Can You Really Make Money With These Blogs?

auto bloggingMaking money with blogs is definitely something that many of us have found to be an easy but NOT a quick way of making money online. With a blog you can quickly set up your shop online and make some cool money doing what you love. However, there are challenges involved. 

But whoever said making money is a stroll in the park!

Despite these challenges however, the growth of blogs is astronomical. There are indications that the number of blog pages on the internet are more than the number of people on the face of the earth! But not minding this, more and more blogs are being started every day. 

But can most of these ones really be classed as blogs? Do most of what we have out there right now make money for their owners?

Is This Being Penny Wise but Pounds Foolish?

Now, I’m writing this post because recently I’ve visited a few “blogs” which has led me to the conclusion that many so-called bloggers are simply wasting their precious time online. 

Possibly these ones do not know the value of time or they simply do not value their time!

When I re-introduced the top commentators reward early this year, knowing what we went through when we ran the contest last year, I decided on moderating every single comment. But I later reversed this. Now the system is set to automatically approve any comment by a commenter who already have an approved comment. But unfortunately for those who still want to abuse our reward package I still hold the aces because I can delete it at any time.

Often than not, because I reply to any comment (I love reading and replying every comment) I usually visit the website or blog of the commenter. This gives me the idea of the type of person the commenter is and also to reciprocate the good gesture of visiting and posting a comment here.

Now, in the past few days while checking out  a few of the links in the comments, I’ve come across some funny “blogs.” In fact, I’ve been asking myself, do these people know what they are doing? And as one who is interested in making money with my efforts on the internet, I’ve been questioning if these types of blogs can really make money for their owners.

You may be wondering really is the essence of this post. Not to worry I want to show you a screen shot I took a few hours ago. I do hope you will be able to read a few of the words on it. 

auto blogging sample

The above is a page on the blog with a comment held for my moderation and approval. I got suspicious when I discovered that the name  was not having the name of the commenter but the title of my previous post: I’m not begging but I’m SCREAMING FOR YOUR HELP! Clicking on the link to visit the site, I was presented with a blog page aparently created with some auto-blogging software. The blog post which has created the trackback waiting for moderation did not just contain excerpts from the post it was pointing to on my blog but also other blogs probably containing the keyword that the blogger must have specified.

Why I considered this funny is that the post was not only un-readable but the content made no meaning. Frankly, I believe even the search engines will never take a second look at that page if they ever cared to visit. And for the human visitors? It is a turn-away at first sight!

This is why I’m asking, why waste your money to buy a domain name and a webhost and then go for a piece of software that will not help you recoup your investment?  Or are these bloggers really making money with those “gibberish” content?

Autoblogging Is Not An Evil Thing!

I must say I’m not against autoblogging in anyway. I do have some automated niche blogs but they are way ahead of what I’ve seen so far with many of these autoblogging software out there. Even if you’re building these blogs for search engine optimization purposes, it will be better to build something others will be glad to read and leave a comment. The recent Google Farmer/Panda update should be enough reason to find other ways of adding value to the blogsphere instead of these amateuristic autoblogging software.

Anyone who wants to make money online with a blog must know that there is no shortcut to that end. Blogging demands more than downloading and installing the wordpress blogging platform. The goodnews however is though, you may need to roll up your sleeves and put in every effort you can muster, the end result is really great. So if you’re in this business of setting up these outlandish blogs, it’s time you learn the right thing to do. Investing your time and effort in building a blog that adds value to the life of your readers is the only shortcut to making it as a blogger!

Over To You: What do you think about these autoblogging software? Is there any good thing you can say about them? Are you sure they are making money for those bloggers? Say your mind in the comments below.

  1. I personally think autoblogging is fine and also a spinner software but it is best with human intervention for these two. What are blogs for? For the search engines or for humans? The last time I check search engines do not reward poor content and in this case unreadable content.

    Some of us need to go through a reality-check and stop wasting valuable time. Starting a new blog is like a company, an investment and with the millions of blogs out there, to survive, we need something of value, like your post!

    Allow me to end here.

    • @Richard Glasspoole@money guide, your point is quite understood. It does appear that you’re in agreement with me that autoblogging is not really bad. What I think is wrong with most of these autoblogging software is the fact that they simply pull in content from other blogs and using pre-figured indexes try to put in words that really make no sense.

      Autoblogging should be done with some human input. I personally don’t use any of these software. Blogs should be for the humans for they are the ones who spend the money. Without the human you can not earn anything.

      Thanks for the comment

  2. I am against blogging software and I am for personal touch in blogging. I think it’s fair when you are a human and you talk to a human and read a human. I agree that we have lots of rubbish online with no sense, but lots of people don’t even realize it.

    • @DiNaRa, every blogger who truly value blogging as a tool for networking and interaction will most definitely be against autoblogging software. Blogging should be approached from this point. Make that personal touch, show you’re human. For one blogging was actually supposed to be a personal journal!

      The problem with most of these automated blogging software is trying to put everything on the software while removing the human touch. I’ve really come to the conclusion that those who go for these things either do not know what blogging is (they are novices) or they are just being lazy, wanting to make money without any effort.

      But note that I mentioned in the post that I’ve some autoblogs out there but you’ll understand that I never link to those blogs. Why? because the focus of those blogs are really different from the focus of this blog. Those blogs are actually review blogs dealing with markets that are different from what this blog is targeting. And as review blogs they provide content that target specific niche markets. Anyone looking for info about those markets will find what my autoblogs provide useful. The reviews are created using both my personal input and articles (re-written automatically) sourced from other article writters (human of course!). So autoblogs are really created differently.

