Top 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Will Fail You!

Are you currently using content marketing as a business?

So how much success are you producing with your content marketing efforts?

It doesn’t matter whether you are blogger or an entrepreneur running an e-commerce site, I’m sure you have no doubts that content marketing is not just a buzzword. it’s definite that more and more online marketers are realizing this fact and are giving more attention to providing valuable content on their e-commerce sites and blogs.

For those who are doing it well they are seeing more website traffic, generating more business leads and of course, increasing sales. it doesn’t matter the type or size of business involved, content marketing is already working wonders for these ones.

Unfortunately, the result is not the same for others. For every marketer who is succeeding with content marketing, there are 3 others who are failing. And this is because they are missing out some of the essential elements for success.

And so, in this article, I want to quickly present you with a few reasons why content marketing might fail you. In so doing, I hope you’ll be able to understand where you are getting it wrong and then make the necessary changes that will help you succeed with your web content marketing efforts.

Let’s get cracking…

Content Marketing Failures!

1. Failing to Make Your First Impression Count!

A popular line goes thus, “The first cut is the deepest cut!”

And that, to a great extent, is actually the biggest reason why content marketing is not working for many businesses.

A business’s website or blog is usually the primary medium of communicating with its target audience and the site’s content is usually the aspects of the business that is first noticed by visitors.  Unfortunately, many businesses overlook this fact, and instead showcase substandard content on their sites/blogs in the name of content marketing. Many even use recycled content, scrapped from other sites and expect to produce outstanding results.

What a deception!

The truth is, if you want to succeed as a content marketer you must commit to providing accurate, concise and informative content. The quality of your web content is basically the yardstick visitors will use in forming their initial opinions of your business. If your web content is poorly written and presented, it’s definite that you will not be able to hold the visitors attention.  Your site visitors are likely going to exit your website without a second thought.

It doesn’t matter how great your website design may be, what will truly help you connect with your site visitors with ease is your well-written and engaging web content. This is what will motivate the visitor to investigate your site further prompting him to learn more about your product/service which may lead to the results you desire.

2. Not Caring About Improving Search Engine Rankings

Beyond helping site visitors to form the right opinions about your business, your website content is important in influencing your search engine rankings. This is critical because the higher your site ranks on the search engines the larger the audience your business will be able to reach.

It’s interesting to note that the search engines understand that internet users desire quick and immediate results when they look for information online. To help them fulfill this desire, they have written complicated algorithms which enables them to present the most relevant websites when a user searches for a particular word or phrase.

And this is where your web marketing content becomes important.

Creating web content optimized specifically for certain keywords will help your content to rank high in the search engines. This is important because internet users value the results returned by the search engines and therefore will likely visit your site/blog if it ranks well in the search engines.

So, if you’re not optimizing your marketing content for the search engines you might just be sabotaging your own success because this is a good way the content on your website can greatly influence the size of the audience you are able to reach.

Though, not many business persons are experienced in creating content for the search engines it shouldn’t hinder you. Hiring a skilled SEO content writer can be of help.

3. You’re Ego-Centric Instead Of Customer-Centric

Wikipedia has this to say about egocentrics:

“Egocentrics regard themselves and their own opinions or interests as being the most important or valid. Self-relevant information is seen to be more important in shaping one’s judgements than do thoughts about others and other-relevant information (Windschitl, Rose, Stalkfleet & Smith, 2008). Egocentric people are unable to fully understand or to cope with other people’s opinions and the fact that reality can be different from what they are ready to accept.”

Unfortunately, many content marketers are ego-centric. They are self-centered. Instead of focusing on helping the customer with relevant and informative web content, all their communications flows from their selfish aims.

Of course, it’s a fact that your business is not a charity organization and that need to sell to make a gain, but if you don’t have a strategic plan for selling with your content, you’ll simply fail!

One thing that content marketing strategists have come to agree on is the fact that businesses that want to use content marketing successful should think more like publishers. Instead of using every opportunity to sell, you should, like the publisher, provide useful information to your target audience.

Now, a well written web marketing content can actually be customer-focused, persuasive and engaging while at the same time compelling enough to make the site visitor to do what you desire. You don’t have to be ‘salesy’ with every piece of content. You can actually sell with your content without blatantly advertising your products and services.

There’s no doubt that writing this type of marketing content can be quite complicated. But hiring a professional web content writer who is experienced and skilled at writing this type of informative and persuasive content will do the trick.


From all indications, content marketing is still in its infant stage. Getting it right now will definitely help you create an enduring experience with your target audience which will ultimately bring you the much desired success. there is more opportunities for everyone right now and so prepare and get involved in the best way possible. Learn to implement content marketing best practices and if possible, hire professional web content writers since this will give your more traction.

Your turn:  Do you think bloggers should care about content marketing?  What other reasons do you think is responsible for content marketing not working for many businesses? Share your thoughts with us in your comments.

How To Turn Your Skills Into An Online Business

How to turn your skills into a profitable business

When you want to start a business online what are the factors you should take into consideration?

Is it your skills, your knowledge or your passion?

Should you rather go for what is already selling, what the market wants?

