better attract people in your niche market.

Paying for Facebook adverts

3.    It Should Be Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Facebook advertising needs to be a part of any digital marketing strategy. Ads on the platform are so cheap, it’s more affordable and easier to reach a particular audience.

If you’ve got an advertising budget, I guarantee that you’ll get good results by paying for ads.

4.    Facebook Can Help You Grow Your Email Marketing Lists

Let’s face it; people want to be the first to know when a deal that may interest them is available. To keep their finger on the pulse, as it were, they’ll sign up to a newsletter.

You can use Facebook to help you grow your email marketing list. For example, let’s say that you are running a competition on your website. A Facebook ad gets displayed to your niche audience, and interested parties click on the link.

To be in with a chance to win the prize, they must supply their name and email address. Of course, you’ll have to give them the choice to opt out of any marketing emails.

But, for the most part, you’ll get the green light for future email marketing campaigns.

It’s a classic approach that companies everywhere have been doing for years. And it’s better than buying a bulk list of email addresses from a marketing firm.

Advertising on Facebook


Paying to advertise on Facebook, done right is, is a business investment that you should gladly consider. You may want to simply focus on updating your Facebook profile in order to drive organic traffic and save on cost but considering the pace at which things change in the marketplace today, paying for Facebook ads is good way of taking advantage of the changes. Facebook is large enough to give you a platform to test and optimize your marketing and ultimately gain big time from your promotion. So paying to advertise on Facebook is one cost you should consider an investment for your business.

How to Make Your Business Website a Profit Generator in 4 Easy Steps

When you set up your business website, there are a few things that you need to remember. Forgetting to take these things seriously will only put you in a position where you will end up wasting time and resources.

So, what are these things you must remember?

For one, you must understand that a website is your chance to market your business to consumers, clients and investors. No matter your target market, knowing how to effectively market to these three groups is sure to make you a success. However, if you waste the opportunity that your website presents, you could end up losing big profits.

I’m sure you don’t want that, right?

Then you will need to follow these basic steps when setting up your website.

Steps to a successful business website

4 Easy Steps to a Profitable Business Website

Step 1: Start With Social Networks

If your company is brand new you are probably in the process of putting your website online. But before you do that, you should instead focus on increasing your presence on social networks.

Perhaps, you already have a good online presence but if not, sort this out before the website is up and running. By doing this, you are giving your site a source of immediate visitors because then you can leave links to the site from your social pages.

If you do this, your website will have visitors as soon as it is online, rather than waiting around for SEO to work.

Step 2: Design Your Site

There are lots of different ways to design a website but it is becoming rather important to do it properly. For instance, your website needs to be responsive. This means that the way it works changes depending on how it is being viewed. If it’s on a phone screen, your website still needs to be clear and have all the information a customer needs.

You can sort this for yourself, but you will see far better results if you have your site designed by professionals. Take a look at thomas-design.co.uk and see the type of design your company site could have if you choose to have it professionally styled.

Another advantage of using a professional company is that they often use CRO. This is a set of gathered statistics that can be used to design a site which encourages viewers to become customers.

Step 3: Write Your Content Correctly

Once your site is designed beautifully with followers ready to view it, you need to think about content. You are going to have several pages on your site and perhaps a few articles. These need to be colorful and attractive so make sure you use pictures and videos.

You should also include links through your site to make it easy to navigate. By using links, you can get customers where you want them, whether that is a news article about your company or your online shop. But, you have to make sure the links are natural, and this is to do with SEO.

Step 4: Use Search Engine Optimization

Your final step setting up your website is to use SEO. Search engine optimization is a method of making sure customers can find your site on search pages. They will type in a keyword related to your product or services and should find your company site. SEO can be done for free, but you can also hire a professional company to complete the process for you. The choice is yours.

Do these things correctly and you will soon see your website up and running, and of course, receiving visitors and making profits for your company!