      The type I refered to in the post are really extremely nauseating!

  3. Reply
    Dennis Edell@ Direct Sales Marketing June 29, 2011 at 3:23 am

    I am against all auto blogging that scrapes it’;s content from other sites, which as I understand o9t, most if not all of them do.

    • @Dennis Edell@ Direct Sales Marketing, scraping content from sites is not just bad but criminal. It infridges on the right of others and unfortunately adds no value to the blogosphere. Most times I just wonder if those using these software read the blogs they create!

      Btw, Dennis, it’s such a glad thing to see you around after such a long time. Being wondering what’s up but my personally problems here have kept me so in-ward looking that I never thought of reaching out to old friends. My apology!

  4. I have to agree with Dennis and DiNaRa. If you really want a great blog, write the content yourself, make it amazing and original. Get others involved too.

    Sorry to disagree 😛

    • @Christopher Roberts@Philosophy Blog,

      Disagreed with me? No! Why do you think I made the post? It’s to point out the evil in such autoblogging software. However, my adventure with autoblogging is far different from these ones.

      Please read my replies to the comments, especially the one to Andrew Walker below and you will understand my point about autoblogging.

  5. but how can i earn money, i didn’t get.

    • @Online Casino, money you didn’t get? If you truly desire an answer for this please make yourself clearer.

  6. I don’t think I’m a big fan of autoblogging since blogging itself is meant to be personal, so I’m more into doing it by myself.

    • @Andrew Walker, definitely blogging should be personal, traditionaly. But remember static content sites are now being built with blogs. So in that stead if there is an automated blogging system that can help, it is not really bad. That is my point.

  7. As said by you, Chadrack if Autoblogging is done with the static content sites then its good and I got the point. But mostly people are not ready when it comes automated system with their personal blogs. The thing is that they are not aware of such things but i must say its not so easy to make money with these blogs.

    • @bjohnson @consumer lists, using autoblogging for personal blogs is the worst form of irresponsibilty indeed!

  8. Typically, you will not make thousands of dollars, but you may be able to make a little spending cash. Making money from ads on the blog is just one way to earn. Also, you can be hired as a blogger (see a list of job boards here:

    • @cane furniture, did you get what we are considering in this post? Please why don’t you read the article again so that you can better help us with how to make a little spending cash from the blogs we are concerned with here.

  9. Hi Chadrack,
    I’ve got a competitor that is killing me over at Flippa. He’s selling 40 auto-blogs every three days. I’m lucky to sell one a month. Comparing the two is like apples to oranges.

    I’m a top pro, taking 70 hours to craft a Blog. My competitor is using out-sourcing to fill his orders. They look pretty bad to me. But man, do the people break their necks bidding $2000.00 for a block of these Blogs. Me …… I get no bids ……. maybe one a month that results in a sale usually for just a hundred dollars or so.

    Even if I wanted I can’t compete with overseas outsourcing. I work hard at my sales copy, but inform people that you have to work at Blogging to earn any type of an income.

    My sale 1 bid, his sale 16 bids, every three days!!! No one stops to question his sales.

    Chadrack, I would like to hear your comments on “WP-Robot”. It appears to me that there is a great deal of work getting these auto-blogs up and running. I’ve looked at some of the testimonials on the WP-Robot site and have run down the comments, Alexa ranking, and sites linking in to the sites listed with the comments and I just can’t see how you can earn any type of money with a site whose domain was registered back in March of 2008, has no comments, no tweets, an Alexa ranking of 3,989,042 and 2 inbound links.

    Am I missing something here Chadrack ?

  10. Having been referred to some residual income online business opportunities before, I still need your expert guidance on how to actually get started and most importantly how to make sure I really make money out of it.In advance many thanks for all your unselfish input and advice.I look forward to learning from you.

  11. Auto generated blogs have been around for a long time, I can think of two reasons:

    1. These sites actually work. Search engines do pick them up people visit and click off through an ad when they realise there is nothing to read. Perhaps Google removes this kind of thing easily, but there are plenty of other search engines that still send millions of hits.

    2. People succomb to the hard sell. A “make money” blog recommends and promotes some auto blogging software backed up by “proof” of how it will make zillions. Poor exploited beginner tries it out and is dissapointed.

    I actually tried some auto posting software once to try and answer this for myself, I have to say it did get a fair amount of traffic in the short time I ran it.

    But half the fun of all this is the creative process, where’s the satisfaction in auto-blogging!

  12. i am a big fan of free classified

  13. Oh I hate autoblogging! I hate “auto” anything besides it just clutters the internet..especially on Twitter.

    I think using automated spinning software for enzine articles is okay. I never done it, but I cant imagine writing a ton of different articles all day just for a couple backlinks. Complete was of time

    • @Kent Mauresmo,

      As long as there internet marketers making money creating those tools we just have to contend with them. Besides, I think most of those who engage in this are doing so because they believe that’s how you can live the internet lifestyle. You know, making money while you’re sleeping! They are always looking for some piece of software that will do the whole work for them while they rake in the money. Fallacy? Well, you have your choice! 🙂

  14. I think the new algorithm of Google’s Panda change everything and auto blogging in the coming years will not be such a widespread phenomenon

    • @Desi,

      If you’ve been long on the internet you will understand that for every update the blackhat guys always have a way of “breaking” in! But frankly, I hope there will be some sanity.

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