If you have sought advice on this issue before now you definitely must have received different suggestions. While some business coaches advise you to start a business based on what you love – what you’re passionate about – others suggest building a business based on your skills and knowledge.

Now, if you’re a blogger (and I’m assuming you are) chances are, your blog is built on a topic you’re passionate about! The reason for this has always been that blogging demands so much attention and focus and without been passionate about your blog topic it is impossible to stay focused as a blogger.

And this is definitely true!

However, as a blogger who is into niche blogging (building blogs in niche markets to promote affiliate products) I don’t believe passion is enough. Frankly! My belief is that you simply need to be passionate about the market you want to serve. Passionate about helping people in that niche with solutions that will better their lives – it’s simply about you wanting to always help others!

Please read the above paragraph again until it sinks in and let there be a shift in your mindset!

The question is, what are you passionate about? Are you passionate about what you know or you’re passionate about the market you want to serve?

It is that important because…

The world is filled with starving artists, writers, actors and others who spend their entire lives doing what they love for a pittance!

The Perfect Combination for a Perfect Business

Right here in this post, I want to give you a perfect mix that can actually help you build a perfect business. Yes, a perfect business because it combines the entire core factors that business coaches advice as a MUST for starting a business.

Now, imagine starting a business that combines your skills, knowledge, passion and a ready market? What do you make of that? A perfect combination right?

Well, let me here introduce my new baby the…

SEO Content Marketing & Blog Consulting Service!

building an online business

You know, I’ve variously written on this blog how you can use your blogging skills to serve offline businesses. I’ve also posted on how you can use your blogging and internet marketing skills to serve businesses desiring to use the internet to increase their operations.

While freely sharing these tips and ideas with you, I’ve concentrated on building niche blogs and promoting affiliate products. But after a recent research, I’ve decided to take my own advice and start a line of service where I can take advantage of my skills, knowledge and passion. And what more, from all indications the market is also there!

What is this new line in my business?

I now offer SEO web copywriting and blog consulting services for businesses desiring to increase their internet visibility (read the press release announcing the launch).

I’m sure you will agree with me that marketing online using the right content is increasingly becoming a necessity today. With more and more businesses taking to the internet to market their products/services and with the new developments as regards online social media marketing, employing the right content is now a must.

Unfortunately, not many of these business entrepreneurs are writers.  Among those who are writers, not many know how to write content for the web. This is where a service like mine is very important.

As a reader of this blog you have firsthand knowledge of how passionate I am about writing content that is not only engaging but informative and highly geared towards helping the reader. This is actually very important when it comes to content marketing because content marketing is about using good-quality and search engine optimized content in your online marketing endeavors to inform, educate and help your target audience. It’s about creating content that that engages and communicates with your site visitors in such a way that interaction and trust is easily achieved which ultimately results in sales.

So, I’m presenting my content creation and blog consulting service as an example of how you too can use your skills, passion and knowledge to locate a perfect business. Remember that in our today’s information-based economy, providing information and delivering service are the new keys to building wealth.

Marketing Take Away

My purpose with the Web Income Journal has always been providing you with the right tips and strategies to help you make the best use of the internet as a business tool. And so, you could easily take a cue from what I’m doing here and take another look at your blogging skills. A careful look may just reveal some areas that you can turn into another stream of income as a blogger. And who knows, you may just uncover that perfect business you have been looking for – a business with a ready market and about which you have the skills, knowledge and passion to serve!

And, before you go, if you’re a business that is looking for someone to write your marketing content, you can be sure that giving me that opportunity will be to your advantage. Click here to visit my offer page for details about the service!

As usual I want to respond to your comments. If you have suggestions or questions about this service feel free to let me know. Post your comments below.

Circus Elephants, Distorted Beliefs and Entrepreneurial Success – Charting Your Path to Stardom!

Why is it that many who desires the internet life style never realize that dream?

Why is it that only a few businesses succeed even when their owners are enthusiastic, passionate and resilient?

Or better still, what is really the basic root cause why many wannabe internet millionaires struggle from year to year barely breaking even?

Ever thought about this?

Ok, I have.  After about 7+ years online and after a careful study, I’ve come to realize that this problem is rooted basically on…

Trying to build an online business with the wrong mindset – misconceptions, mistaken thoughts, false beliefs, and flawed points of view – about building a business on the net!

A wrong mindset is basically the limiting factor which castrates and shackles a business before it ever gets off the ground.


Nothing new really, but come to think of it, have you ever asked, what is this mindset (flawed thinking), how does it affect me and how do I change it? Probably not. But not to worry, that is the purpose of this post, I’ll give you a specific example of a flawed thinking about business online and how you can break away from it. But first, an example of how a wrong mindset can become a prison cell!

Circus Elephants and the Limiting Power of a Wrong Mindset

Elephants and the limiting power of a wrong mindset!

I don’t know about you but personally, I’ve always wondered how those huge circus elephants were held in one place with just a chain and a small stake in the ground despite that they are big and strong animals! I’ve always been amazed watching them uproot trees with their trunks.

But these same gigantic elephants are restrained by just a simple stake and a chain! It’s simply unbelievable.

