12 Days Of Christmas Inspiration – Day 2: Why Are You Here?

A few years ago, after a period of self assessment and much reflections,  I suddenly realized that for everything we do, there is always a “why.” As soon as I realized that I went on to set out a personal mission for my life!

However, when I started my online business instead of putting my life mission into consideration before starting, I was more concerned by the financial returns and the promised internet life style. Luckily I realized soon enough how futile this could be without really aligning my business with my personal mission and purpose.

That was when I had to take a step backward and review my business activities. Today everything I do, both on this blog and my other sites, is now driven by my personal mission and vision rather than monetary gains.

The Web Income Journal is actually an extension of my personal mission which is to: inspire and empower as many as come in contact with me helping them to be more successful both in their personal and professional lives. Over the years I’ve found my life to be more meaningful doing this. This series of 12 days of Christmas inspiration is simply a product of this “WHY.”

Day 2 of our 12 days of Christmas inspiration

Today, I want you to reflect on this and ask yourself, why are you truly here?

Why are you online?

Why do you blog?

Why are you in that business?

If your “WHY” is only to make the money, you will need to think again because money is transient.

You should pursue joy. You should pursue lasting peace. Unfortunately, from the record of men, money alone cannot provide any of these.

What will bring you peace and lasting joy is when you pursue that which is not contrary to the laws of God and man; for greatness can only thrive on the soil of peace and harmony!

Sow good seeds into people’s lives and you will reap a harvest of glory. Someone said it rightly this way: “If you can help as many people get what they want, you too can get whatever you want!

In this season of Christmas when we once again reflect on the birth of Jesus, the Christ of God, it is the right time to reflect also on why we are here. Jesus knew from the word go why he was here and throughout his earthly life he lived to fulfill that why. Everything he did was centered on that why.

Whether you have made your plans for year 2013 or you are still in the process of making that plan, I dare to say that this is the right time to once again reflect on WHY you are here and how you are fulfilling that WHY with your online business.

Note this: When You Get The Why Correct, The How To Make It Happen And The What For Making It Happen Will Come Easily To You!

Go and succeed. 2013 will yield to you your heart’s desires!

Your friend,
Chadrack Irobogo

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