Why Are You Not Making Money With Your Blog?

Blogging and make money blogging is one topic that is common among bloggers. Unfortunately, despite the much purported big earnings quoted by many bloggers only a few TRULY making anything worthwhile from their blogs!

I’m very much aware that this subject of making money with your blog has been dealt with by different persons; however I still believe that there is something that many are missing out. While many of the posts that discuss this subject want to offer tips on how to make money with your blog, I truly believe that the problem goes far beyond that. Or, if you doubt this, why is that despite the many tips offering ways to make money blogging many bloggers are still struggling to do so?

Don’t you think there is something responsible?

The Slave Mentality and Making Money Blogging!

Don't be slave to your blog!

When hundreds of years ago, well meaning men and women in different countries of the world rose up and advocated for the abolition of slavery, it is clear that they did a good service for humanity.  This is because the evils of slavery go beyond the physical violence.

It has been proven that the damaging psychological effects that the institution of slavery can have on a person far outweigh the physical effects. This can result in mental shackles that only a miracle can bring the desired freedom!

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Now, I believe strongly that the biggest reason why many bloggers are not making money from their blogs is because of their mindset. They are incapacitated in their minds, not knowing what to do and how to go about it and so, have become slaves to their blogs!

Indeed, many are online because they desire freedom – this could be financial freedom, freedom of choice, freedom to do what they want and when they want!  But, think about it, when you slave it all year round on your blog without making anything from it, where is the financial freedom?

Frankly, as a blogger you need mental emancipation if you truly want to achieve your dream of making money blogging. And as Bob Marley put it, “Only you can emancipate yourself from mental slavery!”

You must recognize your blog as a vehicle for achieving your desired freedom.  Spending days and nights pushing out blog posts, engaging with peers, working the social media and at the end have nothing to show for it, is not good enough!

Stop being a slave to your blog!

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So, how can you emancipate yourself from this mental slavery as a blogger?

I have a few suggestions for you:

1.  Stop Treating Your Blog As A Hobby Instead Of A Business!

A business is a business. A hobby is a hobby. They can never be one and the same! Unless, you learn to treat your blog as a business it will continue to run without any monetary value. One thing you must understand is that every business exists to create customers. And so, if your blog is not creating customers then you are heading on the wrong direction. Take a second look at what you are doing on your blog; are you handling it with a business mentality? If not, it is time to do so!

Why you are not making money with your blog!

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2.  You Must Learn To Take Responsibility

One thing that is sure about a slave is the fact that he has no capacity, or better still, he is not allowed to make decisions for himself.  As a blogger you must not allow this to happen to you. When others dictate the direction of your blog, you will find it difficult to achieve your dream of financial freedom with your blog. Many would want to dictate how you must monetize your blog while others would outright frown at you attempting to monetize your blog! But may I say that the onus of making that blog a money earner is on you! Either you’re ready to take up that responsibility or someone else will dictate for you. So, ask yourself again, why did you start that blog in the first place?

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3. Push for the Right Traffic

Hmm, traffic! What a sweet sound to the ears!

Of course, traffic has been referred to as the holy grail of making money online. But as I have said before on other occasions, the quality of your blog’s traffic matters a lot when it comes to making money blogging.

My good friend Theodore did a post a few days ago where he asked the question:  “Blog Comments Count: Does it Equates to Traffic?” I ask that you go and read it and also look out for my comment on that post!

The question you will want to ask here is how do you drive the right traffic to your blog?

The simply solution is to invest in SEO! I know many bloggers don’t want to hear that word but it is really a big determinant to what you can make from your blog. Apart from getting valuable traffic that are interested in what you are offering on your blog, it will also help advertisers to decide on placing their adverts on your blog. Knowing the basics of SEO is enough as a blogger except you want to offer SEO services.

4. Decide On Something To Sell On Your Blog!

Now, you may be wondering what I mean by this. But think of it, when you look at your blog can you point to any product or service that you are selling? So, what business is out there do you think that does not have a product or service that it is selling?

Of course, you may want to rationalize that you are building the traffic before you know what product or service to offer. But have you thought about it if businesses in the really world first set up their ware houses before thinking of what product or service to sell? Unfortunately, this is one blogging advice we must take with a pint of salt.  Decide on your product or service and build your blog around it! This way you will be able to really have a focus as you move on with your blog.

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Let me end this post by giving you a classical example of the potential of a typical blog.

In 2005, an American woman started a political blog. Seven years later that blog became so popular that AOL purchased it for a whopping $315 million and added it to its other online blog assets.

