Dramatic Easter As A Once-Self Confessed Atheist Converts to Christianity!

Easter is once again here and in the spirit of the season I want to sincerely wish all my readers, that are celebrating, a happy Easter indeed! Easter is definitely the bedrock of Christianity as it marks the glorious event of God's great love to mankind.

As you celebrate my prayer for you is that may the power that raised up Christ Jesus from the dead work mightily in you as you work to fulfill your dreams online!

I have never really being religious in my posts in this blog but in the spirit of this Easter season, I want to relay a story that was a great inspiration to me. It definitely shows that the power of the glorious gospel of Jesus is still available today if only we will put it to use.

I've just read a story of one Patrick Greene, a die-hard atheist who a few months ago threatened to wage a legal war against the nativity scene in Henderson County in Athens, Texas.

A wonderful Easter graphic

Greene previously threatened to sue if the nativity scene was again erected on public land “to show that Christianity does not rule my state of Texas, the Constitution does. Christianity is only one of the many faiths represented in this state.” but now this same Greene has turned a Christian!

This is really a dramatic conversion that could be likened to that of Paul in the Bible. Paul who once was an oppressor of the Christian faith later became the most vibrant Apostle ever. However, while Paul's conversion came about by the intervention of the Lord Himself, Greene's resulted from the Christ-like action of the believers in Athens.

The report shows that while Patrick Greene was threatening with his law suit, he discovered that he was suffering from a serious eye condition that could lead to blindness as reported by the Friendly Atheist. The Christians in Athens on knowing of his situation rallied round and raised fund for him. At the end they were able to offer him $400 for groceries and other needs.

This simple act of kindness, which of course is a response to the commandment of the Lord to never retaliate a wrong but forgive those who wrong you and to pray for those who despitefully use you, caused Greene to re-think his atheistic inclinations.

Today Greene is not only a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ but the report indicates that he is considering going into Ministry. Hallelujah!

As you celebrate this Easter I think this is really a story that should inspire you. You may have recounted how the Lord Jesus prayed for those who were nailing Him to the cross on Good Friday. But do you remember that He has commanded us to do likewise?

Let the story of these Christians in Athens, Texas, once again remind you of the Lord's command. Live out the Easter life in everything you do. He rose that we may live a new life in Him. To Him be the glory.

Over to you: I don't know your faith but if this story in any way touches you, share your thoughts in the comment below.

  1. Wonderful post Chadrack!

    I loved the story you shared about Greene! I think that it was truly moving and how he changed to Christianity because of the kindness shown by others towards him.

    I guess people change on the split of a second if something really moves them, and in Greene’s case because he became blind and was helped by other Christians, that changed him from within. That self-realization must have come to him, and just as Christ always believed that forgive those who wrong you, and instead pray for those who use you – he started following in his footsteps.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, which is something you have never done on the blog before, but something that is wonderful indeed. 🙂

    Happy Easter 🙂

    • @Harleena Singh,

      Please apologies for this late reply. I was really moved when I read the story. Here was a guy who so believed in his own understanding that there is no God and was ready to “stand up” for his beliefs. And then in a dramatic turn-around he now accepts what he was so much against! It is really touching.

      What has happened to him and of course, the actions of the believers there clearly shows that if only we who call ourselves believers will truly live out the life of the faith, the world will be touched more than the noise we make in the name of preaching the gospel. The LORD definitely knows the power of turning the other cheek if not He wouldn’t have encouraged us to do so.

      Besides, this shows that many who follow the way of opposition to the Church do it out of frustration with the system. All the arguments and senseless reasoning that many of them put up are only a front for their frustration. Only the truth revealed both in our actions and words can really penetrate those twisted beliefs.

      Frankly, this is greatest message I heard this Easter season!

  2. Wow great article! To hear things like that are happening makes me very happy and hopeful. While he is just one man the way it came about was just wonderful. I hope you had a great Easter!

    • @Steven Papas,

      It was indeed a happy Easter for me hearing of this news. Nothing interested me more than this story. And I’m really glad that I’ve people like you who share this joy with me. Thanks for the comment and Happy Easter in arrears!

  3. It’s really dramatic when a person learns and knew where he should belong.

    • @Alison,

      “when a person learns and knew where he should belong” I truly love that. That is really a good way to put it. This is really where He belongs but like the prodigal son, he had been with the wrong crowd! All the same we must thank God for the believers who were open to the Lord in using them to touch the life of this man.

      I think all of us must also be open the working of the Holy Spirit so that He can work in us and through us to impact the world, or don’t you think so?

  4. Great transformation story Chadrack. The Lord Jesus Christ is still working mighty in our lives and transforming others.

    One thing that can make this world a better place is kindness. If we all treat others with compassion just as Jesus Christ did when he was on earth, the world would turn to Heaven on Earth.

    I hope your Easther was a BOOM? God reward your every effort and crown you with success and hoards of paying Clients. Can you say Amen?

    • @Michael Chibuzor,

      That is really the essence of this story. I was truly touched by it and couldn’t help posting it here. It’s really time for us to live out the life of the Christian faith. Whenever I read the story of the early believers I wonder that though they were under much persecution they silently affected their community for good. Today we make so much noise and yet the results are meager. The believers in this story has given us hope again that the power of the gospel is very available if only we will use it.

      Thanks so much for the prayers. My chorus is a big AMEN!

  5. very nice and good to read, i hope that every one will like this very mcuh
    thank for the posting

  6. Greene’s story does resemble Paul even how blindness plays a part in their stories. I hope that more than just changing Greene’s beliefs, I hope this makes him more accepting, tolerant, understanding and respectful of others’ beliefs as well.

    • @Reese,

      You’re just right there Reese saying that it was blindness that led Greene to his former beliefs, spiritual blindness that is! Just like Paul, he blindly stood against the truth but I do hope that this dramatic turn around will not only make him more accepting, tolerant, understanding and respectful of others’ beliefs as you put it, but that he will have more understanding of the Lord just like Paul.

      Remember when Ananias came to lay hands on Paul the Bible records that something like scales fell off Paul’s eyes! Those were not just some physical scales but the spiritual playing out in the life of Paul. That was really the secret to Paul’s deep understanding of the way of the Lord. And my prayer is that Greene will also have the deep revelation of the word of God that he will be an instrument in the hand of the Lord to bring more souls to the glory of Jesus Christ!

      I don’t doubt that there is some link here because I understand that the problem Greene has presently has to do with his eyes. Coincidence? I doubt so! It’s definitely another way of sight opening for him!

      I might just be un-necessary enthusiastic but my spirit is happy and I cannot but express it!

  7. Wow worthwhile article! To hear things like that are happening makes me very happy and hopeful. While he is just one man the way it came about was just wonderful. I hope you had a most powerful Easter!

    • @buy seo services,

      Indeed, the story made my Easter! I was as much delighted just as you are. Thanks for the comment.

  8. I loved the story you shared about Greene! i guess that it was truly moving and how he changed to Christianity because of the kindness shown by others towards him.

    • @ellipsometer,

      Indeed, it is the practical outworking of the grace of God. The Christians in Athens were willing vessels in the hands of the Lord, and He was able to reach out the Greene. My prayer and hope is that as Christians we will be open to the Lord to be used in our ailing world today.

  9. I think salvation stories like this one have been going on since Jesus died on the cross, but it isn’t any less miraculous each one that you hear. The Lord saved me – and he can save anybody. No one is beyond hope, even the hardened atheist. That’s miracle enough for me. Praise God.

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