Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Local Business

Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Local Business

In the past few years the internet has revolutionized every area of our lives. Statistics already show that more and more people spent their daily hours online than they do in traditional face to face settings. Online search engines like have become the go-to places for most people whenever they desire to know more about any subject matter. As of Q3 2018 Facebook was reported to have an active user base of 2.375 billion per month.

While the above might be enticing any wise business owner it’s unfortunate that many local business owners still have issues leveraging the internet for growing their local businesses. Most of these local business owners have the wrong notion that they can only use digital marketing if they have business operations beyond the borders. But that’s really not true!

Truth is, as a local business owner you shouldn’t concern yourself with complicated digital marketing strategies like Chatbots, A/B split testing, digital marketing funnels, etc. While these strategies have their place you really do not need them right now.

In this article I want to share with you the top 3 digital marketing strategies that you should focus on.

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Digital Marketing Statistics 2019

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Local Businesses

Before we delve into the 3 strategies you can use to grow your local business with digital marketing let’s briefly see the benefits of digital marketing to your local business.

As we have mentioned above the internet offers a vast marketplace that any, no matter how small, should overlook. Today, the number of potential customers that you can find online is much larger than any that you will be able to attract locally. Basically, the following are some of the benefits that you can get from digital marketing:

  1. Reach your targeted audience in a cost-effective way
  2. Easily interact with and learn exactly what your prospects and customers want.
  3. Easily grow your local business into a global brand
  4. Save on marketing cost while reaching more customers.
  5. Give your potential customers the opportunity to know you at a personal level which in turn helps to create brand loyalty.
  6. Easily and quickly track responses to your marketing efforts.
  7. Etc.

Matter of fact is, digital marketing is one of the most effective ways today to reach your potential customers. What you need is the right digital marketing strategy. If, as a local business owner you’re having problems with coming up with a workable digital marketing strategy you can always use the recommendations and advice of digital marketing executives such as Eyal Gutentag. With such recommendations you’ll be able to attract and retain more local clients online.

How to Grow Your Local Business with Digital Marketing

Now, let’s look at some ways that you can use digital marketing to grow your local business. As we have mentioned it’s important that you have in place a digital marketing strategy that involves a strong social media presence. With such a strategy in place targeting and attracting local prospects and customers online becomes easier.

That being said, here are the top 3 digital marketing strategies to grow your local business online:

1. Instagram

Instagram is a perfect place for businesses to connect with clients locally. You can use features such as hashtags and location tags by your state or city to connect with clients near your business. After that, you can get in touch with potential clients with large followings and offer them a service or product in exchange for a story or post on Instagram.

Active Instagram Statistics

2. YouTube Commercials

YouTube commercials are an ideal form of digital marketing that businesses can use to grow their local market. It is an effective form of paid advertising that aims at increasing traffic to your site. YouTube commercials have a significantly higher ROI as compared to most other ways. It influences the search history of your users with Google AI, making it an effective digital marketing strategy.

Video marketing statistics

3. Facebook Ads

Local businesses can use Facebook Ads to advertise because they can easily target audience by location. But, it is wise to make the ads conversion-optimized to reap the benefits. Make sure that you maximize the sales funnel when using Facebook Ads for conversion purposes. You can achieve this by testing out various sales funnels on a smaller audience so that you make adjustments before targeting the entire audience.

Facebook Users activity 2019

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No matter what you may have believe before now, effective digital marketing is key to growing your local business in our today’s highly digitalized world. Implementing the above strategies in your local business marketing will definitely help in increasing your brand visibility and ROI. So, stop limiting the growth of your local business by not making use of digital marketing. Put these tips into use today and see your local business grow significantly.

How to Decide What Marketing Channel to Focus on When You’re Just Getting Started

Decision making is a part of business success – it’s like laying the foundation upon which a house is to be built.

The decision you make either makes or mars your business. This is why it is important to get it right from the outset and once that is achieved every other thing falls into place.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses crash even before taking off simply because something went wrong with their foundations – this usually as a result of choosing the wrong marketing channel.

Typically, as a brand new business that is starting for the first time, you need to observe the market properly before taking a leap to avoid crashing and losing all your investment.

It’s true that the field of marketing is filled with challenges, but you could lessen the problems if you know exactly what to do and where to start from.