That blog? The Huffington Post.

Now, why would AOL dish out such a fortune for a blog?

Three key elements are responsible:

1. Its global influence.

2. Its advertising revenue.

3. Its huge traffic – Huffington Post’s traffic today is measured at over 77 million visitors per month!

So, can you replicate this feat? Whether yes or no, you must understand that your blog influence, its advertising revenue and traffic will determine how much you can make from it.

The point here is that you should work on your blog with the mind of building a business so, whether you are thinking of selling it later on or you just want to make some money from it right now, your dream will be a reality!

Over to You: I’ll love to know what you think of these ideas on making money with your blog. Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.


  1. Why Are You Not Making Money With Your Blog?

    My simple answer is your are lazy.

    Actually, That is the most common reason. Many new bloggers want to make money very easily.

    • @Raplus,

      I agree with you there Raplus. Laziness is really robbing many bloggers the joy of earning from their blogs. But, as much as that may be reason, I really will not say someone who researches topics every week, write content every week, runs around the blogosphere nearly every day posting comments and yet make nothing, is really lazy. The problem is deeper than that.

      Like I pointed out in the post, I think it is just a matter of attitude. Once the right attitude is in place everything will fall into place.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hello Chadrack,

    Many blogging bloggers came to the blogging world because they believe that they can make 6 figures while blogging, so they rush and eventually crash. The thing is, blogging is like a step, the more you’re in the game, the more your level increases.

    Making money with your blog is not a day job. you will have to build your loyalist, get subscribers, improve your writing skill and above all “traffic”. because to me traffic have helped my blog getting money because i am using Google adsense

    I just joined the affiliate world and i am hopping to see greater result as i have been seeing improvement.
    Nice post. I actually did love the read. Have yourself a nice weekend 🙂

    • @Babanature,

      Great insight. Definitely it takes patience and hard work to make money with a blog. But the problem I’m dealing with are those who still hold a mindset that making money with a blog is a wrong thing or those who are torn between this two opinion. As long as the mind is not working with you on this, there can never be any good returns.

      It is good that your moving gradually towards achieving your dreams which is a good thing. Because you are headed the right direction you will definitely get there.

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

  3. Frankly speaking Chadrack,
    I felt like shading tears while reading this post because, this is what many people are doing unknowingly. most people are stucked on the rat race without knowing it and few that knows it don’t know how to get out of it.

    I think bloggers should just sit back and sort many things out. They really have to figure out what their end goals with their blog is that way, they will be in a better position to know where to work more on.

    SEO is really very important if a blog must succeed.

    I just wish more bloggers will read this post.

    Thanks for sharing and, thanks a lot for the mention too :).

    • @Theodore Nwangene,

      That really is the truth, sit down and sort things out. I think if anyone will do this the picture will be more clearer and then the way forward will be easy. You definitely need to know where you are going if you must get there.

      Good luck to you my friend. You’ll definitely get to your destination!

  4. Hi Chadrack

    I think most bloggers need to read this article. I do not think not making money for bloggers has anything to do with laziness (sorry Raplus), I think it has a lot to do with lack of knowledge and clarity.

    There are bloggers who blog for fun too. I know several who do not want to make money from their blog. A bit unbelievable but true.

    For many also their blog is to have a presence online and they make their money from other means. When I started my blog it was to do just that. I wanted to learn online marketing and was advised to have a blog. I had no idea what I was doing when I started.

    A great post and great advice Chadrack.


    • @Sue Price,

      Oh that’s really some insight into this matter. Of course, I’m really surprised by those who want to blog and not make anything from it. Of course, when I see such a one using any of the free blogging platforms I understand but for someone who is selfhosted and yet do not want to make anything out of it? Ridiculous!

      I must admit you have a great blog and for the purpose you starting it, I think you are progressing in the right direction. I’m also sure that you did not just want to learn internet marketing for its sake. There must be some reason for it? Now, that shows that your blog is to fulfill that ultimate reason which I can presume is also to help you build something that will bring in the money!

      So, all in all, it’s about making money with a blog.

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

  5. HI Chadrack,

    Thank you for sharing your insights. I agree with a lot of what you said. In particular, we should treat blogging as part of our business plan. Consistent efforts and engagement will create a ‘virtual shop front’ for visitors.

