Web Income Journal is back on Stream!

The past few days were nothing but heart-rending for me. If you had tried to visit your darling Web Income Journal on these few days you must have come across something like this:

Site under construction  image

But it was more than a routine maintenance work! It was a problem from which I thought the blog would never have recovered. In fact, I thought all the years of labor were gone and I would have to start all over again!

But with a heart full of joy I want to announce that your darling WebIncomeJournal.com is back on stream! And though a few data were lost, for example all the comments on the last post, “5 Amazing Hosting Tools to Analyze Blog Performance for Better Results!” were lost plus a few on other posts, I’m happy that everything is back to normal.

Ok, I must also mention that all the author details of all our contributors were also lost, but I hope these will be replaced later as all the contributors will be contacted to update their author details.

How It All Started

I’m sure you’ll want to know what really happened. And so, I’ll briefly let you in to what the problem was.

It all happened about a month ago when I started noticing an “Internal Server Error” on different occasions when I tried accessing the blog. Here’s a graphic of what I mean:

WebIncomeJournal back on stream!

At first, I thought it was just a problem that has to do with internet connection but when it persisted I had to contact my Webhost. After a few checks I was informed that the WebIncomeJournal was already using too much resources on the host server and if not handled it could lead to the site becoming totally not accessible!

Not understanding the difference between server resources and things like bandwidth and assigned web space, I was confused. I reasoned that since I was using a reseller account and the blog has not even used 3/4 of the assigned bandwidth despite the increased of traffic over the past few months, this should not happen.

However, I was informed that this is common with shared hosting plans and that the best option for me was to go for a VPS host, since that will better suit my needs.

Moving Files and the Associated Problem!

If you, at any time, had a reason to move from one house to another, you will definitely understand that there are a whole lot of problems that could come up. It’s definite that not everything will go with you. Besides, even among the things you expect to move, anything could happen that will result to some of the things never getting to your new destination.

That was exactly the picture of what happened in the course of moving the files to the new host. After scouting around and picking a host I considered suitable, both for the budget and the need at hand, I immediately made preparations to move the files. I actually planned the movement for the weekend so that the effect will not be too noticeable on the blog.

But that was not to be as things went haywire and the blog has to be offline for over a week because of the trouble that propped up during the move. What I calculated to take not more than 2 days later turned out to last for a whole week.

At first, it was a few files that missed the initial move and we had to revert to the old host to get those files. As you do know DNS nameservers take nothing less than 24 hrs to propagate and so this back and forth movement between the two host took put some extra time on the initial plan.

But then the main problem was that after everything was in place, I discovered that the blog was not displaying as I wanted. A final checkup uncovered a few other things that needed to be patched up!

All the same I’m glad that things are okay now though there are a few things that I’ll need to take care off in the coming days. As I mentioned earlier there are a few things that have been lost but it’s glad to know that that will not affect the general working of the blog.


I want to use this opportunity to sincerely apologize to you, our dear reader, for the inconvenience we may have caused you during this period. I know many of you tried to access the blog but met the “Maintenance” notice. Please, accept my apologies for not giving you a prior notice before the “blackout!” I’m truly sorry.

Besides, my sincere thanks goes to those of you who emailed me wanting to know what was going on. I appreciate your concern and love. Thank you very much for your words of encouragement.

It is a good thing that we are now back and we do hope our effort in making this an interactive community will be doubled in the coming days. I do promise that the WebIncomeJournal.com will never fail to continue with the good works it’s known for. And of course, that cannot happen without you. And so, I ask that you keep up your part of the community building effort.

Thank you all!

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