3 Amazing Simple Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Get More Customers!

What do a business need to stay relevant in the marketplace?

Know it, right? Yes, it’s creating CUSTOMERS!

All businesses need to have a strong base of customers. Without customers, your business won’t be able to make money. This is why it is said, the customer is king!

The problem for many is how to create that strong customer base. And so, if you are having challenges on this, no problem. Here are three simple ways you can increase your customer base:

How to get more customers

1.    Free Stuff!

People love getting things for free. It doesn’t matter what they are, if it’s free, people are going to want it. So, giving out free stuff is a great way to try and gain more customers.

Now, you could give out free products/services but that’s not always the best way to do it. I’d suggest you get some catalogue printing done and post them into all homes in your area. This way, you’ve now got hundreds of homes with a free catalogue that has your business’s products/services in. You’re almost forcing them to pay attention to you.

If you slap a big ‘free’ icon on the front, people will take more notice too. It also makes things convenient for them; they have a list of everything you offer with them at all times. Giving out a free catalogue is a brilliant way to boost your customer base.

2.    Incentives!

Offering incentives is another excellent method of getting customers. No doubt you’ve seen businesses offer things for ‘new customers only’. This is because they’re trying to increase the amount of customers they have.

If you offer deals for new customers, they’re far more inclined to use your business. You can give them discounts on their first purchase or offer a buy one get one free deal.

My personal favorite would be to offer something that rewards them for using you again. For example, if you buy a product/service now, then you get it half price the next time. It’s a good way to guarantee that you get a customer and then reel them back in for further purchases.

Incentives are always a great idea if you’re struggling for customers.

3.    The Internet!

You have to make good use of the internet if you want to run a successful business. There are loads of ways you can gain customers online. The most obvious of which is to have a functional website. This is a portal for people to go and find out about your business. You may even have products/services available to buy online. If you correctly market the website using SEO etc. then you’ll soon find your business attracting more customers.

Also, social media is another great way to find customers. It allows you to communicate with everyday people, wherever they may be. It’s much easier than walking up a street and trying to talk to potential customers. With social media, the interaction is instant and a lot less awkward for everyone. Interacting on social media is a fine way to promote your business and get people interested in using you.


Remember your customer base is your secret to creating an on-going success. If you use these three tips, then you will definitely see an influx of customers. The key is keeping these customers happy. If they’re unhappy, then they’ll leave you for another business. Once you’ve got them, make sure you do your best to ensure they’re happy. It’s that simple!

Over to you: What other ways would you suggest that will help a business to create more customers? Share your thoughts with is the comments below.

Jaw-Dropping Techniques That Will Put Your Business Marketing On Overdrive!

When you run your own business, you’ve got to understand what is important. And for the majority of businesses that’s going to be marketing.

Marketing is indeed the soul of any business. Do it right and you will be sure of success. But get it wrong and your business is doomed for the failure waste bin. I’m sure you don’t want this for your business, right? Then, you will want to pay careful attention to what you read in this article.

The following are some of the business marketing techniques that will help you succeed long-term.

business marketing techniques

1. Social Media

As a business owner you’re no doubt familiar with the impact social media can have. And it’s up to you to make use of it where you can. You need to get online and create a strong social media presence. When companies talk about having an online presence this is what they’re referring to. Use your social media profiles to drive the brand and make your presence felt. Social media is your biggest weapon when it comes to marketing your brand.

2. Web Design

A website is one of the key components of a successful business. In fact, it’s no good trying to market anything unless you have the right website. This means hiring web design experts to make sure the design and layout are perfect. And you should make use of article spinner software to ensure the content is top drawer. The website needs to be appealing to the masses, and easy for anyone to navigate. Spend the time making sure you design the ultimate site to suit your business needs.

