Are You Responsible?

Yes, I need you to answer this and right now: Are You Responsible?

Now, I’m sure that is a question you will want to think really good about before you answer, right?

I know you don’t want to answer without knowing what I mean by you being responsible, right?

Maybe you’re thinking I’m somehow accusing you of being responsible for the problems that have being deviling this blog lately. And to that you definitely will want to answer, no I’m not responsible!

Or maybe you are thinking I’m trying to hold you responsible for some other troubles in your community. And so you are already thinking of firing back, no I’m not responsible!

Take responsibility, You're in charge!

Responsibility Is a Heavy Weight for Many

We must understand that humans never want to be responsible even when they are responsible! Giving excuses is a natural thing with us. When things happen we are quick to look for a “scapegoat”. We pass the blame. We look for someone to hang it on.

But I want to categorically point it out to you today that if you’re not responsible you cannot succeed as an internet entrepreneur. I don’t really know how to put this more clearly, but what I’m saying is:

You Are Responsible therefore You Must be Responsible!

The success or failure of your online business is up to you. You have no one to blame. The responsibility is all yours. If you succeed, the credit is all yours and if you fail, that also belong to you!

Matter of fact: Your success or failure online is in your own hands.

It’s only those who are prepared to take the responsibility for their actions online that will actually make it. So you don’t want to leave your success to chance, like flipping a coin into the air and waiting for it to land on heads or tail! You must take complete control. The choices that will bring success or failure depend on you. If you make wise choices then you will claim victory and success will be yours. But if you take the wrong decisions then you should expect a crash and the result? Your dreams would go up in flames!

Please excuse me if I’m being too brash!  But like I’ve written a few days ago, I’ve seen too many sincere intending internet business entrepreneurs falling by the way side that I’ve always felt like weeping. Seriously! That was what prompted me writing about the sure cornerstones for online business success in the previous couple of posts. From the responses to those posts it does appear that we all agree with the points raised. But the question is, are you taking the responsibility of rolling up your sleeves and putting action to your desire? Or are you still waiting for the sure-set-and-forget-it solutions from some internet guru?

Without the right action, the road maybe rough and the destination elusive!

Here is a saying from the Holy Bible that I’ve lately made my watchword:

It Is NOT the Hearers that are blessed but the DOERS!”

You must be a DOER if you want to enjoy the fruits of your online business.

You must realize today that the odds for succeeding online are not in your favor.  A thousand and one internet business enterprises are launched every day. Of these just a few will be around in about a year from now. That definitely is not some pleasant news. But there is goodnews and that is, take action towards your dream and that dream will be drawn closer towards you!

I’m not ignorant that many are here just because they want some back link. As you are aware, I try my best possible to reply every comment on this blog. That means I read every single comment. And that has given me insight to the type of people reading this blog. Now I’m not in any position to tell you what you must do. That is your responsibility. But let me emphasize that if you must be responsible then laying the right foundation as I’ve mentioned in the previous posts is a necessity. You need the right mindset. You must have a plan in place. And you must build on the right foundation.

You Hold The Key, Use It Well!

What I want to leave you with in this post is that you and you alone hold the key to your success. If that is the truth then you must strive to ensure you’re abreast of what is happening in the line of business you’re running online. You must understand that business on the internet changes at a fast pace. You need therefore to keep pace with the changes. Look around at the internet business landscape, read the trend and make the necessary changes that will make you a visible player in the market place.

Your internet business will grow and expand if you grow and expand your knowledge. You must understand that you are your business. And as Robert Kiyosaki wrote in his classic, Rich Dad Poor Dad, you definitely need to mind your own business! Never be afraid to invest in yourself. Invest a minimum of 5% of your time and your income back into yourself.  Remember you’re responsible! Constantly learn new things and apply them to your internet business. Like I’ve mentioned earlier invest in books, attend real world seminars, teleseminars and webinars. Subscribe to business newsletters and read them.

Everything you do should be aimed at learning and adapting what your learned in your online business so that you can succeed and grow. In all of these there is the need for you to build your own strategies. This is very important as one of my mentors will always say:

“If You Don’t Have A Strategy You Will End Up In Tragedy!”

I do believe I have been able to help you take a second look at what you’re doing right now knowing that whatever you do you’re responsible. It’s my responsibility to give you these tips but it is your responsibility to take the action.

So are you ready to answer the question: Are You Responsible? Of course you can now say yes, I’m responsible!

Before I let you off I want to point you to a few books I’m reading right now. You can get them at today. I guarantee that will definitely help you in investing in yourself:

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Let’s have your reactions to this post. You may want to share with us what you’re doing to be responsible for your online business right now. Leave comments below.

  1. Its so easy to fall into the trap of blame any- and everything else for some failures. I’m taking responsibility for my success online as it is one of the main determinates as to whether I go to medical school or not.

    If I can make enough of an online income, I’ll be able to go. If not, I won’t be putting my family into $400K in debt to do it.

