Want To Make Some Extra Money This Christmas? Here’s how!

Christmas is here again. Oh, what a time for fun and merry making!

But, hold it. Do you know that with all the fun, you could actually put a gaping hole in your pocket and bank account with all the spending because of the festivities?

But how about finding some ways to ensure that that hole does not affect you too much? I mean, how about putting in place some measures to make some extra cash this season so that the Christmas spending does not have too much effect on your finances?


Then it will interest you to know that there are various ways you can really do that. The fact that people are more open to spending money at a time like this is good enough reason why you should think of making some extra income this period. The only caveat is that while others may be having a full holiday and enjoying it full blast, you should be ready to put in a bit of some extra work!

But, if working those extra hours is not really a concern to you then you will need to consider the following money making options.

7 Guaranteed Options for Making Some Extra Money Online

It’s no news any more that the internet has brought in a whole lot of changes in the way we lead our lives. Both our professional and business lives have been touched by the internet.  The way we connect with each other and the ways we make money have all been affected. Of course, there are the ordinary office jobs till now, but there are now various other options through which you may be able to make that extra money simply sitting from the comfort of your home.

And you can trust that that extra money can go a long way to pay off your debts if by any way you're like some who are trying to get help different debt forums on how to pay off their debts!

The following are some guaranteed ways you can make some extra money this Christmas:

1. Affiliate programs

Right now people all over the globe are shopping for Christmas gifts for their loved ones. There is no doubt about it, much of the spending this period is on Christmas gifts and decorations.  You can funnel part of this money into your pockets as an affiliate marketer. As you definitely must be aware, affiliate programs allows you to include a link given by the merchant in your own website or content. It is a form of advertisement that helps in increasing the sales of the merchant. When you produce a sale through your affiliate link you receive a commission for the sale. There are various types of affiliate marketing programs out there right now. A simple search on Google will give you various Christmas products you can promote as an affiliate and make some extra income this Christmas.

2. Selling Online Photos

This is truly a money making venture that anyone can take advantage of this season. With a lot of fun activities to be engaged in during the Christmas celebration you can decide on making some extra cash through selling photos online. You could sell the photos you’ve already taken before now or turn the holiday period into a period of having fun and making money! If you have a liking to take pictures at the word go, this option is something you should really consider. More so, this money making option does not require you to spend much time behind it.

3. Selling Items Online

How about doing some form of house cleaning this period and then selling off some items that you already have lying unused in your home to make money online? Besides, you can also sell handmade items to make some extra money if there are no unused items in the home. There are various websites that allow you to sell such items online – old or the new handmade ones.

4. Freelancing

If you have a knack for writing then this is something you would want to do to make some extra income this Christmas period. Freelancing is all about writing different kinds of articles for websites or companies. It also involves graphic designing, creating logos etc. You may need to have a good plan if you want to make money through freelancing this period as it may take most of your time depriving you of the much needed fun this Christmas!

5. Teaching

How about making some money with your knowledge providing online tutorials?  The good news is that there are various websites that need teachers for online teaching classes and if you have the knack for teaching, you can make good money out of this. You can even become an online language teacher if you know different languages.

6. Search Engine Evaluation

As the year is running out, many corporations will be evaluating their online marketing activities for the year with the mind of laying a plan for the coming one. If you have some good knowledge of internet marketing this is a time you can earn some extra money offering search engine evaluation and marketing services. With a good plan and marketing prowess you may just succeed in winning a contract for search engine evaluation with any of these companies.

7. Sell Ad Space On Your Website Or Blog

If you have a website or blog with a reasonable amount of traffic, you can sell ad space to the merchants who deal mostly on Christmas-focused products. You may need to go out there and contact these merchants. Write out a good proposal detailing the benefits of how they will be able to have more sales advertising your site. The good thing is that no matter the target audience of your site, selling Christmas related items will not, in any way, appear offensive as everyone wants something for the Christmas. So offering Christmas related items on your site this Christmas will help you make some extra income from your traffic without doing any extra work.

Marketing Take Away: it’s very clear that there are various options through which you can make some extra money online this Christmas period. However, you will need to choose those options that are easy for you and you like working on. Of course, there is the need to also to consider having some time for fun this festive period!

  1. I have just started affiliate marketing on one of my websites. It’s a two year old blog and I just found an ideal product that I can sell as an affiliate.

  2. Great ideas on how to make money this holiday season. Most of us are free of work during this time so I think we can really spend it in starting some online shops or extra jobs since it will be busy and some stores may need extra hands. 🙂

    • @Stef, Nice way of earning extra money this holiday season 🙂 You can also try out point no.3 in this post which is selling items online. If you want to sell something that you no longer use, then you can choose the popular online advertising platform of eBay. There is a great chance that you may find a buyer for your product and this way you can earn some extra money too. Not only that, it will also help you in freeing up space in your house.

  3. Wonderful ideas!

    I guess most of us do have our pockets real tight during this festive season, and you have surely shared some wonderful ways we can make money!

    I would not have much of an idea about other things, though freelancing is my domain, and I know that is something I can work for! We do have clients who are wanting deadlines before the New Year begins, so we work and earn that ways for sure, and similarly all year through.

    Would surely give the other options a deeper thought though! Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 🙂

    • @Harleena Singh@Freelance Writer, Thanks a lot Harleena for appreciating my article.
      Hope you have a wonderful year ahead !!


  4. ‘Tis true that to make merry this time of year and not be thinking about making money in the new year could be considered a missed opportunity.

    May I also suggest that putting all of your eggs in one basket is not wise either. Many of the above mentioned money making ideas work best as part of a larger picture. If you sell ad space, sign up for an affiliate program and offer some of your photos for purchase then you’re more likely to make more then just counting on one of them.

  5. I think now internet has several ways to make money and specially on such season if one really follows these ways. Selling something online this time will surely give some extra money.

  6. Affiliate programs is one of the best way to make money online. I started using affiliate programs one year ago and today they bring me a solid income every month. It may not bring some quick money, but once we learn the game of marketing and SEO, the income will start to rise.

    • @Rojish @ wordpress management service, Good to hear that Affiliate programs is bringing solid income for you every month 🙂
      Yes, you are right, it may not bring quick money, but once you understand the game properly, the ball is in your court….
      Wish you all the success for your future and have a lovely year ahead !!

  7. Our company just started to create advertisements for our company to blast this year. And perhaps after christmas and this year would be a good start to get clients.

  8. Christmas is on its way and people are busy in making their shopping lists. For many people, Christmas is a bit of a bank-account burner. By the time you have purchased gifts for your friends and relatives, there is not much left to spend on yourself.

  9. Great blog, I find with online marketing getting traffic is the hardest thing for me. If we could get thig right we’d make good money.
    make extra cash online

  10. After Christmas there are a few things i need to sell on ebay, its nice to be able to make some extra cash after Christmas too.

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