Here’s the good news…

…Getting things right is not rocket science; you just have to know what marketing channels work for your type of business, and which one will be a waste of time and money. This will enable you to make an informed decision.

However, before we move ahead with this discussion, we need to understand first what marketing channels are.

What Are Marketing Channels?

Marketing Channels

Marketing channels are the various ways through which you can get in touch with your clients, customers, volunteers or donors. Some of the most popular channels used today are:

  1. Blogs or websites
  2. E-mail newsletters
  3. Print/direct mail
  4. Social media
  5. Etc.

All the channels when used well, can drive enormous amount of traffic to your site. However, there are three fundamental questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on which marketing channel to chose.

According to Neil Patel,

“By asking all three questions in order, we’ll get to the exact answer you’re looking for.”

Here are all three questions in order:

Who are your customers?

Where do they hang out?

What marketing channel should you start with to reach them?”

Who Are Your Customers?

Who are your customers?

First, it’s important to know who is going to patronize your service or buy your product. You can take a few easy steps to get to know your prospective customers.

Pick one person that is likely to buy your product as soon as you start. Let’s assume you want to start a motor mechanic workshop in Chicago. We can be more specific with the kind of cars you want to repair.

Let’s say you are starting a workshop for Toyota cars in Roscoe Village because that’s your place of abode, and you will be repairing the different models of Toyota cars in the area.

Now, your customer’s name is Tim. He is a businessman who also stays in Roscoe Village but does his business in Hyde Park, goes to the place about five times per week and drives a Toyota Camry (2015 model).

The business also takes him out to New York City once a week.

Now, we only used Tim to define who your ideal customer is. But Tim is not the only customer you’re targeting, but you’re also targeting other people driving any Toyota model in the area including Tim’s friends and families.

Where Do They Hang Out?

We already have an idea who your target customer is and the physical place he stays in. But that’s not enough; we need to know the places where he and his friends hang out online.

For this customer, his hanging place is the Toyota Community on Facebook, and you can also see many of his friends living in the same area in the same Facebook community.

What Marketing Channel Should You Employ To Reach Them?

User-Friendly Websites

Having known your customers and where they hang out, the next thing is to know the right marketing channel to use to reach them. Different marketing channels could be utilized, but you need to find out which one is best suited to your need.

Neil Patel advises that you should concentrate on one even though there could be more than one good channel at a time. He simply feels it’s better to know a channel, study it and master it in order to dominate it.

So, how do you go about this?

1. Start marketing where your customers are

Here’s the best thing to do.

Since you’ve already done your research on your customers, you should take the marketing right to where they are – right to their door steps.

In this case, you can start from the Facebook group where your customers are hanging out or to any other social network where you’ve been able to trace them. This way, it’s easy to market to the right person without much stress.

And since that’s the target audience, the likelihood of them buying from you or patronizing you will be quite high.

2. Start with “Hand-to-Hand” Guerilla Marketing

This is a great strategy that’s proven to work really fine. Sometimes, word of mouth marketing works like magic; nothing beats contacting people randomly (cold-calling) or walking up to them and convincing to believe in what you offer.

According to Eric Siu of ‘Singlegrain,’

“Almost always, without fail, the answer is hand-to-hand combat. It’s going out there knocking on doors, cold-calling and e-mailing people directly.”

A lot of companies adopt this strategy because their first 100 customers really matter.

However, getting it right with the first 100 customers equally means getting it right with the first 1000 customer, and the chain continues.

Unfortunately, starting with the first wrong 100 customers would eventually kill your business.

If you are testing a new product, it is easy to test it with the people around you to see if they would want it rather than hiring a developer for a huge sum of money to help with the research.

If the people turn out to love the product, they are likely to recommend it to their friends and family members.

3. Interview your audience to find out what marketing channels they prefer

This is another yet effective way of choosing your marketing channel. Since people of different age groups don’t fall for the same bait, it’s good to develop excellent communication skills that will enable you to reach each of the audiences with the right message targeted at them.

According to Valerie Neumark’s post on,

“Stakeholder interviews and surveys are an extremely effective way to learn more about your audience. At Rootid we prefer interviews, since you can “read between the lines” when chatting with people.”

6 Things To Think Of When Choosing a Marketing Channel

Target the right audience

There are six common questions you should ask before finally settling for a marketing channel.

The questions are:

1. What if two or more good marketing channels exist?

When two or more good channels exist, you can decide to choose just one. Don’t make things clumsy, and don’t try to carry too many things along at the same time.