Why don’t they exert their strength and pull out the stakes so they can simply walk away?

To me, it was a big puzzle until I learned of how these elephants were trained.  It is very clear that the trainers understand the power of the mind.

The elephants are first chained to the stakes when they are calves, at a time when they had no enough strength to break free. Of course, initially they struggle to pull out the stakes but can’t. Then after several attempts and failing to free themselves, it becomes entrenched in their minds that those chains and stakes are too strong for them to break loose from. That as long as that tug on their legs remains, there was never going to be any escape!

Once this belief is accepted, they stop trying and never attempt to break away,  not even when they have grown up and their strength is increased! When this happens, the elephants are no more prisoners to the chains but to their distorted mindset.

This is a good example of the limiting power of a wrong belief. And as an entrepreneur you could be limited by what you belief. It doesn’t matter your business niche, if your mindset is wrong, if you have flawed points of view about that business, you will be limited.

A Strategic Mindset Shift Necessary for Entrepreneurial Success

Now consider the following two groups of online entrepreneurs and decide on which divide you want to be:

1. Opportunity Seekers

This group are always in search of the latest hot opportunity – the latest business in a box, the latest untapped method to making millions online, the latest killer strategy, or just anything that promises the secret shortcut to making millions online!

The mindset prevalent in this group goes something like, if only I can jump in on the “latest hot thing” before anyone else, I’ll become successful! The result? They are willing to pay anything to get their hands on the latest hot idea or strategy.

Are you in this group?


2. Opportunity Creators

Entrepreneurs who are prepared to open their minds and eyes so they can create opportunities from the problems around them.

I don’t know if you have observed this but I see it in every salesletter I’ve ever read online. Just read any salesletter with an open mind and you will see it.

One common story in every salesletters is how, after years of struggling from one opportunity to the other, the product or service creator finally discovered his “secret key!” and of course, he knows it will help you and so he offers it to you to buy into!

Enticing right? Of course, why struggle to create your own system when you can buy into his opportunity and enjoy the benefits?

These two groups of entrepreneurs are on the internet every day. One goes looking for opportunities while the other positions himself offering the “right” opportunity!

So, How Can You Step Out Of One and Step into the Other?

The answer is in a simple switch in your mindset. Jettison the consumer mentality (always buying into opportunities) and imbibe the producer mindset (creating opportunities).

And doing this is not really a big problem as many would think. What it takes is learning to focus on your target market in order to find a void you can fill. It could be a frustration that is being overlooked by other businesses or that is being serviced in a careless, perfunctory, unresponsive and thoughtless way.  It doesn’t matter the number of businesses already servicing that market, you can design your business to solve the frustration in a better, faster, more convenient, or cheaper way.

Remember it’s not about squeezing enough money out of people in the fastest time possible but about making someone else’s life better.  Make a difference in the lives of your potential customers and success will come easy.

Take away

Your success as an entrepreneur depends greatly on your mindset. You need to switch from being a solution seeker to a solution provider. Having the mindset of a solution provider will help you see situations that are dying to be fixed, changed, reinvented, or transformed.  It’s a totally new and original way of thinking and finding it is finding the true seed to online success.

As usual, I love to read and respond to your comments. So, post them in the comment section below.

How to Turn the Global Economic Crunch Into an Opportunity to Make Money Online!

With the global economic crunch it does appears that it could really be a time to make money online with much ease. I discovered a simple idea on how to do this just this past weekend.  I had the opportunity of taking part in a Workshop for practicing and intending entrepreneurs. And during this workshop I recieved an inspiration I believe will greatly enhance my online business.

Today I want to share with you an idea I got from that meeting. This idea simply dropped into my mind when one of the speakers made a statement which I believe can be an income generator in this times of global economic woes.

You know many people today are taken up with the downturn of the economy and to them nothing is really working. In fact, many online entrepreneurs have doubts about making money online right now because of the suffering economy. The only things that are very evident to them are the political and economic troubles reverberating around the world.

start up loans are considered as risky by banks

Confronted on all sides by this situation many are of the view that a time such as this is really not the time to make money online. They believe that not many people are spending as much online since the economy is suffering. Even those who believe that the economy is already getting back on its feet have doubts since, to them, we are still in recovery and no one really know what to expect in the near future. With this mindset there is actually a prevailing state of disbelief about making money online in these times of economic crunch.

But do you know that this is really the time to position yourself for a greater reward as a web entrepreneur? You don’t believe, do you?

Ok, stay with me and let me share with you this inspiring idea. I ask that you read it carefully. Actually it’s an idea that dropped on mind as I listened to one of the resource persons making his presentation. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the light bulbs in my head came on with greater brightness that made me go wow!

So what was it that this man said that turned my entrepreneurial senses on full throttle? It’s this statement…

Focus On The Trend-lines Not The Headlines!

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Please read it very carefully until it really sink in!

Did that make any sense to you?


Alright, let’s dive in a little deeper!

Maybe you’re like me; or maybe not. But there is one thing I do all the time and that is making sure I’m always up to date about what is happening around the world today.

