Simple Tips On Profiting With Online Business Opportunities

[Editor’s note: This is post is a guest post reacting to one of my posts on possible online business opportunities. There is indeed, great wisdom in this post I therefore ask that you read it through!]

I have been reflecting on your post about great business opportunities online. I agree that the internet is a goldmine. But what I find difficult to digest is the fact that everyone tries to make it look like a cakewalk – as if you merely have to grab an opportunity and lo and behold, you become rich overnight. Wish it were so easy but it isn’t.  There are four important ingredients which can make your online business successful.

opportunities abound but what you do is more important!

Subject Matter Expertise

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider before jumping into the online fray. But most of us run after what looks like a home run. Most of the online businesses are successful because the owner knows what he or she is talking about. I often see blogs which are on finance, student loans, pay day loans and such which don’t provide any useful information. They are there because the blogger or owner feels that they can make money by writing on finance. This is the perfect wrong approach. You will get people to read your blog or buy only if you provide genuine stuff – not recycled misinformation. What you must do is to provide great information which is unique – even if it’s about growing asparagus in your backyard.

Knowledge of SEO

We will be in a fool’s paradise if we think that we can become successful online without knowledge of SEO. I would rate this knowledge as critical. You must know your keywords. You must know page rank. You must know Alexa. You must understand the dynamics of driving traffic to your website. You must understand the difference between Google Panda and Penguin (other than knowing that they are cute animals). If you don’t know any of these, you are doomed. I find it quite funny and sometimes wonder how we have become victims of Google. It doesn’t matter what you do. You simply have to fall in line with Google search. It’s quirky, biased, eccentric and confounding. Still there is no way you can avoid Google.


This is indeed, another big factor which determines your success online. Most of us somehow feel that once you have developed a smashing website or blog you simply have to step back and watch the cash pour in. And when it doesn’t (which is the most likely outcome) people quickly lose interest and move on. Not only should you keep watering the plants but also nurture them if you want them to yield fruit. Online business requires continuous and steady promotion. You have to keep working at it – day in and day out.


Never underestimate the virtue of patience. It takes a year or years for your online business to stabilize. If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not the place for you.


Ultimately, whether it’s online or traditional business, you have to know your marbles. Don’t jump into an online business just because someone else has become successful. Avoid herd mentality. Find your own niche. Final bit of advice – do what you love. It’s love which makes the world go around.

Signing off with lots of love!

It’s now your turn. Do you agree with the points raised or do you think there’s something important left out? Feel free to share with us in your comments below!

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