Why should you choose one channel? This is because:

  1. It will be less expensive
  2. You can easily learn it
  3. Getting result with it is faster

2. How much is the cost of the channel?

Money is hard to get. So, when starting out, you need to consider cost. If you are presented with options, you have to go for the channel that would cost the least money to run.

If the money is not there, you can start with a free channel but consider other good marketing channels when you eventually have some money to invest.

3. How much time does the channel require?

Some marketing channels need more time than the others. For instance, it would take a longer time to compose an excellent blog post than it does to prepare and send out a direct mail or set up a campaign on Twitter. However, the channel you choose should depend on how much time is available at your disposal.

4. How long will it take to see results?

Getting a fast result means investing a bigger sum of money. The time it will take to get results on Twitter is faster, but it is cheaper to run a blog.

If you need the result quickly, it means spending more money on running campaigns on Twitter or any other reliable social media.

5. What’s the learning curve?

Whatever channel you choose would certainly take some time to learn. This is because, according to researchers, learning a new skill takes up to 10,000 hours.

In choosing a channel, therefore, you need to consider a channel that is easy to understand but capable of giving you the right result you need, at the right time.

However, investing a moderate amount of time in learning the marketing channel would be okay.

6. Some channels have hidden learning hurdles

You may end up learning some other skills before progressing to the real channel you have chosen to use.

For instance, to be able to use a blog for marketing, you may be required to learn SEO and content creation/marketing before you can do the blogging well.

To use Instagram for marketing, you may need first to learn what Instagram is all about. That may be what you never envisaged before choosing the channel.

Nevertheless, whatever amount of time you invest in learning the different foundational layers will eventually be a blessing to you in the long run.


To be able to market effectively to your audience, you need to know who they are, where they hang out, and the right marketing channel to use.

You must also remember that marketing requires investing time and money as well as learning one or two new skills.

When you see a channel, learn everything you can about it, master it and then add another. It is better to master a channel first and dominate it before adding another one to it. It is also important to ensure your hosting plan can carry all the traffic that will come to your site once your chosen marketing channel start yielding result.

5 Little Talked-About Tips for Succeeding As an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is no doubt one of the super-easy ways for anyone to start making money online. Whatever your online marketing experience you can get started today as an affiliate marketer.

There’s no doubt that building and growing a successful online business requires some form of work however affiliate marketing is unlike creating and launching your own products. Definitely that requires much more time and commitment plus a greater level of risk!

Why is affiliate marketing that less demanding?

While there may be different reasons for this basically, as an affiliate marketer the products are already there for you to promote and make the money. There are a good number of fairly known brands for you to choose from. Most of these brands are not so hard to sell since they have already built some form of goodwill in the market. You only need to know how to sieve through the numerous products on offer to get a slice of the cake.

How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate Marketing Definition

To really make the best of your affiliate marketing efforts it is important that you have a good understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how it works. For this I will want us to turn to

And here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

“Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer.”

From this definition one thing you must note is that unlike programs like Google Adsense that pay you per click affiliate marketing pays per performance. That is, you are only paid for results. This way both the merchant and affiliate marketer wins!

To learn more about how affiliate marketing works, watch this video:

Now, let’s discuss some little talked about affiliate marketing tips that will help you succeed with your online business as an affiliate marketer.

How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose Wisely

How to win with affiliate marketing

To get started, you may want to choose something that you are familiar with. This product or service may not be the hottest thing in the market right now nor make you a millionaire, but you will come off more confident and sincere with something you know and believe in.

Besides, if you’re already running your business online, incorporating it into your existing business will be much easier since you may be running a business that is in sync with your talents and desires already.

Something familiar will allow you to be more personal and creative.

Trying to build your home business around something you know little about will soon become boring and tedious. Working with something familiar will also give you some experience in the program. You can always expand at a later time when you are more familiar with how things work.

Remember, in the world of affiliate marketing there is no such thing as the perfect program. Any particular program will be stuffed full of varying testimonials. Some will be great while others not so great. You need to decide for yourself and not get put off by a few bad experiences. In the end it is down to you and how much you want to put in.

2. Identify the Demand

With affiliate marketing programs you’ll likely be given a range of products to sell. Check out the demand of these products. You should try to stay away from trendy items. They’ll sell like mad one minute but you’ll be giving them away the next.