    As you mentioned, blog influence is global. When the blog attracts lots of visitors, there are certainly many ways to monetize 🙂

    Great insights, Chadrack! Thank you for sharing!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

    • @Viola Tam,

      It’s really a pleasure that you understand perfectly the import of this post. It’s unfortunate that many bloggers start out without really having any plan for their blog. I believe that in a situation where the purpose and plan for the blog is settled ahead of time and the blog is treated that way, success is better assured.

      I know that many start their blogs because they just want a place to express their views. They really do not want to make money with their blogs. But these are not the type of bloggers I addressed in this post. If you are here to make money with your blog then treat it as a business. Provide value with your blog but then ensure you are working to achieve that.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. Hey Chadrack,

    There are so many reasons people don’t make money with their blogs. To me the first one is that they haven’t been given the right information which is why they continue to do so many things that are wrong. I use to be one of them so I totally get this.

    I also know that there are people who don’t necessarily want to make money with their blogs but use it more as a tool to connect with others. So I guess my instance would be a little different.

    It definitely has to be treated like a business though. I know this is an area that a lot of people still have issue with. I mean it’s fun and enjoyable, blogging. But if you aren’t serious about it then you’ll never get very far with it either.

    All great points Chadrack so thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m sure you’ve woken up a few people with this one.


    • @Adrienne,

      I agree with you on the point of not having the right information. This is actually a big problem. During these years of marketing online I’ve come to realize that most of what we call free information, especially in the internet marketing circles, are nothing but covert systems designed at bringing more gains to those promote out them out there. And this being so, everyone of these information are skewed in way or the other because of that financial gain involved. So, when you get any information on the net you will need to have the wisdom and insight to sieve the information and then use the right one. I’m sure this is what many now call the problem of information overload! I truly desire to see more people know this truth. That’s the reason for posts like this one!.

      On your point about those who do not want to make money with their blogs but desire to use such for connecting with others, I actually have problems with this. Yes, there are those who do not want to make money with their blogs. But most of the ones I have seen in this group use free blogging platforms. They never care to buy a domain name, buy hosting accounts, spend money on some premium wordpress theme and, most especially, spend everyday of their lives researching and updating their blogs.

      If anyone will go into all this “trouble” then their “connecting with others” actually have some other motive. And if that is the case then I also believe that that motive or purpose should also be clearly laid out from the beginning. This is where being business-like is very important.

      This post approaches this topic from the angle that those who spend money running their selfhosted blogs are actually building an asset they hope to make money from along the line and so they should settle this from the beginning. It’s really a pleasure that you recognize this also. I do hope many of us are really listening.

  7. Excellent and useful post! Well, investment of money, knowledge or effort is must to see good outputs. Indeed, linking with line-minded bloggers by blog commenting, social networking etc, is very essential to get blog known in the blogsphere and to drive web traffic.

    • @Vernon Roth,

      I agree with you Vermon, investing money in your is a way of showing that you take it real serious. Besides, that investment will give you a reason to make it work for you!

      Thanks for the comment.

  8. Most newbie have the misconception that once they are able to setup a blog and write some posts, money will be coming in and after waiting for some times and never make money they give up. Making money on the internet requires passion, hardworking, consistence, persistence and lastly investment. The truth is nothing come for free. People don’t want to spent money on domain name, hosting, advertisement and so on but expecting to make money online. Few people do his and make money but I have realized that majority do not make money because of the method called “ease in ease out” they used. Thanks for the post, it is an eye opener to those who are ready for the job.

    • @Ojekunle,

      Truly love that piece about, “ease in ease out!” This is one big problem for many. Starting a blog is very easy and abandoning your blogging passion is even much easier! If only most people will realize that it takes time to make money with a blog many more will be successful bloggers.

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. Right , making money with blogging require several stuffs than hobby . You must concentrate on blog sphere to do that . reading other blogs of you niche is more important that writing only on you blog . Thanks fro sharing this tip

    • @Amrish,

      Thanks for joining the conversation. Truth is all of us are learning this game and any tip that will be of help is something worth sharing. I’m really pained to see that many bloggers despite the hours and energy they put in everyday, nothing much is realized from their efforts.

      I think something more drastic should be done so that better results are realized.

  10. Hi Chadrack,
    It’s really matter to be disappointed for me that most of Bloggers are earning money with their Blog but I’m not earning money with my Blog ! Chadrack, I had Google Ad sense account but it has been removed due to some reason (i don’t know reason’s) on three time 🙁

  11. interesting and help full post for me thanks for sharing this post.

  12. You seem to have left out laziness,this account for why most so called bloggeers cant make a dime from their blog

  13. Great concern about making money online , I wish you will post another concept .

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