Now, if you do that also or maybe you do it occasionally, when you read those screaming headlines on what is happening around the world, what is it that crosses your mind? How about when you watch the news on your favorite TV station? Is it any different? I doubt!

Every paper you flip or whatever station you tune to, it’s all the same. It doesn’t matter where the news is coming from.  From Africa to the Americas, from Europe to Asia or from Australia to the Antarctic, the situation is the same. The suffering economy is telling on every one. Not even once-quiet and peaceful societies are spared, any more!  The slightest provocation is enough for the bitter spleen of the masses to be unleashed on the political class.

Now, think about this for a moment. How do you respond to these headlines? Probably, your response is not different from the majority of the people – pointing fingers at the politicians and calling for yet another social upheaval as we have seen lately in the middle east.

But do you know as an online entrepreneur this is actually a time you should seize with both hands to make some extra money online? Don’t believe me? Just think about the number of people losing their jobs and assets. Don’t you think most of these people who are getting laid off are going to come online looking for another source of income?  Now, don’t you think all these are desperate situations that is calling for a desperate solution amongst these people?

Are you getting it?

If you’re still in any way not sure of what I’m driving at, let me point out to you that every savvy online marketer knows that finding desperate buyers and giving them a solution for their desperate situation is actually the secret to making it big online. May be you have heard about Desperate Buyers Only by Alexis Dawes. If you’ve not read it I advise that you take a look at it right now. Over the years Desperate Buyers Only has helped content publishers and info product marketers uncover how to really write and market info products so that people with problems will buy.  Click here to know more about Desperate Buyers Only.

Now can you see why my brain lit up when this particular speaker said, focus on the trendlines and not the headlines? I realized it’s about looking deeper than the headlines. While the headlines scream at you with all the problems in the economy, you should really look deeper to see how you can profit no matter what is going on!

The headlines will only make you go crazy but the trendlines will fire you up and your creative juices will find better expression!

Now, let me caution here that this is not about scamming or selling people false dreams.  It’s about providing what will help those who are desperate about keeping a roof over their heads and those who are desperate about putting food on their tables. As a web entrepreneur who knows what it takes to make money online you truly have some advantage over some of these people but you may not know it. Your years of experience online are truly an asset that you can bank on. You could put together your own experience about making money online and then sell it as an information product.

Oh did you say there is so much of that already there? Of course, that is the truth but if you think there will never be any information product on making money online again because the market is saturated then you are making a big mistake. Go learn from the internet marketers!

By the way you don’t have to create a product only in the niche of making money online. It could be an information product on how those losing their assets can stop the loss. It is actually a win win situation.  And that really is what information products are all about. So whether you want to focus on those who will be coming online to make some extra income or you want to focus on any of the myriad problems facing the human race today, you could really profit with the ailing economy.  Indeed, it is actually a time to take advantage of the suffering economy!

2 Simple Steps for Profiting With the Suffering Economy

Business Startup Finance Made Easy!

I’m sure at this point you agree with me that as a web entrepreneur you can really apply this statement to your online business, right? So, if you’re on this same plane with me then let me offer you a simple and quick outline on what you should do.

1. Carry Out Your Research

The first thing you should really do is to re-focus your attention as you listen to or watch the news. Instead of just taking in what the news houses are throwing at you (that of course is how they make their own money!) direct your entrepreneurial antennae to probe deeply on what the news is really about. Ask yourself how you can make some money with this and then go online to research the topic. I tell you if you begin to do this you will soon begin to uncover some very profitable niches you’ve never thought about. Like I said earlier, if you have a system in place that is helping you make money online, you’re truly ahead of the pack! Utilize your knowledge to fatten your bank account!

2. Get Your Product into the Market

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to sell an affiliate product or your own product, if you’re going to make money online taking advantage of the suffering economy you simply need to know how to market those products to your prospects. Making money online is about selling. You need to know both the science and art of marketing online. This is what the savvy internet marketers know so much. If possible study how they are doing it.  Go invest in marketing resources that will equip you to make money selling products on the net. One thing you must be sure of is that you may have the right information and even package it so well, but if you don’t know how to market it online your bank account will simply groan because of its emptiness! Marketing and selling online is both a science an art, I think that is worth repeating! You can know one but without the knowledge of the other you will remain in the same place.

I recommend that you put these two tips to good use right now and you’ll be able to take advantage of the trendlines and make money with the ailing economy. You’ll not only see much more opportunities in the suffering economy but you’d become more adept at profiting with them. And just as the Holy Scripture said, when others are saying there is a casting down you’d be saying there is a lifting up!  Because my desire for you in this economy is that you’ll be lifted up I passionately ask you to go invest in this knowledge right now!

Why Is Everyone NOT Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur?

In the online business world, it is an easy thing to recognize the fact that there are entrepreneurs and there are opportunists. Unfortunately, it does appear that the number of opportunists far outweigh the number of entrepreneurs.

One is tempted most times to ask, why are the majority not entrepreneurs? Why are there more of those who are always jumping from one business opportunity to the other without any appreciable success? Why is the number of opportunists who are quick to take advantage of the gullible more out there?

The answers to these questions could be traced to the fact that not everyone is an entrepreneur. This is what account for the high number of struggling internet marketers, though the internet has removed a whole lot of barriers when it comes to building a successful business.