You need to sell things that you know people want and need. That way your long term sales objectives will get met.

Start your affiliate business by first identifying the demand

3. Never Limit Yourself

Don’t limit yourself to just one product. Try to offer a variety of affiliate products. Many affiliate marketing programs offer a selection and it is best to go with these. Basing your business on one product may work in the short term. However, someone will eventually come along with something better or cheaper.

4. Set Yourself Apart From Other Affiliates

You are not definitely the only one marketing that affiliate program! There are hundreds and in most cases thousand others doing just that. You need to establish what makes you and what you offer different from others. What do you offer that sets you apart from other affiliates?

You should always use tact when talking about your competition. Putting them down or being rude will only backfire on you. Talk up the advantages that you offer and leave it at that.

Stand out as an affiliate marketer

5. Do Everything You Can To Keep Your Customers

Finally, keep your customers happy. The happier they are the more likely they are to come back. Offer your customers incentives such as savings on their next purchase. It may cost you more but only in the short term. Keeping your customers happy will result in them referring you to others.


Starting an online business as an affiliate marketer requires much less risks than creating your own business to sell online. However, everything else is like any other business. You need to work very hard and be dedicated.  How much you put in will determine the level of success you achieve. There are no surefire ways but there are of course good tips that can be of help. Use the above tips and you can be sure of success today.

Over to you: If you’re an affiliate marketer I will love to hear your thoughts on this. How do you choose your products/services to promote? What one thing do you do that you think many affiliates are not doing? Share with us in your comments below.

Simple Proven Ways for Making Your Customer Experience Unparalleled

The saying that satisfied tell three friends and an angry customer tells 3,000 friends has indeed made the topic of customer experience (CX) one of the hottest topics in the in recent times. And it should because no matter how good the product you’re selling or how talented you may be, the most lasting impression the customer will have of your is the direct interaction they have with you.

In these days of the internet and , this is crucial. Your is only a click away. Except your customer service creates that experience that will make the customer to want to continue doing business with you, they could easily defect to your competition. Of course, you don’t want this to happen. Therefore, making your customer’s experience with you unparalleled is key to your success.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in focusing on the customer is absolutely crucial to getting the results you’re hoping for. The best way to do this is to improve the customer’s experience. Let me offer you a few different ways you can ensure they’re getting the experience they deserve.

1. Train Your Staff and Keep Them Happy

When you have well trained, happy staff, you’re going to have happy customers. Your customers will be able to tell whether your staff are happy or not, as it’ll show in the kind of service they receive. Make sure you do what you can to keep your staff happy, and the customer experience should follow.

Showing your staff that you’re interested in their development can help, and of course making the work environment a great place for them to be.

Offering bonuses and things could also be a good idea.

2. Aim To Resolve Issues In A Timely Manner

If your customers have any issues, aim to resolve them in a timely manner. It can take a lot to rectify, depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Do whatever you can to make them feel like they have had their problem resolved.

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3. Offer Support

After working with you, make sure you offer your customers support. They may need more help and advice. Customers don’t just come to you for your product or service. It’s the overall experience!

Here’s an infograghic with some more information that could help you figure things out:

Infographic Produced By Red Stag Fulfillment

Over to you: What are your thoughts on this infographic? What more tips can you offer to help improve the customer experience? Or have you any personal story on customer experience you want to share with us?

Feel free to bare with your mind in your comments below.

Top 3 Business Blogging Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Business!

Are you an blogger (i.e. you run a blog that is geared towards driving traffic to your small business) or do you regard yourself as a blogger who makes money ?

Whatever the terms by which you want to be known, a blog is one marketing tool that you don’t want to ignore as an online marketer. Since the advent of blogs they have become very useful both as models or traffic-generation tools for small businesses.

Here are some business blogging stats that will interest you:

  • B2B entrepreneur blogger drive 67% more leads than those that do not.
  • Businesses that blog are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.
  • Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their business websites.
  • Blogs are rated 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

Now, despite these stats, a blog could become a problem to your business if not used well!

After 7+ years as a blogger I can rightly say, blogging is like a two-edged sword – handle it rightly and you will enjoy the benefits; misuse it and you’re sure to get hurt!

The unfortunate thing is, many small business owners and approach blogging with a mindset that is tantamount to sabotage!

