AutoBlogging and Making Money With Blogs – A Dilemma?

A few days ago I made a post that has to do with making money with autoblogs.  As usual there was so much interest on this issue of autoblogging. Today I want to draw your attention to one of the comments to that post. Though this comment was directed specially at me to make some clearifications about autoblogging, I found it so interesting that I’ve decided to bring it up here as to allow everyone of us discuss it. The comment was posted by Jeffrey Morgan of I’m presenting it verbatim below:

Hi Chadrack,

I’ve got a competitor that is killing me over at Flippa. He’s selling 40 auto-blogs every three days. I’m lucky to sell one a month. Comparing the two is like apples to oranges.

I’m a top pro, taking 70 hours to craft a Blog. My competitor is using out-sourcing to fill his orders. They look pretty bad to me. But man, do the people break their necks bidding $2000.00 for a block of these Blogs. Me …… I get no bids ……. maybe one a month that results in a sale usually for just a hundred dollars or so.

Even if I wanted I can’t compete with overseas outsourcing. I work hard at my sales copy, but inform people that you have to work at Blogging to earn any type of an income.

My sale 1 bid, his sale 16 bids, every three days!!! No one stops to question his sales.

Chadrack, I would like to hear your comments on “WP-Robot”. It appears to me that there is a great deal of work getting these auto-blogs up and running. I’ve looked at some of the testimonials on the WP-Robot site and have run down the comments, Alexa ranking, and sites linking in to the sites listed with the comments and I just can’t see how you can earn any type of money with a site whose domain was registered back in March of 2008, has no comments, no tweets, an Alexa ranking of 3,989,042 and 2 inbound links.

Am I missing something here Chadrack ?

Now that is the comment. Please I want you to read it carefully and make your comments below. I’m reserving my comments for now.  Yes, Jeffrey Morgan wanted me to give me comments on the issues raised. But because this comment has brought up a whole lot of issues that I’ve been wanting to clearify I’m leaving it to the community to discuss this first before I’ll make my comments.

So over to you. The floor is yours!

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