May 21 2011, Judgment Day? For us it’s Recovering Day!

If only you can hear me right now. I've just heaved a big sigh of relief! 🙂

You may have noticed that for some days I've been silent on this blog. I've not been able to approve nor reply any comment. My last post here was on May 17th titled: “Want To Maximize Your Blogging Success? Employ These Problogger Social Skills!”  When I did that post I never had any problem either to login or do anything.

But, I was greatly surprised when I tried to login on wednesday and I discovered that my admin area will not load. I tried all I could be all to no avail. In fact, since that day I've been trying whatever method I know but nothing worked!

I was really scared that I lost everything and will need to start all over again since I've not taken any backup for a long time. I've been trying to use phpMyAdmin to do a backup since I have used this before but nothing worked. And so when I finally decided that whatever happens I must find a way to correct the problem today I did what I think best to do, and that is, to uninstall and re-install a new blog. Of course I had to use my webhost backup facility to backup the database since the backup I took with phpMyAdmin did not work.

I must say I so happy that after re-installing everything is back as if nothing happened!

Wow, it was a week of anxiety and tension for me 🙂 but I'm glad that this day May 21 2011 is indeed a recovering day for us! And to our dear friends and readers, we must apologise that we have left you in the dark all these days.

  1. Been really busy of late Chadrack, so I am sorry to say I didn’t notice!

    I am going to be writing an article on Technology Bloggers within the next few weeks about backing up WordPress, hopefully it can be of benefit to you 😉

    Good to see you back!
    Christopher – Technology Bloggers Admin Team

  2. So, you have experienced this ‘end of the world’ but in the micro size 🙂 Your blog is really interesting and it would have been a realm pity to lose it. Hope it will never happen again.

    • Yeah Anna, I think Harold Camping was not wrong after all only that he never calculated that there was going to be a new world! Well I’m one of those few righteous ones who made it into the new world 🙂

      Seriously I pray this never happens again.

  3. A relief indeed Chadrack. What went wrong by the way? This should remind us all to backup all files we have.

    • Thanks for the comment Calli, but frankly I never can tell what went wrong. I knew that a day before that faithful day i logged in without any trouble. But when I tried the next day, I discovered the admin page was only displaying a blank page. I couldn’t access anything. It was as if I’ve just lost the keys to the main office! 🙂
      However, after re-installing another blog and tried moving in the themes folder which I downloaded using ftp before un-installing the blog, I discovered that the admin area again refused to open as soon as I uploaded the theme folder. I realized then that the problem was in that folder.
      I quickly deleted it and moved in only the current theme. When I did that there was no problem confirming to me that the problem was in one of the themes in that folder. I’m sure that one of the themes in the folder which I’m not using must have been “touched” somehow. Of course I’ve heard of this happening before that’s why many experts advice against leaving themes you’re not using in the themes folder. Now I know it’s an advice we must heed!

  4. Oh wow. That must be such a thrilling experience you had there mate! Good thing that there’s nothing bad occured.

    • Oh yes, but it was only “thrilling” after I got the whole thing up. Before then it was a heavy load no one will want to carry. But you know what? There were lessons learnt. I think I’m now wiser for it all! 🙂

  5. H Chadrack,

    People will never know about when will the judging day come. It’s still mysterious. And if you thought that it’s the recovering day, well, it’s great. 🙂

    • @Andrew Walker, oh yes, that day will definitely remain a mystery to us. But never forget every one of us have their own “judgement day”. we all have a day appointed for us to leave this world. However, we don’t have to concern ourselves with that day. What we should do rather is to ensure we make the best of each day while we are here.

  6. Is it true that Baptists get a special pass for Judgment Day, and go directly to heaven?

    • @manchester web design, hmm, never really heard of that one! If that is true it’s better for the whole world to become baptists. Or is there any onw who will want to miss heaven! 🙂

  7. That’s just silly. The Bible guarantees no such thing; it’s just Harold Camping’s idiotic numerology propoganda. I live in a pretty liberal city, so there are no billboards here but I’m not so sure about my hometown.

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