Social Media Marketing – Is Being Self-Taught Really A Problem?

Social Media Marketing - Go Pro or Go Home!

Social media marketing is presently the buzz word for online marketers. And this is not a surprise because; businesses have discovered that with social media you can reach a wider market at a minimal cost.

The simplicity and ease of entry has made many small and medium sized businesses to take to social media marketing as an option of reaching the vast online market.

Today, on our community discussion, I want us to discuss an issue raised in a survey by the Social Media Marketing University that has to do with small businesses using social media.

The Social Media Marketing University, a social media training firm, recently surveyed entrepreneurs, executives, marketing pros, and social media practitioners, and discovered that 65% of those presently using social media campaigns are self-taught.

Now, to me, this is not a surprise because we all know that social media is still in its infancy and social media marketing had not really been an academic subject until of recent when a few business schools are adding it to their curriculum.

In fact, the 65% result is truly a conservative figure by me!

So, my grouse is not really with that 65% but a blog post on their company website titled, “For Social Media Marketing, Go Pro or Go Home,” which suggest that, except you have some academic training and certified as such, you would be doing more harm than good with your social media marketing.

Of course, I understand the need of  becoming an expert in what you do but most times, as seen in most online successes, becoming an expert do not really come from some academic training. Expertise could come from “from the trenches” experiences rather than a classroom.

Understandably, the Social Media Marketing University, as a training institute, desires to see more social media marketers taking up their training courses, but that does not mean self-taught social media marketers do not have a chance succeeding with social media marketing. In fact, many are already achieving outstanding success.

Indeed, this might just be my own views.

And so, I’m bringing this before the community for us to discuss it further.

      1. Do you agree that being self-taught is a problem to succeeding with social media marketing?
      2. Do you really agree that with Social Media Marketing, you either go Pro or Go Home?

As usual, feel free to air your thoughts. Post your views in your comments below.

(NOTE: Besides this issue, the blog post has some very salient points and tips for small businesses using social media and so you may want to read it. Check it out here. For those who are new to our community time-out, it is a weekly – usually on Mondays – discussion time when we take up crucial topics we consider pertinent to our online success. You can suggest topics for discussion by using this form.)

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