Auto Link Juicer — Another Powerful Traffic-Getting Product from Jason Potash!

Get More Traffic with Auto Link JuicerIf you’re interested in instant traffic, high search engine rankings and, of course, a raise in your blogging income, then you should be interested in what I have to say here!

A couple of days ago I received an email from Jason Potash of a powerful traffic generating product that is set to hit the market on Tuesday May 17th. Now, as soon as I got that email I wasted no time in getting on the early bird list!

Wondering why?

Because, just last month I missed a wonderful opportunity of  getting Traffic Kaboom which was also launched by Jason Potash and Jason Katzenback barely a month ago! Then, when I got word of the launch of Traffic Kaboom, I ignored it because I was skeptical. You know, having heard of too many “magic tools” and systems that promise you the moon but end up being trash, I had no idea of what I was missing.

However, from the reports of those who purchased Traffic Kaboom, I discovered I’ve missed truly a powerful “magic system”. In fact, Traffic Kaboom did not hit the market before it sold out! Right now barely a month after it launched, Traffic Kaboom has closed its doors to people like me who wouldn’t seize opportunities when they present themselves.  Now, my only gain is regrets having missed that wonderful opportunity.

Can you now see why I wasted no time in signing up for the early bird list? I simply don’t want another opportunity like this one to slip through my fingers, no not any more. And I’m sure you too will love to have something good enough that can help you generate some laser-targeted traffic for free. That’s why I’m doing this post so you too can grab this opportunity.  The success of Traffic Kaboom is already a testimonial to the fact that Jason Potash and Jason Katzenback know what they are putting into the market.
So, if you want to gain an unfair advantage in the traffic-generation game then you would make a good decision, like me, of going for the “Auto Link Juicer System”!

But do you think I’m just excited because of the success of Traffic Kaboom? More than that. Here’s why I think Auto Link Juicer will truly be a good buy…

1. The “Auto Link Juicer System” is designed specifically to help you fully optimize your blogs internal linking structure plus work with (and listen to) the search engines (primarily Google) to automatically adjust your blogs internal link structure as needed to optimize your search engine rankings.

2.  Auto Link Juicer auto-fixes your on-page optimization — placing more emphasis on your “money” pages and forcing more human traffic to hit your “call to actions”. Without doing anything shady or sneaky. Google actually likes this because there are no tricks being used here.  98% of people screw this part up, without even realizing it. Not anymore.

3. Auto link Juicer also has an extremely powerful and custom “social linking” element built right in that gives all your blog posts a good quality (not spammy) link boost to get you even higher rankings and more traffic.

4. The “Auto Link Juicer System” includes 4 plug-ins all working together — synergistically — to further boost your search engine rankings and the traffic-pulling power of your blog. PLUS, you can install them on an unlimited amount of blogs that you own… this is not one of those typical “can only be installed on ONE site” tricks.

Besides all these, I think the best part is that all of the magic is done in the background without you touching a thing or having to be an SEO hotshot. You simply need to install the “Auto Link Juicer System” in 2 minutes and watch your blog immediately jump up in the search engines and get more traffic.

Sounds incredible right? Well, that was what came to my mind when I first saw the email from Jason Potash. But when I remembered how I missed Traffic Kaboom and that these are the same guys bringing this product to the market, I couldn’t wait to get on the early bird list.

I think for anyone involved in blogging for money the “Auto Link Juicer System” is a must-have traffic-getting solution. It’s definitely a wise decision to get it and see how it will benefit you right away. Don’t fall into the same mistake I made concerning Traffic Kaboom. Get your free access to the Auto Link Juicer System right now.

  1. Hi Chadrack,

    I’m the same way about a few internet marketers out there; the moment they announce they’re launching something, I sign up if I can afford it. There’s just no question about whether I’m going to seize the opportunity (just sometimes a question of money). It sounds like you’re that way about Potash’s material, and he sounds like a gem!


    • You’re quite right Delena. I’ve bought into a few internet marketing products and really felt bad afterwards. Most times it’s because the much talked about strategy or method promoted in the product soon becomes an all-comers thing which leads to the market becoming saturated in no time. However, with what they did with Traffic Kaboom by restricting the number of slots and from the setup of the system, I personally believe this is worth trying out.  

  2. Reply
    Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing May 7, 2011 at 5:16 am

    I’ll look at it but I gotta tell ya, anything with auto and link in the same sentence makes me a little nervous.

    • @Dennis, understand your feelings very well. I’m not really passionate about things like that. But there is no doubt about it, some of these things can really help in gaining some advantage. What I’m really against is the effect they have on the market as a result of too many people flooding the market with the same strategies.

      I must say that from what I’ve heard about this system, it involves a strategy that many of us are already using. Now if one can found a system like this that helps one put in some automation into it, I think one can find time for other things.

  3. You really do make that sound attractive you know Chadrack 😉

    Personally, not meaning to boast, but I know my SEO stuff, so I prefer to do it myself 😛

    sos m8 :-/

  4. Increasing long-term traffic is the key to increasing search engine rankings. The trick is to find the one good system that will help you to increase your traffic. This innovative new tool was specifically designed to help your website receive more traffic.

  5. Sounds like a good ebook ! Every ebook sounds good but after reading, it turns out to be “Oh no ! My money went waste again” lolz

    • Indeed must of the ebooks targeting the MMO market are truly embarassing! However, this one is not an ebook. It’s actually an online program that helps you grab some “free” one-way backlinks to your blog. Getting these backlinks will eventually push your blog’s rankings high on the search engines and then your traffic. That’s why it is interesting to me particularly.

    • @Nasif, lets hope that isn’t the case this time Nasif!

  6. Let’s avoid all automatic link service because it’s useless and can hurt your site.

    • Thanks for that timely advice Tony. But you should know that not every thing automatic that is useless. I depends on how that “automatic” link is achieved.

  7. Hello Chadrack,

    It sounds interesting. This is not an ebook, right? I will try to apply it. I hope it works well for me. Fantastic share. Thanks a lot.

  8. Sounds interesting! Auto Link Juicer is quite good and efficient in getting traffic to your site, but then I’m looking forward what’s the possible disadvantages of it because sometimes when you don’t want to miss out opportunities that comes to you and you always grab it without knowing first the advantages and disadvantages regret comes after all.

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