3. Blogging

Over the past few years blogging has become much more common within the corporate world. A lot more companies run blogs these days than you might think. So make sure you start a business blog as soon as you can. The blogosphere is so omnipresent that by not making use of it you’re missing out. Start a free business blog as soon as you can. Use it to talk about the business and the industry. Make it captivating and interesting. You might also think about linking the blog to your website. This will help you with exposure and professionalism.

4. Trade Shows

Something you might not have considered as a marketing tactic is attending trade shows. This is a more hands-on approach to business marketing. You will be interacting with other industry personnel, and you might even pick up some advice or tips. You can also talk to members of the public about your brand. Use this as an opportunity to showcase the business as much as possible. Drive the company forward and make sure you wow people while you do it.

5. SEO

There are so many businesses out there that don’t utilize SEO correctly. And you need to make sure yours isn’t one of them. Search engine optimization is an excellent way to help market your brand. It’s used to help your business appear highly in internet search engines. This helps you get better exposure and more interest. You might want to think about hiring an SEO team to take charge of this for you. That way you ensure it’s in the best possible hands.


Again, you must understand that there is nothing more important than marketing. This is how you generate interest and exposure for your company. You attract people to the brand and help the business thrive and grow. The above marketing techniques, when implemented rightly, will greatly help you achieve your marketing dreams.

4 Simple But Effective Strategies For Marketing Your New Restaurant Business

Industry stats indicate that the restaurant business is a tough nut to crack. It has been shown that many new ventures in the restaurant industry won’t make it much past a year. Besides this, there is a lot of hard work, money and commitment involved.

The good news however is, you can make a success of it if you can get past the tricky first year period. Once you do get past this tricky period things can explode for you – in the right way, of course!

So, how can you ensure that you will not only get past this tricky period but truly make a success of your new restaurant business?

The solution is in putting in place a marketing strategy that will help you stay the course. So, if you think you have the mental toughness, thick skin and perseverance for it, then read on. I’m going to give you some ideas of how to market your business successfully plus, how you can have a full house for the opening night and beyond.

Are you ready for this? Then let’s get on with it!

Marketing Your New Restaurant Business

1. Invite Local Businesses To The Opening Night

Your first night is a big event, and you should give it a lot of planning. Ask local businesses along, and offer them a discount – and free champagne always helps, too. The sort of person that turns up to this kind of event probably has a lot of fingers in different pies. And that means that they will go to a lot more events, meaning if you give them a great night, they will rave about it. It also gives you the chance to get some names down on paper of people you can approach for Christmas parties. Every night is important in the lifetime of a restaurant, but opening night has a host of opportunities to explore.

2. Get A Contact At The Local Paper

Find out who to speak to at your local newspaper and ask them to do a piece on you. For this to work well, you have to have a unique selling point. Perhaps your signature dish is a first for the country, or maybe you use local ingredients exclusively and nothing else. Whatever it is, make sure you say it loudly and forcefully so that it is very clear when the article goes out. You could even include a coupon with the article to give diners a discount.

3. Use Social Media

Social media isn’t a perfect fit for many businesses, but for restaurants, it can be an amazing tool. However, choose wisely. Instagram and Pinterest are probably good choices because they can give a pictorial representation of your food. Make sure they look good though – dimly lit meals can often look depressing! However, Facebook and Twitter can cause a lot of problems, particularly when you have a bad night – which you will at some point. People love to complain, and it can have a negative impact on your trade. Look into social media management for restaurants if you are struggling with how to play it. An expert will be able to give you key advice, and even run the accounts for you to keep things looking good and draw interest from your audience.

4. Find A Society Magazine

Your local society magazine is stuffed to the brim with pictures of people attending opening nights of just about anything. And in a lot of cases, it’s the same people in those pictures month after month. These are the socialites of the world, and love going out. If you can encourage them to visit you and deliver the goods, expect a lot of repeat trade.

The above marketing strategies may look real simple but these have been proven to work any day any time. Put them to use today and you’re sure of making success of your new venture. Wishing you the best!