But Who Really Is An Entrepreneur?

According to Wikipedia, an entrepreneur is:

“One who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods”. This may result in new organizations or may be part of revitalizing mature organizations in response to a perceived opportunity. The most obvious form of entrepreneurship is that of starting new businesses (referred as Startup Company).”

From the above you can readily understand that there are particular things that makes one an entrepreneur. These are the character traits that have transformed ordinary men to become extraordinary in the world of business. Just as the popular cliché, “Your attitude determines your altitude!” these character traits are the internal “mechanisms” that causes the entrepreneur to defile all odds, step out of the comfort zone and push on to build and grow flourishing businesses.

not all are entrepreneurs

Character Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Many believe that entrepreneurs are born and not made. But that is far from the truth! Studies show that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur. However, that doesn’t mean entrepreurship is for everyone. For anyone to thrive as an entrepreneur there are specific character traits that one should be ready to imbibe. The following are 10 character traits that have helped many to succeed in the highly-competitive world of business as entrepreneurs.

1.  Self-Confidence – In the highly competitive business world you must have self confidence. You must trust in yourself. Believe that you have the powers and capabilities to make your business work. Of course, entrepreneurship is not alien to failure and disappointments but your attitude to these will determine if you’re an entrepreneur or not. Self confidence will help you in times of difficulties to look within yourself so that you can find the drive and persistence to pursue your enterprise. It will also give you the determination and the courage, to face any adversity and tackle any problems that may be encountered in the world of business. The competitive business world is not a place for the half-hearted. You must be dogged in your desire to achieve your goal.

2.  A Desire For Independence – This is truly the most common denominator of all entrepreneurs. They “hate” the idea of a boss never wanting to labour under the gaze of anyone, no matter highly placed. They are never ready to leave their future in the hands of someone else. They would rather think for themselves than let any other do the thinking for them! They are self starters who desire to control their future. They have a purpose and are prepare to work hard to achieve that purpose – freedom!

3.  Creativity – This is another trait that is really common with entrepreneurs. They understand that competition is an everyday part of the business world and you cannot afford to be complacent and un-creative. They accept the fact that you must develop an aggressive creativity to stay ahead of the competition as an entrepreneur. They believe that, you should be able to create or introduce new ideas as well as find new ways to solve problems or explore new ventures.  Entrepreneurs, like every other creative people, are naturally curious, inquisitive, bright and highly flexible when thinking. They keenly observe their environment and have an eye for spotting new trends that could potentially become a business opportunity. 

4.  Goal-Oriented – Goal setting is the life of an entrepreneur! He values organization in a business endeavor and focuses all his efforts towards achieving his set goal. The good entrepreneur will always systematize his/her operations so that less time and resources are consumed in achieving the set goal.

5.  Visionary – An entrepreneur has a vision for his future and he/she is guided by this vision in everything he/she does in the business. This vision may be for short, middle or long term purposes, but ultimately they are geared towards the business success.

6.  Risk-Taker – Every entrepreneur is quite aware that loss and failure can never be divorced from any business endeavor. This is why an entrepreneur with a mind for success is never afraid to take calculated risks.  They are prepared to trust their hunches and act on them knowing that great business ideas sometimes start as a hunch. However, you must understand that an entrepreneur’s risk-taking does not depend on luck but on sheer effort and hard work.

7.  Perseverance and Hard Work – These are perhaps two of the most important entrepreneurial traits. In the world of business, there can be no real success without perseverance and hard work.  Entrepreneurs must have the courage to face failure and start again no matter what. As in all fields of endeavor, the characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is in never giving up and in picking up the pieces and continuing the journey even if failure momentarily obstructs the way.

8.  Commitment – An entrepreneur will not achieve success if he/she gives up at the first sign of trouble. Commitment to his business and to its success springs from the urge to achieve the set goal. An entrepreneur takes his/her business idea as a tender baby and he nurture and care for it just as one. To do this there must be commitment on the part of the entrepreneur else that business idea would be abandoned for another!

9.  Honesty and Honor – Another very important mark of a good entrepreneur is his being honest and honorable in all his business dealings and interpersonal relationships – whether it is between business partners, employees, peers and investors.

10.  Value For Leisure – Hard work and determination are very important values every entrepreneur must have. However, a good entrepreneur knows when it’s time to take a step back from all the rigors of business and enjoy some downtime with their family. Besides, we all do need a little relaxation to refresh the body and mind before plunging back into the challenging (and stressful) world of business.

Conclusion: Consider these traits very carefully and then ask yourself, do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? If you truly have the above mentioned entrepreneurial traits and qualities one thing is sure, you definitely have what it takes to succeed in the world of business. Of course this is not a guarantee but with these characteristics, you have just the right ingredients for success. All you need do is to find the right mix of these values, excellent timing and, of course, faith in yourself and you can be sure that you will end up a successful entrepreneur.

Over to you: Do you believe you truly need to be an entrepreneur in order to succeed online? Don’t you think anyone can start and build a successful business online without being an entrepreneur? Share your views with us in your comments below.

