SEO Rankings: SEO Link-Building Pitfalls to Avoid!

Link building is definitely one of the essential elements in seo marketing. To achieve high seo rankings your blog/site should be able to acquire a high number of links.

Indeed there are various ways you can build links for high seo rankings but except done well your link building activities can backfire and become a problem. It’s unfortunate that many bloggers and online marketers in an attempt to build links abandon good practices and go for shortcuts. For one Google is aware of these so-called shortcuts and is working continually to devalue them by imposing penalties. One such penalty is banning sites that uses these short-cuts to build links from their searches.

It’s important, if you really want to maximize your seo rankings through link building and subsequently convert your visitors to valuable customers and clients, that you avoid short-cuts. The following are some seo linkbuilding pitfalls you must avoid:

1. Links with too many ads – The search engines, especially Google have continued to frown on pages created simply for ads. The recent Google Panda updates testify to this. In the recorning of the search engines a page should have more content than ads. Always have this in mind when building links.

2. Links to pages with too many links – As above content is always the king. Pages created with nothing but links will definitely have low points with the search engines. Beware if them!

3. Links that is just … bad – Are you considering linking to pages that contain negative PPC (pills, porn, casinos)? – don’t do it!

4. Links that are poorly monitored and therefore contain too much spam. I hope this is clear enough.

5. Links that obviously have content that has been created using spinning software. These pages already have ratings with the search engines. Associating your site with such pages will only put you in bad books of the search engines. It’s simply a case of birds of the same feather flocking together! Build links with pages with strong, credible writing.

These particular pitfalls may be encountered in a number of different places. Some of these are:

1. Blogs: This is presently one of the most popular shortcuts to these pitfalls.  Blogs that are fraught with spam comments that are in no way related to the content of the blog is a pointer that the blog is not well-monitored –avoid it!

2. Article Directories: A great way to get your page seen, but, look before you leap! Be sure that the article directory to which you are submitting is a credible one– click on several of the articles already listed to check for evidence of pitfalls.

3. Resource Pages and Directories: You may at some point be offered a link exchange, where the idea is that the site will link to you if you offer a link to that site. Most of these are just bad news, and will list hundreds of links—many of them unsavory. And, similar to those resource pages are directories that are less than choosy about what links they’ll list. Again, you’ll be in bad company.

4. Forums: Like blogs, discussion forums are a likely place to find link spamming. A quick look ahead will help you avoid this path full of pitfalls. Read through the posts; those not well monitored will be heavily sprinkled with out-of-place comments: spam.

5. Hacked Sites: This is a more subtle shortcut, and the pitfall is harder to spot because it is hidden within the link code, but there for the search engines to see. The bad links will be hidden within a DIV code, and difficult to detect.

You definitely want to score good points with your seo rankings. Your don’t want your labor and resources wasted on the wrong link building efforts. And so avoid these seedy shortcuts and pitfalls, and you will get where you want to go with your page, but without the bumps, bruises, or Google penalties!

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