    • @Graham Lutz, Glad to know you’re taking the responsibility. And for the fact that you have a clear goal, going to medical school, it means you must do everything neccessary to achieve your dreams online.

  2. Thanks for the article here. I find a lot of vague answers to your questions written in the subject matter. However, I see no actual techniques or methods for improving anything to do with responsibility. I just see a lot of “why” one is responsible.

    • @jasmine, thanks for the comment. It’s unfortunate that you were not able to get actual techniques and methods for improving responsibility. However, you may have observed that the article is not a “how to” but a “call” on you to take up the responsibility of doing what you need to do to succeed.

      Like I emphasized in the article nobody will do that for you. It’s unfortunate that many people go online looking for “we will do everything for you” type of info. But the if that is what you are looking for then you’ve not yet taken responsibility. In the article (if you’ve taken time to read through) I linked to other articles which have the strategies and the “how to’s”. You may want to read them so that you can understand better the direction of this article.

      Will love to hear from again after you’ve read those articles.

  3. Yes, I am trying to be responsible as I could. I have to agree that in online business, one should know sure strategy so that the situation wouldn’t end up in tragedy. I am also aware of Robert Kiyosaki’s book but I haven’t applied any of his principle. Thanks for the interesting post.

    • @Andy C., it’s always glad to know that someone out there is taking responsibility!

      Now I don’t know if you’ve read Kiyosaki’s book or you’re only aware of it. If you’ve read the book and you’ve not applied any of his principles, it’s either you don’t agree with them or you’re not taking responsibility!(?)

      Any way it’s not every strategy you learnt that you apply immediately. There is a time for every thing. 🙂

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

  4. My favorite bit of the article?

    “You Hold The Key, Use It Well!” – What a fantastic quote Chadrack! Is that one of yours?

    BTW, CommentLuv thinks that I am offline :-/

    • @Christopher, Of course yes. Love it hmm? I truly believe all of us have the key to our tomorrow in our hands. We only need to step out in faith and use that key! Frankly, I coined it from the scripture that says something like, “I give unto you the keys of the kingdom, whatever you allow on earth will be allowed in heaven and whatever you disallow on earth will be disallowed in heaven!” You can see the power we hold on this earth 🙂

      On commentluv I think it’s time to cry out. I’m putting up a post. Everyone to my rescue!

  5. Before, I cannot answer that question right away because I have to think first before I utter some words… But there are things that happened to me from which i already considered myself as a responsible person…

  6. I try to. That’s a huge part of being a Christian. I don’t have a lot of money, but I do try to help friends out and donate where and when I can. And yes, I do my best to give of my time as well to those in need.

  7. I don’t think you can be held responsible for paint that is peeling but as far as the cat scratching the doors yes, you will. Can the fabric be replaced on the doors prior to moving?…that will probably be easier and less costly than replacing the doors.

    • @phoenix search engine optimization, hmm, some deep words there! But if I understand you very well, you are in agreement with the fact that we must take the responsibility, right?

  8. I think everyone who starts working online is ready to take responsibilities, but I think that we should agree that sometimes things can go beyond our control and we can do nothing. We can’t influence the search engines policy or the behaviour of other people who work online.

    • @DiNaRa, As much as I want to agree with you completely, it does appear from what I’ve seen so far online, that many of those who are online have the idea that someone out there will take the responsibility of making things work for them. They are always looking for some quick “fixes”. When they seek for help about something they want you to lay it out step by step so all they need do is put one and two together to get three! The truth is it doesn’t work that way. Nothing moves until an external force is applied. So it is with building a business online. So what I’m saying is to make it you must take the responsibility to make things work.

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. vice post.i am responsible toward my thanks for this nice topic…

  10. I agree that a person should take every responsibility when he or she start working online. But how to feel responsible when things keep failing and we don’t know where to find the way out. You work and achieve certain positions and earns some money and then it is all over then. Why not to get someone’s help and feel inspired again?

    • @Anna, of course that’s what being responsible is all about. You don’t sit waiting for things to happen. When their problems you go out there and seek the solutions and then roll up the sleeves see that things are brought back to normal.

      Being responsible does not mean you should seek for help. We don’t know it all!

  11. I am interested in knowing the top concerns of small business owners and entrepreneurs. What worries you at 3am? What excites you so much that you can’t sleep? What keeps you awake – for positive or negative reasons? Thanks

  12. Hi all.. i’m doing an assignment on marketing.I chose social marketing as my topic.. but now I’m confused whether there is any difference between the responsible marketing and social marketing.. please help me.. i had to submit the assignment tomorrow.. and please also tell me whether societal marketing and responsible marketing are synonymous..

  13. An example of socially responsible marketing would be the advertising of alcoholic drinks when there are no rules or regulations. A beer company that decided to use socially responsible marketing would avoid advertising its products to minors. The company would focus its advertising around late night television programming or adult magazines that minors are less likely to read.

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