Simple Tactics To Use Social Networks To Boost Traffic!

Social networking sites are presently very excellent channels to boost your website’s or blog’s traffic. Regardless of the social media you are using, it helps you stay in contact with your friends, receive the latest updates and news about your favourite topics and so on.

However, to ensure that you make good success of using social networks in driving traffic, there are a few things you will need to focus on. In this article I want t o share with you the following tips that will help you as a business in driving traffic with your social media network.

1. Post every day:

To have constant relationships with your existing customers and to get more number of potential customers start posting content on your website and on social networking channels regularly. Join the conversations on your content, encourage your readers to share that content with their friends by posting content on niche and interesting topic.

2. Social sharing tools:

Include different types of social sharing tools on your blog or website. This approach will help you in combining multiple social network channels, bookmarking sites into single tool and makes ease of sharing. Follow certain rules of different social networking channels, don’t break them.

3. Engage with your customers:

Always inform your customers about your upcoming updates and latest news. If possible place a link that includes information about your product at the end of your comment. If a customer replies to your information be sure to answer quickly, this helps in gaining trust and reputation towards your business.

4. Facebook:

Usage of Facebook in online business has become very popular as it provides many favourable results to increase your website traffic. A Facebook fan page can be the best place to boost your online business sales by increasing traffic. The following are a few tips to increase website traffic with a Facebook fan page.

  • Create a Facebook profile using your company name
  • Create an “Add” on your page and give a link at the bottom that navigates to your website
  • Get a large number of the fan base for your page
  • Once you get them, try advertising your business or affiliate products to get more sales from traffic

Similarly follow the same approach with all other networking channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr and so on where there is a scope of getting more traffic.

5. Social bookmarking sites:

These days social bookmarking has become one of the popular ways to increase website exposure. Before using this approach understand what is social bookmarking and how to make use of it to get more website traffic. The following are a few tips that help in boosting website traffic with the help of social bookmarking.

  • Create a list of the popular bookmarking sites; include Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit and so on
  • Sign up with such sites
  • Submit your blog or web pages to different bookmarking sites
  • Offer unique and informative content on your site


Social media offer limitless opportunities but most people do not know how to take an advantage of them in bringing out huge traffic to their sites. In order to get traffic from these sites social media optimisation (SMO) is necessary, there are many factors that are included in SMO. If you need any fiscal for SMO try considering a bad debt loan to get instant cash irrespective of your credit score.

How effective has your social media traffic strategies been? Share with us in your comments below.

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