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Easter and Building a Successful Online Business – Practical Life Lessons!

The joy of the Easter celebration is still very much with us. And for those of us who were involved in the celebration it was indeed a perriod of sober reflections.

The events of the past week (known as the holy week) were one that helped everyone of us to reenact the life of the Master Jesus. These events which culminated in the commemoration of the crucifixion on Friday and finally climaxed on Sunday with the celebration of Easter moved me to consider again how so much success came out of the decision of one man to lay down His life so that others will live.

Wondering what has this got to do with succeeding online?


For example while reflecting on the events of the Easter period, my mind was drawn to the different occasions when the Lord Jesus, in trying to prepare the disciples for the coming event, used different analogies to do that. On one such occassion, he said,

“Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone; but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit!”

As I reflected on that statement I soon realize how much one can truly learn about succeeding in life from that statement. In fact Jesus, in that statement, gave us the secret to over flowing success; the pathway to fruitfulness in everything we do in life!

And this was what held my attention as I meditated on the events of the Easter period. My thoughts were taken over by the glaring success of the Church that the Lord built. From a few “uneducated” men of low status in the society the Church has grown to billions of followers around the world today despite the opposition the believers had to face over the centuries. Daring persecutions and intimidation, both from outside and within the church, the body of believers has continued to blossom so much that we can today be bold to say that the carpenter from the little known town of Nazareth is indeed the most influential of all men who has ever trodden the face of the earth!

But, how was this outstanding success achieved?

I personally see the secret in Jesus’ resolve to give all. He never held on to that which he had. In his desire to bring lives to the Father’s glory, he was ready to give his life! As he said, “except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone; but if it die, it brings forth much fruit!” This shows that if He must accomplish that divine plan, death is inevitable. If he had not died he would have remained alone but in agreeing to give up his life, billions of other lives were birthed to the glory of the Father. Indeed, the  travail of his soul has brought Him real satisfied today (Isaiah 53: 11-12).

How To Apply This Truth To Build A Flourishing Online Business

In my reflections I found the following to be some ways of applying this divine truth in our lives today and achieve success in our business endeavours.

1. You Must Sow Before You Reap

If there is anything that is glaring from the above picture it is the principle of sowing and reaping. And this is what, as a business entrepreneur, you must take note of carefully. Building a successful business is like farming. In farming, the farmer knows that he must sow before he can reap. As an entrepreneur you must understand this very well. However where the farmer plants seeds you plant ideas for your ideas, like seeds, will never grow a crop unless they are planted. The more ideas you sow, the more success you will reap.

For example as an entrepreneur blogger you must learn to sow enriching ideas in your blog readers through your blog posts if you must reap success. Your ideas must convey to your target audience the real value of what you have to offer in a way as to satisfy their sense of caution, security, and safety. It is necessary therefore to create your blog’s content around the needs of your target audience.

2. Become Interested in Your Target Audience

Another way of putting this lesson to use is by understanding that people don’t care about you and your product. Their only concern is what will make their lives better. The only way you can make them care about you therefore, is for you to become interested in them. And there is really one way of becoming interested in them – by calling their attention, in no uncertain terms, to something that will add to their happiness, health, or wealth.

In doing this you must understand that talk is cheap. Don’t just talk about how much you want to help. show it by your actions. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this that a man should lay down his life for his friends”. His, was not mere talk, He went as far as showing that He indeed loved His friends. This also should be your stand as an entrepreneur.

Again using the example of a blogger, showing how interested you are in your target audience can really be simple to do. Entrepreneur bloggers can use their blogs to give insightful tips and usable content that will help their blog readers to better their lives. Sharing your expertise through the information you post on your blog, packaging ebooks and other  information products and  giving them freely to your target audience are all indications that you’re interested in your target audience. Of course you must be ready to do this without any regard to receiving any monetary rewards as in doing this you would be sowing seeds that will blossom to a fruitful harvest in the nearest future!

I must say the Easter period was one of great gain to me both in spiritual experience and in my professional life. I’ve taken some decisive decisions about my online business for the coming months armed with the knowledge of Jesus’ secret to unending success which is, give if you expect to recieve. And as quoted by the Apostle Paul, “It is more blessed to give than to recieve!”

Over to you: How was your Easter celebration? Were you able to gain some lessons that can be applied in building your online business? Share your experiences with us in your comments below.

How the Internet Is Actively Empowering Home Based Business Entrepreneurs!

Recently, I’ve been doing some research on small home based business ventures. From all indication this sector has continued to grow despite the global economic down turn. In fact the statistics indicates that there has been a steady increase between 2007 and 2009.  For example, statistics shows that more and more Americans prefer being self-employed with over 12% households in the US having a home based business. Besides, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of home-based businesses in the U.S. is well above 18.3 million businesses while the success rate for home based businesses is put at 70% for at least a 3 year period as compared to 29% outside the home business venture.

Now, I personally believe one of the reasons for this increase is because more and more home based business entrepreneurs are today using the internet as a marketing tool. Whether we admit it or not, one thing is certain, technologies like the internet have revolutionized just about everything we do around the world both at our personal and professional levels. And it’s this revolution which online home based business entrepreneurs are cashing in right now that is pushing the figures up the scale!