3 Blogging Mistakes (Sins) that Can Cost You Your Business!

In this post, I want to highlight the top 3 business blogging mistakes you must avoid if you desire to get the best from your business blog.

Ready for this? Then let’s get started:

1. Not Aligning Your Blog with Your Business Objective

Align your blog content with your business objectives

This is indeed a sin of the highest order!

One thing I have discovered about blogging in the past few years is the EASE with which you can be thrown off your chosen path. I have seen very many passionate bloggers who started their blogs which the mind of promoting their home based business.  They were fired up having heard of the wonderful things a blog can do for your small business website.

Unfortunately, in a bid to increase blog comments on their blogs and because of the influence of other blogs which they were frequenting in order to drive traffic through comments, these entrepreneurs who started well were soon distracted by what they read on the blogs they frequented. Most times these blogging entrepreneurs, forgetting their business purpose and , suddenly start writing about blogging tips and other make money blogging content because, to them, these topics are more popular amongst bloggers.

If you have fallen into this error, you are committing a heinous SIN against your business! You must understand that RELEVANCE is the key word when it comes to building your business through blogging. When a visitor comes to your business blog your content must be able to give him/her a sense of what you are offering. Don’t write about the latest updates when your business is, selling men’s wear!

Know your target audience and focus your content at that one persona!

2. Not Generating Leads with Your Blog

Your blog shoul help you drive leads for your business

As mentioned above, one of the benefits of blogging is growing a list of potential customers. Your blog should therefore have a system for capturing these leads in the first place and then nurturing them into paying customers. If you are not doing this right now with your business blog then you’re sinning against your business!

Of course, many bloggers have the wrong notion that adding an RSS feed subscription is enough for your blog. But the truth is RSS feeds have limitations as they are not designed for selling – something you will want to do as a business.

To build a responsive list that will help you build your business you need a reputable lead management system. There are many good lead management system providers out there that you can choose from. In choosing it is important that you choose those that offer autoresponder services which will allow you to automate most of the lead management process.

One autoresponder that you can depend on any day any time is This is one email list management system that is very popular with successful online business owners. One good thing is that you can test run the system for free for a whole month before opting to pay for it. Another thing I found really useful about the system is that you have the opportunity to get a free 30 email list building training during that 30 days of testing the system! Frankly, I must say this alone is GOLD as the training you get will help you greatly in your business.

Click here to get your free 30 days trial.

If you want to get more results with any autoresponder services, it’s advisable to also use a lead capture program like the “Easy Optin Builder” or …. These programs are great for creating popup optins or lead capture pages that will help you capture email addresses on your blog.

For details about the Easy Optin Builder,  Click here!

3. Creating Content That Stinks

great content works great for your business goals

There’s no doubt about it, your blog exist to help you create content that will engage, excite and entice your target audience to take the action you desire. So content is actually the driver of a blog’s success.

Now, it is true that you don’t need some professorial qualification to create your blog’s content, but the fact is, if your blog content is below par you will have more people clicking away from your site than you will have them clicking to visit!

Many people will judge your expertise and how qualified you are in your niche by the content you post on your blog. This being so, it is important that you run away from posting content that is filled with misspellings and that is badly written on your business blog. Too many grammatical errors and misspellings will only help in driving away potential customers.

SUGGESTION: If you have challenges creating high , either get other people (freelancers) to create content for you or better still, get a voice to text converter.

With a voice to text converter you will find it much easier to produce content for your blog as all you need is to “talk” your articles while the software types it out for you. This way you don’t need to fear misspellings and grammatical errors. Besides, you will have a more “conversational” sounding article which will be more engaging!

One voice to text converter that I will readily recommend is the Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Dragon is presently the world’s bestselling speech recognition software. It will not only turn your talk into text but can also help in making other computer tasks easier and faster.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0For example, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0 speech recognition software is three times faster than typing – with up to 99% accuracy. You simply say the words and they will appear on your computer screen. You can also dictate or modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations, manage email, search the Web, post to Facebook and Twitter, and more.

For more details about the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0 speech recognition software, please click here!


A blog is a MUST for your online business but you must guide against committing the above blogging mistakes. Ignoring this advice could result in devastating outcomes. As the competition is getting stiffer by the day you must also rise up to the challenge.


Hiring an Online Marketing Agency? You Should Ask These Questions First!

