[INFOGRAPHIC] Will These Social Media Relics Rise Again?

There is no doubt that social media has changed a whole lot of things in recent times – whether online or offline. For example, if you are in business and you are not using social media, it is definite that you are behind the competition.

Of course, Politicians, sportsmen and women and of course Pop stars are not left out of this social media rave. But we all know that this was not the case a few years ago. Unfortunately, in the teething years of social media, there were social media platforms that tried all they could to stay afloat but today these have either drowned or at the moment, clutching to whatever is handy to stay on.

MySpace was once the place where all the cool kids hung out, but a cluttered homepage and faulty spam filter allowed Facebook to move in and steal the social network crown. In 2009, the site had only 75 million monthly users which may sound like a lot until you compare it to Facebook’s 200 million.

MySpace has now rebranded itself as a social music platform for both established and emerging artists, and it received an unlikely boost in the form of pop star Justin Timberlake who bought the website for $35 million in 2011 and now co-owns it with Specific Media. In 2012, the FTC charged the site with sharing user’s personal information as well as spying on their browsing habits.

Despite the controversy, MySpace still has a legion of loyal fans that would love to see the social relic rise again, and the new owners have poured over $20 million into an advertising campaign to try and make that happen.

Whether MySpace can snatch power back from its archenemy remains to be seen, but new features such as an iPhone app that allows users to create their own playlists may help to make it relevant once again.

In this infographic, we want to take some time off to pay homage to these wonderful “kids” who tried to make our lives a little livelier!


Will These Social Media Relics Rise Again? by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Over to you: What do you think? Do you see any prospect of these social media “kids” taking the stage again?

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