Released And Redirected? Now Stay Focused!

Focus is the secret key to your business success!

Today is the twelfth day of our 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration series which means it is the last day!

I must say it has been a journey that has touched my heart. I hope you have gained from it just as I have.

The journey has helped in reevaluating our business’s mission and purpose, it has helped us to jettison every unproductive activity and redirect our business operations. It has also touched on some areas of our personal lives. If for any reason you have not read any of the posts I sincerely plead with you to do so. Click here for the full list and read the ones you have not read.

Today’s post is about staying focused. Yes, we have touched this severally during this series but considering the fact that it is such an important issue when it comes to building a successful business, I want to round off the 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration with it!

Are You Considering Changes In The New Year?

Someone has defined insanity as: doing the same thing and expecting a different result!

If that is indeed true is it then not enough to consider some changes in the New Year? Of course, we know that even when we say change is the only constant thing in life the fact still remains that we resent change like a plague! But the truth still stands that if you are going to make any meaningful impact in 2013, there must be changes.

Knowing what to focus on requires know what should change. And so here are two things you must do:

1. Look At Your Relationships

You cannot succeed alone. You need a team, just as someone said: “A dream is a compelling vision you see in your heart, that’s too big to accomplish without the help of others.”

Now, that is very true. You need people to work with however, you must understand that whoever these people are they must be identified and managed accordingly. They may be partners or patrons, clients or critics. Whatever they are, each needs to be handled differently.

As we have said before it is not about activities but productivity.  Whoever is in your team or whoever you chose to work with will determine if you are simply working some activity or producing results. And so, as the New Year approaches you may need to do what someone was reported to have done some time ago. The story has it that this particular man left a message on his answering machine which read:

“I’m not available right now. I’m making some changes in my life. Please leave a message after the beep. If I don’t return your call, you are one of the changes!”

That indeed is wisdom!

2. Keep Things Focused

There will always be a “to do” list but your concern should really be, which of these is helping me towards my dreams?

You have been working on that business for some time now and so you definitely know what has brought you good results in the past. Why not focus on those things? Every tactic or strategy out there is not for you. If it worked for someone who said it did, that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Stop seeking the latest opportunity. Be disciplined enough to say “no” when someone else wants to push you into doing what you know will not move your business forward.

Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great” wrote:

“Most of us lead busy but undisciplined lives. We have ever expanding ‘to do’ lists, trying to build momentum by doing, doing, doing. But it rarely works. Those who built the good to great companies made as much use of ‘stop doing’ lists as ‘to do’ lists. They displayed a remarkable discipline to unplug from all sorts of extraneous junk and channel their resources into only one or a few areas.”

And that indeed is another good wisdom for the new year!


If these 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration series will be of any help to you, you must put these two suggestions into use; building a successful business demands building the right relationships and doing the right things at the right time. You must work to rediscover why you are here which will help you decide who and who should be on your team – either as cheerleaders or mentors. Make your own rules and decide on what activities to focus on daily. You can indeed make 2013 truly awesome!

I love you and I wish you a prosperous 2013!

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