There’s no doubt that in our today’s digital economy any that wants to thrive needs to be online. They needs MUST have a presence on the web and ! So, it’s not a question of, should you but how are you going to do it?

The question of how is very important because most firms seldom know how to promote themselves online. Of course, some might have prior knowledge of web and social media marketing but, even in such situations, they simply might not have the time to carry out such tasks. In either situation the easiest way out for these businesses is to turn to Internet marketing agencies for help.

So, are in you in any of these situations? Are you thinking of hiring an for your digital marketing needs?  Is that something you feel like you need to do?

Now, there is a plethora of digital marketing service providers out there that can help you. However, before you select one and spend your money with them, there’s one thing you need to do first. And that is to ask them the right questions before hiring them. This is very important because whatever amount you spend on these services is an investment and as a wise business person you want to see a return on your investment.

So, what are these questions?

Glad you asked! Here we go…

Working online marketing agency

Top 5 Hiring Questions You Need To Ask Digital Agencies and Why!

1. What Types Of Clients Have You Worked With In The Past?

As you can appreciate, it’s vital that you find out more about the clients they’ve worked with in the past. For a start, you want to ensure that they are a genuine, legitimate service provider. But, you also need to know that they can cater for your business and industry.

It’s reassuring when agencies have prior knowledge of working with companies like yours. That means you don’t have to spend time explaining in-depth what your industry is about. Plus, it’ll help you to gain a competitive edge. Bona-fide agencies will be happy to tell you about the types of clients they’ve worked with.

2. How Will You Help Me To Achieve My Goals?

Decent search engine marketing agencies will provide custom solutions to their clients. They won’t sell “off-the-shelf” packaged services. Instead, what they will do is with their clients to learn about their project goals.

For example, does the client want to increase brand awareness? Perhaps they wish to capture a new target audience? Or maybe even take advantage of flaws in a competitor’s offerings? Whatever the goals, good agencies will work with you to achieve your business goals.

How will you measure the success of each online marketing campaign?

There’s no point paying for a service if you can’t measure how successful it is for your business! It’s something that applies to online marketing. And you need to remember that fact before you hire an agency!

Your objective here is to learn how the agency will report on the success of your campaigns. That way, you can both determine your ROI and make adjustments to increase it.

Hiring an Internet Marketing Agency

3. What Services Can You Provide?

Some providers will offer nothing more than search engine optimization. Others can provide a whole host of complimentary services. For instance, some agencies can take care of your web design needs. They may even set up PPC (pay per click) campaigns for you and optimize them.

Other agencies can even help with things like branding and logo design. It’s important to list exactly what you need help with before you hire an agency. That way, you can find a provider that will meet your needs and offer a comprehensive solution.

You might, for instance, need help with curating fresh content for your blog. Many agencies can offer copywriting services. And they can also get used for the creation of press releases too, for example!

4. Are You Going To Outsource Any Of The Work?

Transparency is crucial when it comes to controlling your marketing campaigns. You need to know what tasks the agency will tackle in-house, and the ones that they will outsource.

Why does that matter? Well, the answer is simple. You want to ensure that you’re paying for skilled and experienced people. Not someone with little knowledge and a poor understanding of your industry.

There is also the ethical side of things that you may feel is important too. For example, are the people doing the work getting a fair pay? Or is the agency making high profits by outsourcing to third world providers that don’t pay well?

Digital Marketing Agency Outsourcing tips

5. Who Will Be My Point Of Contact?

It’s no secret that some marketing agencies have teams that comprise dozens of employees. Others might be smaller, close-knit ones. In any event, you need to know who to contact if you have questions or complaints.

The last thing you want is to get passed around to different people within the agency. Remember that you’re going to be paying a significant amount of money. In return, you expect a high level of service. It’s crucial, therefore, that you have a specific point of contact within the agency.


Marketing your business online a good investment but if you’re getting an agency to do this work for you you shouldn’t just leave things to chance. Use the above questions to onboard the right online marketing agency. This will save you heartache and regrets later.

Hope this article has been of use to you. So, what do you think of these tips? Will love to know what you think about of this topic. Share with us in your comments below.


5 Simple but Powerful Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business

One glorious truth I learned as a business person is the fact that businesses exist to create customers. Indeed, customers are the life-blood of any business. A business that is not constantly creating customers is doomed for extinction!

