What Does It Really Take To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

All over the world, there is a growing desire among the populace for financial and personal independence. More and more people are stepping out of the conventional job to start and run their own businesses.  It wouldn’t therefore be a surprise if you find yourself toying with the idea of starting your own right now. It’s simply an indication that you’ve got stung by the entrepreneurial bug!

But the question is why this increased quest for financial independence?

While different reasons can be adduced for this, for some people it’s simply a matter of a necessity. For example, where an individual is faced with financial demands as a result of some outward circumstances like injuries, or the lost of a regular job, as is being witnessed in all economies around the world, there is no other alternative for such a one than to seek for other sources of income.

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The unfortunate thing however is that of the many who wants to strike it out on their own only a few really know what it takes to succeed as an . This has resulted in many failing even before they start. In this article I want to reveal some of the specific skills and mental discipline an aspiring business owner needs to possess before attempting to take on the challenge of running their own business.

But first, if you’re in this category of aspiring entrepreneurs I’ll advice that you quickly take down the dwp phone number because it’ll indeed help ease your path forward to your entrepreneurial . There’s no doubt that there are challenges along the way but you’ll find the help to overcome the challenges.

The Essential Skills and Mental Discipline Necessary for Entrepreneurial Success

Consistency and reliability are two important qualities that an entrepreneur should have, along with persistence. Additional requirements like the ability to sell, being able to read your market and anticipate the demand correctly are key factors that can determine your success.

Before you begin to invest in an idea, you need to make sure you have done a thorough assessment of the risks and returns of your intended course of action.Once again there are great resources available that offer good recommendations in the steps you need to take to get an idea of how well your idea will be received, before you put your money into it.

This is called testing the market.

Entrepreneur's Success QuotesA positive response to your trial runs is a gauge to your chances of success, an indicator as to how sensible your investment will be. Every business launch has an element of risk attached to it. The trick is to make it as much of a calculated risk as possible. Bringing down the odds of failing and raising the odds of success.

Once you have completed the basic steps of establishing viability, and drawn a positive result, all that remains is a practical plan of action to implement the provisioning of your product or service. This is the core of your business venture. Putting it all into action. This is where discipline really comes into play.

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Adherence to time frames and a sense of urgency are the forces you will need to move your business forward. This is one of the most crucial junctions in determining your future. Your ability to get yourself, and others to stick to the plan.

Some Entrepreneurial Success Stories of Our Times:

Before drawing the curtain on this article it will be a good idea to draw your attention to some outstanding entrepreneurial success stories. I’m sure these stories will help you inspire you as you step out on this journey.

1. – This is a village in rural India which was miraculously transformed by the small idea of one Anna Hazare. Impoverishment and poverty vanished just by a single thought about the amount of rainfall the village receives every day. He started by harvesting rainfall in sheds and everything else followed:

• Water conservation

• Increase in farming produce

• Increase in biomass

• Increase in per capita income

• Even industrial development

2. – Who does not know about this networking giant of our day! It started off just as an idea by the Winkle Voss brothers to create a social network with “exclusivity” as the main distinction from others. There were many other social networks in operation at the time.  But Just this little idea “exclusivity”  which made it unique gave birth to the following”

Zuckerberg on Entrepreneurship• An approximately 100 billion dollar company

• Many new overnight millionaires

• The world’s youngest billionaire

• Thousands of jobs

• A new pastime for more than half the population of the world

The above examples must be enough to make you believe that big differences can really be made by the simplest of ideas. But it is seriously recommended not to narrow your horizon but to think freely and be ready to act on the good creative ideas you get. No matter how small or simple they are, they just might work somewhere else.

Now your thoughts:

I’ve tried to both motivate and inspire you to step out on your entrepreneurial journey with this article. I’ll love to know your thoughts as an entrepreneur. What success skills do you think are necessary that I’ve not touched in this article? Share with us in your below.


  1. Useful and informative. Looking forward to read more on this topic.

  2. Hello Bella, I must say it is a great article and it make me energetic . I’m just about to start my entrepreneurial journey so I haven’t anything to share with you as my personal experience. But I would to say that I fall in love with your mentioned below lines…

    “But it is seriously recommended not to narrow your horizon but to think freely and be ready to act on the good creative ideas you get. No matter how small or simple they are, they just might work somewhere else.”

  3. You have mentioned about “Ralegaon Siddhi” while putting your points. This place is in India and being an Indian I must to salute you that you choose it to explain the utility of journey of entrepreneurship.

    Even I’ll shared it with my facebook and other social platforms as most of the indians like me isn’t aware about this. They know “Ralegaon Siddhi” just because of Anna Hazare popularity.

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