Top 5 Innovative Business Ideas to Grow Your Business NOW!

Small business marketing ideas to grow your business online

So, you have made it yet into another year in your online business, right? Great! You indeed must congratulate yourself for many have fallen by the way in the past year.

However, ever as much as you have accomplished this feat, there’s still much to be done. Whether you are a blogger doing all you can to to make money online or you’re a small business entrepreneur marketing your stuff online, one thing for sure is that you will love to see your business grow beyond what it is right now, by the end of this year.

So, how do you do this? Don’t you think there’s still some room for doing more? How about some new business ideas?

There are hundreds of good business ideas that you can apply as a blogger or web entrepreneur to enhance your online business. No matter the successes you’ve achieved so far, now is the time to start making plans for the higher level.

In this article I want to give 10 innovative small business ideas that you can implement right now to grow your business profits starting now. Of course, they not rocket science. They are simple strategies anyone can implement.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin:

1: Re-Brand Your Business

Rebranding and product re-launch is a powerful marketing strategy businesses employ to increase their market share off-line. It could take different forms like changing the business logo, redesigning the product packaging, introducing new components in the product content etc.

Rebranding has a lot of benefits including, but not limited to, creating a fresh impression of the product/business in the minds of customers and prospects. A successful product re-launch can really bring great benefits to the business.

As a business blogger you can creatively use this strategy to give your blog and online business a fresh lease of life. I recently employed this strategy on this blog. I gave the a facelift that touched every area of the blog – the blog design, logo, and content package were given a new life.

To implement this strategy in your online business, simply take a deeper look at your business and come up with areas you will need to work on. Think of how you can package this into something that will interest your customers and then design it to be a product re-launch!

To make sure that this work out great you can involve different promotional tools to give the re-launch some buzz. You could employ PR services, social media announcements, article marketing, guest blogging etc to create the necessary buzz. This will not give you some new incentive to do more in the business but will also give you the opportunity of getting new customers.

2: Prioritize Your Time & Operations

This is another great tip that will greatly enhance your online business and increase your profits. By now you definitely know that there are lots of things that jostle for your attention everyday on the net. There are of course dozens of ways you might be employing right now to market your blog/business.

But, how about if you’ll prioritize your operations and choose to focus more on some operations?

For example, instead of spending hours hopping from one blog to the other posting comments or spending hours in a forum reading and replying to discussions, you could decide on writing articles for submission to the article directories or better still write guest posts for blogs that accept guest blogging. This will not only increase traffic to your blog but also your profits.

3: Add a New Marketing Technique to Your Schedule

This is indeed another powerful way of enhancing your online business success. Chances are you’ve been using some specific marketing methods over the past months or even years. How about adding something new?

Ever tried to promote your blog or business online through free classified ads?

How about video marketing?

Have you considered podcasting?

Indeed, these are some of the internet business marketing ideas and techniques for marketing your business online. Analyze your present marketing strategies and then consider the ones from this list that you can add to them.

By simply adding another marketing method to your usual strategies you can actually increase your profits greatly.

4: Leverage the Efforts of Others

There is no doubt that you have a limit to what you can achieve in a day – except you’re some super human! However, you could increase your productivity greatly if you’ll use the power of leverage. For example, outsourcing.

Outsourcing is something every successful person and/or corporation is involved in. The internet has made it a lot easier for you to outsource your work to competent people – sometimes at ridiculously very low cost!

The good news however is that doing this can really be of great benefit to you as you’ll produce more results. So if you’re thinking of some innovative ideas to maximize your success then you need to outsource your operations.

To achieve this you need a well laid out system for your business. Ensure therefore that you’re building a system for your business so that you can leverage the efforts of others without any fear of messing things up.

 5: Get Involved With Video Marketing!

As I’ve mentioned in #3 above, video marketing is something you should really consider adding to your online marketing arsenal! This is SERIOUS enough that I want to put it on a separate list

One reason you should consider video marketing is the fact that video gets indexed very fast by Google and this could be a great plus for your blog or website SEO. Besides, the traffic a single video can generate could sometimes be outstanding.

If you’re worried about video marketing because you lack the skills to get involved, you could easily outsource it. The good news is that there are various online video services that will easily convert your blog articles to video with little or no effort on your part. Here’s one online program that will turn your articles to highly valuable videos without much effort from you.

If you however, want something more professional then basically you need a simple digital camera that has video capabilities. You can get any of these from Amazon at a good priceir?t=blogm 20&l=ur2&o=1.

In creating your videos all you have to do is talk for a few minutes about whatever niche market you are in. You can give away tips, advice, or give a product review for a product that you are promoting. It can be either a product or service that you created, or one that you are promoting as an affiliate.

Here’s an example of a video I created sometime ago:

I have also created a Youtube channel for the WebIncomeJournal. Feel free to subscribe today!