The simple reason is customers helps you to make a profit. If there are no customers the cashflow will definitely cease at one point. But how can you create customers if you’re not generating leads? Can you see why it is important that you put the subject of generating leads on top of your marketing goals?

But What Really Is A Lead?

SearchITChannel has this to say,

“A lead, in a marketing context, is a potential sales contact: an individual or organization that expresses an interest in your goods or services. Leads are typically obtained through the referral of an existing customer, or through a direct response to advertising/publicity.”

There’s no doubt, the more leads you generate for your business the more the chances of driving more sales. Now, think about it, wouldn’t you love to see more emails flooding into your business account? Wouldn’t it be great if your leads actively came pouring in, rather than you fighting for every client and customer?

Of course, it’s not easy to break out of the cycle, but it is possible to generate more leads with a few easy tricks. In this post I want to share with you a few tips and advice that will greatly help in this wise. Use these to make a few simple tweaks to your marketing strategy and you can guarantee that those leads will keep coming in.

How to generate leads for your business

So, let’s get started!

1. Capture Emails

If you don’t already have one, set up an email capture form on your website. The best way to collect thousands of names is to offer something in exchange. Many marketers like to offer an e-book in exchange for an email address. It encourages people to sign up, and you get a vital piece of information. Remember, most of your leads aren’t ready to buy from you immediately. Instead, you can add them to your mailing list, and send regular correspondence to them. Eventually, you’ll turn that subscriber into a paying customer.

2. Content

Great content lures new customers and clients to your website quickly and easily. Start with a blog, as it’s the easiest thing to publish. A great blog helps establish yourself as an expert. It shows your clients and customers that you understand your industry and your market. It also gives people something for free. It means they’re more likely to do something for you in exchange. Great content gets shared wide and far, extending your reach, and luring in new leads.

3. Multi-Level Marketing

MLM is a tricky subject to get your head around but it works wonders when executed perfectly. Essentially, it’s a form of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing, which allows you to recruit and pay new salespeople. It’s a commission based marketing tactic that uses a team of people to promote your business. You use an MSLP to monitor the process (check out this MSLP review to find out more).

4. Networking

If you ask us, there’s no better technique than getting out into the industry, and making new contacts. The right people can introduce you to new leads and build your contact list. You never know who will help take your business to the next level. Start attending networking events in your industry. Reach out to new contacts online, and set up meetings with acquaintances. Go back over your contact list, and get in touch with any leads you failed to follow up on.

5. PR And Media

Lastly, it’s time to get your name and branding out beyond the traditional confines. A PR campaign will help get your business and product featured in top magazines and online sources. This has two great effects. Number one, it strengthens your brand reputation and recognition. And number two, it expands your reach to new customers and clients.

Indeed, generating new leads requires a dedicated strategy and effort. But all said and done, the result is always a sweet one. Put the above tricks and techniques to use today and you’ll soon find yourself flooded with emails and enquiries!

Online Marketing: 2 Sides of the Coin

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, Online Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. In the recent past, this amazing marketing methodology has helped small scale industries and various start-ups across several domains, to succeed and to capture their audience.

In order to increase your exposure on web, there is a need to leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing ) strategies according to your business needs.

Basically Search Engine Marketing along with Search Engine Optimization are some of those techniques that can create a deep impact on your audience regarding your product. Therefore, there is an immense need to wisely use these techniques and methods.

how to win the online marketing war!

Steps to Online Marketing Success

The initial step that has to be taken in this regard is “Research”. To study market and marketplace is a necessity. This will in turn help you to understand the competition.

If you really want to be a leader, you will have to bring something unique, something different from the league that can draw the attention of your customers. You must know the characteristics of your market and market audience, their needs and demands and then probably you can make a strategy to package your products, in a way that brings value to your customers.

The second thing that should be kept in mind is that you need to work hard on your web appearance. No matter, how good your product or service is, if in case your appearance on the web is dull, you are lost.

You need to design your website in an optimized way, keeping three things in mind: Market (Your Audience), Sales Process and Search Engines. You should never compromise in utilizing the top notch technology when planning for an effective web presence.

With these measures, you can effectively develop a positive brand image of your services or products and can take a dive in the pool of success.

But this is just one side of the coin.

The Ugly Face of Online Marketing

When we are indulged into the talks of publicity of your brand you should also be aware of the fact that this same tool, so called as “Online Marketing”, can also be used for negative publicity and can destroy your image all in one go. As your every competitor is in the mood of utilizing this technique to capture the market, they are also planning strategies to create negative publicity for your brand.