Indeed the internet has opened a whole lot of opportunities for home based businesses. In this article I want to highlight some of the ways the internet has influenced the home business entrepreneur positively.

1. Potential for a Global Market

This can be regarded as one of the greatest gains of home based businesses as regards the internet. Before the internet, home based businesses were limited being able to only reach out to customers from their immediate communities. But today the internet has made it possible for home business entrepreneurs to have customers far away from home. In fact, an online home based business today has the potential of reaching the global market without any extra costs. Having a home based business in today’s internet-driven economy means being released from that limiting factor of market reach.

2. Less Time to Get Your Business off The Ground

Before the internet, starting and growing a successful business took time and much hard work. Many of the big companies today had to put in the extra hour in order to get their businesses off the ground. However, the internet now helps people to shorten that time. With the proper information coupled with the right mindset starting and growing a home based business on the net is now a click away!

3. Making Money At Home Made Much Easier

The internet has actually eroded much of the barriers of running a home business so much that the lure of making money from home has increased. Now home-based businesses aren’t what they used to be because of the internet. With the advantage offered by the internet it means the lucky entrepreneur can actually stay at home while making their money online. And from all indication it’s because making money with the internet technology is much easier that more and more people are opening up online businesses today.

4. Easy Access to Information

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of having the right information in running a successful business. Before the internet a whole lot of testing and research work were undertaken by entrepreneurs. Sometimes this took years. But with the internet, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips. Pieces of information that can affect the business venture like marketing trends; demographics etc can now be easily gathered. Of course the market is a very erratic factor in business, with people changing their preferences all the time. But with the internet the home based entrepreneur can really be prepared for any of these possible events using the right tools.

5. A Better Understanding of Your Competition

Another way that the easy access of information has helped the home based entrepreneurs is that they are now able to take a closer look at the competition. Questions like, what sets those businesses apart? What is the competition’s weakness? How can I get ahead in the market? etc. can now be answered by a simple search online or by the use of specialized software.

6. Quicker and Easier Access to Help

One thing that is clear in building a successful business is that you need the help of others. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a one-man home based business. In fact, it makes it more pertinent! And the internet has become a really great asset in this area as it allows you access to people even while working from the comfort of your home! This means you can reach important contacts and make business decisions faster. With online social media home business entrepreneurs are finding it much easier to network and build fruitful business relationships that have impacted positively on their businesses. Also access to expert advice has become much easier, cheaper and quicker.

7. Easier Access to Business Opportunities

One outstanding trait of successful entrepreneurs is that they are always on the lookout for any chances of expanding their businesses. They understand that the earlier you learn of an opportunity, the better your chance of getting it. And the internet has become an indispensable tool in this area for entrepreneurs.
Conclusion: From the foregoing, it will not be out of place to say that with the internet home based business entrepreneurs have an edge. From saving time on making business-related decisions to multi-tasking, the internet has become a very valuable technology for the home business entrepreneur. But most of all having the world as your potential market is indeed an opportunity to make more money from your home based business.

What do you think: Maybe I’m wrong but I passionately believe that the internet is contributing greatly to the increase of home based businesses. Do you agree with these views? Share with us in the comments below.

How To Supercharge Your Online Income by Developing Powerful Relationships!

Blogging tips for successAsk any internet marketer where they have made their most money and they will respond by telling you that their most profitable initiatives have been through a joint venture, a mastermind group or from their mailing list. The common trait about these sources of income is that they involve other people and relationships.

This is the power of forming mutually beneficial relationships in this sphere of business. Your income level as an internet marketer is directly related to the number of influential relationships you have nurtured. Not only do relationships provide you with increased opportunities but you can also gain specialized knowledge from others’ who have a greater level of expertise than you do.

But how do you form relationships online and how do you win the trust of a more accomplished internet marketer or marketers?

1. Let People Know Who Are You?

Many marketers choose to go at it alone and they end up isolating themselves from other marketers and pursue an underground style of marketing. This approach is a guaranteed route to a lone island where the only relationship you will form is with your keyboard and monitor. If people are not exposed to who you are then there will be no opportunity for you to nurture any sort of fruitful relationship online.

Your first step to forming relationships online is to interact with like-minded individuals. You can do this on forums, Facebook groups or any other social platform where other internet marketers congregate.

2. Make Yourself “Vulnerable”

A large number of newbies read an ebook or watch a handful of videos related to internet marketing and then they proceed to join a forum and offer their “expert” advice. They adopt an arrogant stance that says: “I know it all”. This approach will cause people to repel from you as no one is ever attracted to a person who exudes an air of arrogance.

If you have limited knowledge you need to accept that and make it known to others. Start a thread on a forum and tell people that you are new to internet marketing but you have a true willingness to want to learn. I have come across many threads of this nature, and you know what? It wasn’t long before someone offered to actually coach this person who made them self vulnerable.

3. Develop Trust and Honesty

These two ingredients are the cornerstone of any relationship. Without trust and honesty there is always insecurity, and this insecurity leads to people being fearful to share anything of substance with another party. The thing about lies and deception is that they always leave a trail, and if you are dishonest with others you will soon be found out.

