Online Coupon Codes & Social Media Marketing Success Principles!

Do you really desire business success this year marketing with online coupon codes?

Then hear this:

The right application of social media and coupon discount offers can increase profitability in business.

In this informative post, I want to share the 5 top marketing principles to help realize your business goals this year. It’s a wonderful year and only the purpose-driven entrepreneurs will share success stories.

In doing business online, you’ve to know the essence. Making profit is secondary; the ultimate and primary reason why you registered a domain name and now a blog is to touch lives around the world.

Has someone ever told you that the world is desperate for solutions? Then he was not far from the truth.

Effective social media marketing principles

What makes Amazon and Wal-Mart famous and successful in the shopping niche isn’t their fancy and quality content. They are simply meeting a need. If you must succeed in your online business this year therefore you must pay attention to these 5 online coupon codes marketing principles:

1.    Study Your Market In and Out

A market is a group of people you’re targeting. Never overlap market with some building or office space. It deals with people, what they want and the willingness to pay for it at any fair price.

The best way to study your market is to begin with you. If you’re targeting a market, then you should have some passion or interest in it.

When you think like a customer, you’ll ask yourself certain questions. Naturally, the right questions will always produce the right answers. Whatever problem you’re facing and need answers to, is likely to be viable and is what other prospects are seeking answers to also.

External research is simple. Just hang out in places where your target audience are and participate in the discussion segments. Online discussion boards, social media portals and Yahoo answers are cute places to be.

2.    Package Your Products Beautifully

Nothing is new on the face of the earth. Virtually every topic or subject has been treated and there is a product for it. So, what’s left for beginners and those who want to make money with social media and coupon discount offers?

Packaging is the loftiest ingredient that’s left. The efficiency of your product in terms of packaging would ensure the conversion you get.

Gone are the days when people do not care about beautiful e-covers and fancy websites. These days, if your e-book is informative but lacks a catchy e-cover and sales copy, you won’t sell.

Even a crappy product will sell like hot cake as a result of a powerful copy and top notch e-cover design. Before you share any viable coupon discounts with your prospects, make sure your landing page is ready to convert sales.

3.    Don’t Use Force Or Hype

One good thing about coupon discount offers and social media marketing is the simplicity of it. If you’re careful and observant, your daily activities on Twitter and Facebook would reveal vital marketing principles.

Don’t use force or marketing hype to persuade buyers. Do you know that those who search on Google with product names, for example, vista print discount coupon, psprint discount codes etc are already pre-sold and eager to buy?

Yes, you didn’t ask them to type the product name on Google search, but they did. How on earth did they know about that product and that it exist online? TV commercials, internet advertising, word of mouth etc are marketing channels buyers go through every single day.

Therefore, what these prospects need is a little nudge to move ahead, not a push or hype. I’m glad you know better now

4.    Discipline Yourself to Focus

Focus is the price for productivity. If you want to achieve tremendous results in this age, you need to stay and stick around in ‘that’ project without looking sideways. Focus will take you to the top and keep you there.

These social media and coupon discount marketing principles should be applied to everything you do online.

Your Facebook fans and Twitter followers should know you for consistency. You shouldn’t introduce one product today and change your mind tomorrow. If the product isn’t suitable for your followers, please don’t offer it at all.

That is why proper market research matters – it would eliminate all the guess work and give you an open check to cash in.

Discipline yourself this day. Social media users are not money-geeks nor do they love to squander money. They are fathers, mothers and teens with blood running through their veins. Stay focus to win the ultimate prize.

5.    Offer a Viable Coupon Discount

Using coupon codes can grow your business from within. It will enhance your credibility and trust. If you’re a blogger, every affiliate product you recommend should be useful and helpful to your readers. Does the product have questionable features? Then don’t link to it.

It’s the same thing with coupon discount offers. I’ve tried some hostgator discount codes which I got from others but it didn’t work. I felt so unsatisfied and vowed never to trust the person who recommended such buying codes. Little things matter in your business dealings with prospects, joint networks and media practitioners. Take this advice to heart.

Learn to offer the best services, products and coupon codes when necessarily. These are the prerequisite principles behind successful web marketing.

Social Media & Coupon Offer Recap

There you’ve it, the five essential marketing principles behind coupon discount codes and social media marketing. But these principles are life-based. It works in any country and professional field.

Will you click-away from this page and neglect to take action or will you start implementing right now? The ball is in your court – the world is watching you right now. See you at the top!


Michael Chibuzor loves writing and reviewing online merchants, two of which you can read more about here and right here. Michael is a Social media examiner and helps small businesses drive targeted traffic to boost sales. His recent reviews explain how Vista Print and Psprint services work. These services offer business cards, banners, wedding invitations, signs, and labels, covering all your business' printing needs.

  1. I struggle most with #4. I try stay consistence but there are times I just cannot focus. There are so many interesting and helpful tools out there that I use them and need to share with my audience right away. I did that a lot last year.

    This year I am trying to stay focused. Maybe using weekly or monthly themes. Just not jumping around so much.



    • @Allie, That is really a wise decision to take. The fact is that there is so much that want to distract you and except you have a focus you will only end up frustrated at the end of the day.

  2. really helpful blog….definately agree that focus is the secret….sticking around in ‘that’ project without looking sideways is difficult but well worth it in the end

  3. So true, social media users are not money-geeks and at the same time they are smarter as well. Force also is not the solution, convincing our customers is importing not pressing them to buy our products. I also agree that packaging is very important because there is also nothing like the first impression.

  4. Coupon discounts are very popular nowadays. Is this tool effective?

    • @Daniel,

      That was my question also after seeing a few of Michael’s coupon blogs. When I asked him, his response was, they are truly effective and very good money makers. Why don’t you contact Michael, maybe he could give you some details.

  5. This is my first visit on this site and got to many article on blogging really its awesome. Thanks mike for sharing and thanks to Joshep who refer me to visit this blog.

  6. I always try to follow the #4 as it is the only way from where one can make things effective whether it is online or offline. To gain focus, i think there is nothing better than being disciplined for your work.

    • @bjohn,

      Trying to? Then you definitely need to try the more! But I regret to announce that you’re just like there. If only I can really discipline myself to do the things I need to do and right on time! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the top principles behind social media and coupon discount offers. Social media has been a vital role in network marketing and I totally agree with it.

    • @Danyelle Franciosa,

      You’re definitely right Danyelle, social media driving networking marketing like crazy these days. Using social media you could easily build downline with warm prospects.

      Thanks for the comment.

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