In the recent times, this ugly face of your competitors have emerged wherein they are using fake social Ids and accounts to post negative comments about your products or services.

The thing to understand here is that, today you are not just doing business, you are fighting a war with all your competitors and the bitter reality is that, everything is fair in this war. Several times these techniques of posting negative comments from dummy/fake social accounts have eventually helped them to pen down their biggest competitors.

So, now if this is the problem statement, biggest question is…

What Can Be The Solution?

One simple solution is to remain true to your promises. What it means is that do not brag about things that you do not provide. Stay relevant about your services and features in your products, highlight things that you provide, never mention anything that is potentially not present in your services or products.

By staying truthful to your promises, your competitors will never have any chance to just brag as in that case you will have proof to prove them wrong.

Another thing that can be adopted here is that, you can add a complain area in your website where your customers can provide complains and grievance. But this complain area, should be taken as a serious feedback by company and no stone should be left unturned to resolve their grievance. Remember, troubled customer is a great business opportunity as this gives us new ideas to expand and improvise the business services.

So, what I wanted to convey here was that when planning a strategy to use Online marketing for your business, there is a need to look on the other factor also. There is a need to plan a strategy to tackle with negative publicity, genuine or non-genuine, but it should be pre-planned, so that you can succeed to leave a positive impact on your audience.

[This article is written by Vaishnavi Agrawal a content writer whose works have have been published on various sites related to Hadoop Training, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more. Read more about her in the author profile below]

6 Little-Known Ways to Increase Web Traffic Starting Now!

When you are seeking to market your business on the net, one thing you can be sure of is the abundance of tools and resources that will seek to help you make more sales. Most of these tools focus on writing better sales letters, optimizing for better conversions and a few other such things.

The truth however is, if you cannot drive the right type of traffic to your salespages those tricks and tactics will amount to nothing. So, if you really want to succeed with your online business you should focus on increasing web traffic to your offerings. Getting more web traffic can be the key to increasing your exposure, and increasing your sales as a result.

Now, you don’t just want any old traffic; what you want is targeted traffic. An audience who are actively looking for your product or service. Want to know how to get this kind of traffic? Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to increase your website traffic

User-Friendly Websites

Increase Your Website Using These Tips

1. Create Blogs and Vlogs

Blogs and vlogs are amazing tools for bringing more web traffic to your site. Posting them regularly at consistent times will keep people coming back for more. Not only that, you should get many shares too! The key is to ensure that your content is original, helpful, relevant, and humorous. Edit it well to ensure there are no mistakes, as this can make you look less professional. Blogs are great if you have a good writing style, and vlogs are good if you want to show off your personality. Both can be used in conjunction to get more exposure. Especially if you work with another good blogger or vlogger! However, you may need to establish yourself first before you can do that.

2. Get Active on Social Media

Start getting active on social media if you’re not already. Choose the platforms that suit your business and audience best, then make sure you post at the right times of day. Different platforms have different times. You don’t want to try to sell to your audience, you want to share relevant information with them. Information from other brands too. You should also try to engage by answering questions. Make sure you respond to comments made by your audience. It’s a good way to practice your customer service skills!

3. Use SEO and PPC

SEO and PPC is key to creating a strong online presence. You can use an online SEO checker to get an analysis of your website and work out what it needs. Without SEO and PPC, the people looking for your product or service won’t know you exist.

4. Focus on Creating Great Taglines and Titles

Taglines and titles are important because they’re going to play a part in whether people click on your site or not. Make sure they are enticing and accurate!

5. Use the Right Keywords

Using SEO and PPC is all well and good, but the right keywords are a must. If you don’t do your keyword research properly, you could end up wasting a lot of money and getting the wrong kind of traffic.

6. Monitor Your Results

Monitoring your results is important. Otherwise, how will you know which of your efforts have worked and which haven’t? You can then expand upon the efforts that have worked and do even better. You need to monitor your results constantly so you can improve all the time.


Getting more web traffic isn’t too difficult, but it does take time. It isn’t a job you can do once and watch the results roll in. you constantly need to work at it until, like a boulder rolling down a hill, it gathers momentum and then the results come rushing in. Use the above tips and you should notice a big improvement in no time.

So, what are your tips for increasing web traffic? Share with us in your comments below.