Ok, that’s all we can take for now because of space. We definitely will continue with this in our subsequent posts. What you should know however is taking a proactive step in building your business demands you being innovative and forward thinking. I do hope that these business ideas and the ones we will discuss later will indeed help you boost your business income in the months to come.

Let’s make it a date!

Your comments are always welcomed. Feel free also to share your views on the video.

  1. All these tips are indeed very helpful. I agree with you about Re-Branding and prioritizing your time and effort. For re-branding, it is always helpful to keep your product fresh and updated. Also, allocating your resources perfectly is possible through effective evaluation of your time and effort.

    • @Leonor Miller,

      You got it really good. Rebranding is a way of keeping your products and services fresh. And the buzz created during the re-launch can really turn out to be a good thing for your business.

      Thanking for joining the conversaation.

  2. Rebranding and reshuffling the marketing strategy is really the way to go! People have always underestimated A/B testing and what it can do to their blog. A blog, and more so in our case, a professional blog is not a journal of random thoughts but a very serious business and as far as blogging success is concerned, I like to believe in the paradox : only change is constant. I like how you have put the most important points in the most comprehensive way.

    Great stuff here!

    • @Rohan,

      That really is one area where I’ve a problem with many bloggers who still look at blogging as some personal journal where you can blab about whatever you like. Seeing your blog as a business will to a great extent determine how you work on it. Thanks for your contribution.

  3. Wow! You just give me a boost! I do video SEO and some of my client just don’t see the importance of this, they just do the conventional way of generating traffic. I just jot down some of what you say to convey it to them too.

    • @ronama,

      Oh, I’m glad to be of help. The truth is many entrepreneurs still don’t see the need for video marketing right now. But anyone who is concerned with generating will not overlook this great potential. If you’re dealing with these types of business people, you should be able to give them some proofs. One way you can do that is to search youtube for others in their niche who are already using video to generate traffic. Taking a look at examples like that will also give them the idea or types of videos they create.

      Would you care to share your outcome with us after meeting up with your clients?

  4. There are thousands lists like the above around. I try to read any material like this every time i found a web page including ideas and tips about business and marketing. I believe that you can always get something new from every article and post. What i especially like in you post Chadrack is Idea #3 “Add a New Marketing Technique to Your Schedule”. I strongly believe that this one is a great strategy to follow and a great way to ensure your business success.

    • @Hmerologio,

      I’m really glad that you were able to pick a usable strategy from this list. I personally love this idea because this is one of the things I’m doing right now. I’m laying two other techniques I’ve not really used over the years and I’m putting my efforts into them.

      Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation!

  5. Hi Chadrack,

    Thanks for these great tips to improve our business. You pointed a glaring piece lacking in my business today – video marketing. Although I have known the power of these, I have not scheduled this to start yet. I have no doubts that videos are not complicated.

    Cheers and looking forward to your next post.

    • @Jimmy,

      Frankly, I’m surprised most times by the type of videos making a buzz on youtube. I think the secret is knowing how to put in some fun that will create some buzz. If we can remove the “fear” of what others will say, we can make good a work of video marketing.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. I agree with everyone else Chadrack, great list.

    I think that at times people just need to be reminded in case they either ventured off from their current goals or got wrapped up in one particular marketing methods without realizing that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in just one basket.

    Really great tips you’ve shared and a lot of thought went into this post. I know I appreciate the effort you have put forth to share this with us. Thanks for that boost!


    • @Adrienne,

      It’s a great thing to hear your voice on this 🙂 And that your post about converting Youtube videos was a great read. I’ve never really thought of downloading or converting any video there. But your idea about converting a video into maybe mp3 and listening on any mp3 player really got to me. It’s an idea I’ll definitely be using.

  7. Many thanks for these fantastic suggestions to enhance our business. You pointed a glaring piece lacking in my company today – video marketing. Even though I have recognized the energy of these, I have not scheduled this to begin yet. I have no doubts that videos are not complicated.

    • @Grace,

      The truth is many of us truly know how powerful these ideas can be but we just don’t “have the time” to implement them! Now that you’ve been woken to realize that this is really lacking in your business, why not do something about it today. That really will be proof to me that my efforts are not in vain! 🙂

  8. I’m really glad that you were able to pick a usable strategy from this list. I personally love this idea because this is one of the things I’m doing right now. I’m laying two other techniques I’ve not really used over the years. | 😛

  9. These are all great ideas I really like each one of them. I think I will use one of the ideas for myself if I may? Keep on the good work!

  10. I see a lot of pottention in Video Marketing and mobile. It’s on my list for the next few weeks so great info!

  11. I’m really glad that you were able to pick a usable strategy from this list. I personally love this idea because this is one of the things I’m doing right now. I’m laying two other techniques I’ve not really used over the years and I’m putting my efforts into them.

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