Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

the insider guide to making money blogging

The subject of making money blogging is one that many have referred to as an abnormality. To them, you don’t really make money blogging rather your blog should be a medium and not the means!

I personally think that no matter how you look at it, whether you are using your blog as a business promotion tool, or you are using it as your primary business for making money online, it is all “making money blogging” – simply a matter of semantics!

Within this page I want to give you a simple guide on how to make money blogging. Of course, many have done it and many more are still doing it right now. The only thing is that the terrain has become really competitive that if you want to build your online business around blogging you will need to put in more work, determination and sheer creative ingenuity.

How Do You Make Money Blogging?

After about 5 years of being the blogging business and after series of researches done on my own, I’ve decided to divide the different ways of making money blogging under 3 broad headings:

1. Make Money Blogging through Monetizing Your Knowledge

This is actually one of the biggest and more profitable ways many are making money from their blogs. If you have some specialized knowledge that others are willing to pay for, you can start a blog and package your knowledge in such a way that you charge for it.

Some of the ways of monetizing your knowledge is through creating and selling ebooks, running a paid membership-style blog, offering online training programs and courses, etc.

2. Make Money Blogging through Monetizing Your Audience

When many talk about making money from their blogs this is actually what they have in mind. The idea here is to create a high traffic blog and then find ways of making money of the traffic to the blog.

Some of the ways of monetizing your blog audience is through promoting affiliate products and services, selling advertising on your blog, adding Google adsense codes or other contextual link programs like Adlinks, Chitika, etc. You can also monetize your blog audience through email marketing, though this is common to all the systems.

The secret to making a success of this system is increasing your blog traffic and building an email list.

3. Make Money Blogging Offering Professional Services

This is another very lucrative way of making money with your blog. Frankly, it is the quickest way of making money blogging but on the downside, it requires selling your time. You will need to have some specialized knowledge which you can exchange for the money. For example, if you have built successful businesses in the past you can offer business consulting services. You can also offer freelance services using your blog as a launch pad.  You can check out my freelance content writing blog here.

Apart from having a positive attitude you will need to focus on providing results for your clients if you must succeed in this form of blogging business idea. Once you can do this, your blogging business will flourish!

Some Insider Tips for Making Money from Your Blog

Whatever the method you choose from the above list, the following tips will greatly enhance your success:

1. Choose a niche you’re passionate about – Making money blogging is not an easy route to building an online business. If you are not passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll find it difficult to stay the course. For this reason, go with your passion!

2. Build an SEO-optimized and aesthetically designed blog – Driving the right traffic to your blog is essential to your success. And search engine traffic is definitely the best traffic any day any time! But beyond that you also want your human visitors to “feel at home” when they visit your blog. Creating something appealing will help you do this.

3. Create valuable and helpful content – When it comes to marketing online content, they say, is king. But as I’ve always said, valuable content is actually what will give you the results you want. So learn how to showcase valuable content on your blog. This way your blog readers will find reason to visit again and again!

4. Market your blog the right way – Blog marketing is something that many bloggers are not keen on doing. While your blog is there to market your business, you also need to market your blog! You don’t expect to build a beautiful blog, create valuable content and then wait for the traffic to come. You must go out there and promote your blog. This is the only way you can grow your blog following and once this is done, you can make money from the blog.

5. Don’t just be a blogger, be an entrepreneur – Many bloggers are afraid to sell on their blogs. If you truly want to make money with your blog then learn the science of selling using a blog. And you need the mind of an entrepreneur to do this. Of course, you can be helpful on your blog while offering your blog audience the opportunity of buying your referred products. Done well, it becomes a win, win for you and your blog readers – they get valuable info and resources that will help make their life better and you get your fair of earnings from your efforts!

The above is my own concise guide to making money blogging. of course, someone may present this in another way or even pad it up with more content, design some great and attention grabbing salesletter and ask you to get it for a one-time investment of $67, but the fact is if you truly understand what is in this guide and follow it through, making money with your blog will become an enjoyable thing.

I truly hope you do!

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