#My7Links Challenge: Simple But Challenging All The Same!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the 7-links challenge, right? Ok, I got nominated sometime ago but because of other pressing issues I have not been able to make good use of the opportunity.

Now, if you have observed very carefully you will discovered that for some time now I’ve now published a new post. Of course, I offer my apology to all of our valuable readers. The work load is getting larger but the available time is not! 🙂

Any way since I’ve been able to attend some of the pressing duties, I’ve decided to use this opportunity to take up the challenge.

In case you’re hearing of the My 7 Links Challenge for the first time, it’s the brain-child of Tripbaseblog, with just one aim:

“To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavour to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.”

The ideas is that a blogger will be nominated by another blogger and then that blogger will make a post picking one post in the 5 categories of the challenge. At the end of the post the blogger is expected to nominate another 5 bloggers who will continue the circle.

From what I have seen others do with this challenge, getting nominated was really a privilege for me. However, choosing just seven blog posts out of about 195 that I’ve so far written on this blog (at the time of this writing) was really challenging! But after much thought and not wanting to let it go, I’ve decided to present the following as my response.

But first, let me use this opportunity to thank my friend, Christopher of TechnologyBloggers.org, for nominating me. (Hi Christopher, please accept my apologies for not responding to the challenge before now!)

Now, The Criteria for Choosing My 7 Links

The following are the criteria I used in choosing my 7 links:

1. Age:  Since one of the purpose of the 7-link challenge is to help show case forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again, I’ve decided to highlight some very old posts here that you may not have read! Do yourself some good and read them now!

2. Evergreen: Indeed there are some blog posts here that meet the challenge requirements but I think they are time sensitive having been overtaken by time and other events. I’ve therefore not considered them for this challenge. My intension is to include only the posts that will be of benefit to you no matter when you read it.

3. Personal posts: Of course you do know that I’ve guest posts on this blog. For this challenge I concentrated on those posts that are written personally by me. Despite that fact that the other posts by my guest bloggers are great, I consider it a thing of honor to leave out the guest posts.

And So, Here Are My 7 Links for Each Category

My 7 Links Challenge

The Most Beautiful Post

Please don’t ask me how I was able to pick this one since I couldn’t really know what makes a post beautiful or ugly! Is it the graphics used or is it how the post is structured? Whatever the criteria may be, check out this post: Google Search plus Your World – What is Google Up To? And let me know if that post is really beautiful! 🙂

The Most Popular Post

For this I simply had to pick the most visited posts on the blog. Using the WP Most Visited Post plugin I discovered Google New Policy: You’ll want to do this, urgently! is the most popular according to views.

The Most Controversial Post

Matter of fact is, I’m not very good at writing controversial posts but for this challenge I’m sure this one: Google Plus vs Facebook: Will This Turn out a Healthy Competition? is one you will want to read again. The battle for supremacy in the social media game between Google and Facebook is one that has created a lot of controversy and so a post on that topic should be considered to be controversial. Of course I did take sides in the post and I’m sure you will want to know which side I am on! 🙂

The Most Helpful Post

For this category, I had problems choosing one. But after some thought I’ve decided to showcase not just a post but a series on WordPress SEO I wrote some time ago. The series was really a helpful one as testified to by our esteemed readers. Read the series here: WordPress SEO Power Guide

The Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Picking this one was really easy. I’ve never written any post and was surprised with it success but my post: Seasonal Greetings to all our Esteemed Readers and Friends! Which I did as a thank you post to all our dear readers achieved astounding success so much that it became the talk of many other bloggers. Even … of .. went as far as informing her email subscribers about it! Take a look and discover why there was such a buzz about the post!

The Post That Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

Going through some of the posts that went back to the beginning of this blog I discovered that there are many posts that fall into this category. Choosing one was a difficult one for me but after a careful thought I’m sure this post: Effective Holiday Marketing Strategies for the Home Business Entrepreneur! is just the perfect one to feature here. As the Easter holiday is fast approaching, I believe this one will be helpful to any entrepreneur who wants to make some extra cash during the holiday.

The Post I’m Most Proud Of

Ok, as a father I’m very much aware of the dangers of favoring one child above the others and so it would have gladly not tackled this one!

Well, that’s on the lighter mood. But having combed different posts I thought were appropriate for this category, I decided on this post: Implementing Google Authorship in a Multiple Author Blog – Web Income Journal as a Case Study! This post is actually a result of about 2 weeks testing and tweeking to set up Google Authorship on the Web Income Journal. For the share effort put into bringing the post to life, I’m picking it as the post I’m most proud of! If you have not implemented Google Authorship on your blog, it will do you some good to read the post.

Ok, that’s it for my 7 Links Challenge.

Now, To My 5 Nominations

I’ve discovered that everyone I had in mind for my nomination have all taken the challenge. This being so, I’ve decided to randomly nominate a few from our valuable readers having checked on their blogs and believe they have something to offer all of us. And so, here are my nominations:

1. Elena of YourLifeTube.com

2. Mahendra of Maheinfo!

3. Steven of  TheVocabularyWorkshop

4. Rizwan Sultan of CrohnsandIBSBreakThrough

5. Julie of the Dental Blog

Alright, will love to hear from you about this challenge. Take a look at the posts in each category and post your comments below.


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