An Innovative Way How Blog Commenting Can Make You an A-list Blogger!

Blog commenting make you a blogging superstar? I’m sure you may have said, you’re joking to that right? But the truth is that blog commenting is can sure give that status if you will use it wisely.

Now hear this, “Build it and they will come” is dream you just have to come out from if you are thinking of building a superstar status as blogger

I honestly hope you are not still swallowing that version of ‘wisdom,’ or are you?

The truth is, blogging is no longer the ‘shoot and you will hit something’ stuff it used to be. There are now hundreds of millions of blogs out there, almost 80,000,000 powered by WordPress alone.

That means there are probably thousands of related blogs out there, a lot of them with ideas as strong as yours.

So, how do you get your ideas to stand out and have a chance to breathe?

I know your lack of comments, tweets and shares likely has nothing to do with the strength of your ideas. Your posts are of high quality, and may hold their own in the company of the best of the best – it’s just that no one seems to bother reading them.

How do you get that initial audience for your new blog and save yourself from the curse of post after post without audience interaction?

Simply put, you need people. People to love, hate, agree, disagree, tweet, share, stumble over and upon your posts.

The question is, where can you find an audience that fits that profile?

Blogging commenting tactics for success!

Need Comments? Comment on other Blogs!

Remember the golden rule?

If you need an audience, you have to look for bloggers in the same dilemma as yourself and help them solve their audience problem – by sharing, tweeting and commenting on their posts.

It is as simple as that.

That is how to kick start a relationship that will sustain your blog for years to come.

Think about this: Who is more likely to notice your comment on his blog, an A-list blogger with 70+ comments per post or a new bloger with about 10?

The answer should be obvious.

In implementing your blog commenting strategy, you want to keep in mind that your blog is a kingdom, and you are an ambassador seeking strategic alliances with future investors.

How should that realization affect the quality of your comments?

Make a rule never to leave a comment that adds nothing to the discussion. Your strategy should be far north of going about telling people how you agree with them, or how great their posts are, or how pretty their site is.

If you want to be treated with respect, you have to earn it. Leave comments that show the author of the post that you took time out to actually read the post and that you have something to add.

Of course, that will require that the post itself inspires a response, so make it easier on yourself by choosing blogs you will comment on wisely.

In my experience, it is easier to make friends that become readers of your blog from blogs still on the same growth stage as your own blog. So search out 15 to 20 of such blogs and leave insightful comments on them regularly.

Every comment counts as an investment and before long, those blog owners and some of their readers will notice and seek to correct the ‘balance of trade’ by commenting regularly on your posts.

At the same time, continue commenting on a handful of A-list blogs that you love. This will get you name recognition with the A-list bloggers in your niche, and that is important if they are to make way for you in their exclusive space.

Tip: Target CommentLuv blogs for quick results. They are usually patrolled by bloggers who take their commenting strategy seriously.

That would mean leaving insightful comments on the blogs of commenters on your target blog.

How to Get a Huge List of Commenting Blogs

My number one strategy to gather blogs for my comments list is to scout the comment sections of popular blogs.

Those who take the time to leave insightful comments on the blogs of others usually have something important to say on their own blogs.

I typically open the blogs of commenters who leave insightful comments, and if the posts on the blog are as good as the comments of the owners, I add them to my “comments network” list.

It is better to focus on smaller blogs with an average comment count of 10-15 per page. This is so as to give your comment maximum visibility as opposed to having it tucked away in a post with 78 comments.

Final Word

We all want to have insanely popular blogs, so we love reading popular blogs.

Our success however lies in how far we take the small-time but quality bloggers along. Identify bloggers with something to say and help them on their way to blogging stardom.

As you show them the way, therein will you find yours!

Or, what do you think? Would you rather concentrate on a-list blogs where the comments run into pages or you would invest your efforts on blogs where you will be noticed and your kind gesture reciprocated?

Share you views with us in your comments below.

Photo credit: Flickr user  Ed Yourdon

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