Trust is gained over time by interacting, engaging, and getting to know someone else. For you to win the trust of others you will need to display character traits that impel people to want to get to know you better.

4. Learn the Art of Giving

There is a universal law that runs across cultures and religions: this law rewards those who openly give to others’. Before you can even think of forming relationships with any successful marketer you will need to display a heart of giving. Do you remember the last time someone gave you something valuable? Perhaps it was a $100 or something you needed desperately? Whatever it was, I can assure you, you felt a sense of obligation toward the person who gave to you what you needed.

That’s the power of giving! For you to stroll around in the online world with a magnetic power that attracts everyone to you, you will need to become a selfless giver.

As you will notice the techniques above all begin with YOU. You have the power to form beneficial relationships online but you will have to expose yourself to the online world and adopt a certain character that attracts others to you. If you do, it wouldn’t be long before you build profitable relationships that help your income soar to the next level.

So what do you think about building relationships as an online marketer? Is there some points you’ll want to add to the ones discussed in this article? Give your comments below.

Starting Your Own Successful Online Business: Here’s What You Need

In these days of the internet, starting and running your own business is not something that you need to really sweat over. With a computer and internet connection you could be in business in a matter of hours. However, many who go this way soon find themselves in a situation they never bargained for.

The truth told is that starting and running an internet based business requires you putting few things in the right perspective. And the earlier you do this the better. In this post I want to draw your attention to some questions that will help you get your perspective right from the beginning. If you’re to win in this game then answering these questions ahead of time will greatly enhance your winning edge. Not to worry, the answers to these questions are right inside of you. What you need is sincere and honest answers to them.

Starting your own flourishing business

Question 1 – Are You truly Ready?

It’s not just enough to have the desire to start your own online business. There are a few preparation you need. You need to mentally prepare yourself. Running an online business is not in many cases different from running a brick and mortar business. Stepping out on your own as an entrepreneur is a great risk. Whatever your current status (an employee, student or whatever) you will need to prepare yourself for the switch over to being a boss. It’s important to note that you’re now going to be in control. You’ll be the one making decisions from now. Of course, it is this total control that actually drive many who take the plunge into starting their own business but it is also one of the elements that can drive new entrepreneurs crazy. So prepare yourself for there is a long list of decisions that need to be made.

Besides, you need to also prepared your family and friends for this switch in attitude. Surely your life is going to change drastically and that change can have a positive or negative impact on your family life and social interactions. As much as possible you need to get your family and friends in the right frame of mine as this will make things much easier if they are supportive of your efforts.

Question 2 – Where Is Your Niche?

Another question you’ll need to answer is whether you have identified your niche. It’s a confirmed fact that one of the reasons many online businesses fail is that they fail to focus on a target audience. You must understand that with the ease of starting a web based business has come the multiplicity of businesses all frantically seeking the attention of the cyber citizen. The wise choice for the wise online entrepreneur therefore is to effectively target your market by deciding on your niche right from the start.

Knowing your niche means you are better able to find, target, and maintain your customers as well as provide the best possible goods and services to that customer base. That focus is one of your best chances to not only survive but to thrive in this very competitive marketplace that is online.

Question 3 – What Is Your Plan Of Action?

Another key factor in the survival and ultimate success of your online business is how much planning you do before you open your business electronic doors. You need to decide if your business will be based solely on the internet or include some traditional models. Are you going to work full-time or part-time at your new business? Are you going to hire help or go solo? Have you written (or at least outlined) your business plan? Dreaming, thinking and planning can save you much trouble and waste later when things are hectic and problems strike. Planning can also help keep you focused and to balance your spending and time.

Question 4 – Who Are You Going To Call?

At some point, no matter how experienced a business person you are, you will need help. You will need support, advice, tools, or information — or all of the above. One of the beautiful, and most frightening, aspects of growth is that it can lead you to places you never imagined. No matter how much planning and experience you bring to your new position as CEO the unexpected will arise. How will you cope with this? It is important to recognize that no business is an island. It is not failure to seek help. Failure is when your business shuts down because you didn’t get the help you needed.

The best way to get timely help is to work on your support system while you work on building your business. That way you will already have a ready list of resources available that you can quickly tap into when emergencies strike. In today’s world there are many marvelous resources available to you no matter what your business model may be. These include:

1. Publications (newsletters, magazines, books)

2. People (professional advisors, mentors, teachers, consultants)

3. Networks (organizations and forums in your niche as well as general business and marketing)

4. Education and training (tutorials, courses, and seminars)

If you’ll get these questions out of the way from the beginning, setting up and running your online business could turn out to be really fun and an enjoyable thing.

As much as these questions may seem basic it’s rather unfortunate that many people never care to answer them before plunging into that dream business. And the result? They soon learn that it isn’t just a dream running a business.

So ask yourself right now have you taken care of these questions or are you still plodding on thinking things will just work out? This is business and it must be taken seriously.

As an online entrepreneur let us know if these issues make any meaning to you. Did you take care of these questions before starting out? Let’s hear you in the comments below.