Easter and Building a Successful Online Business – Practical Life Lessons!

The joy of the Easter celebration is still very much with us. And for those of us who were involved in the celebration it was indeed a perriod of sober reflections.

The events of the past week (known as the holy week) were one that helped everyone of us to reenact the life of the Master Jesus. These events which culminated in the commemoration of the crucifixion on Friday and finally climaxed on Sunday with the celebration of Easter moved me to consider again how so much success came out of the decision of one man to lay down His life so that others will live.

Wondering what has this got to do with succeeding online?


For example while reflecting on the events of the Easter period, my mind was drawn to the different occasions when the Lord Jesus, in trying to prepare the disciples for the coming event, used different analogies to do that. On one such occassion, he said,

“Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone; but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit!”

As I reflected on that statement I soon realize how much one can truly learn about succeeding in life from that statement. In fact Jesus, in that statement, gave us the secret to over flowing success; the pathway to fruitfulness in everything we do in life!

And this was what held my attention as I meditated on the events of the Easter period. My thoughts were taken over by the glaring success of the Church that the Lord built. From a few “uneducated” men of low status in the society the Church has grown to billions of followers around the world today despite the opposition the believers had to face over the centuries. Daring persecutions and intimidation, both from outside and within the church, the body of believers has continued to blossom so much that we can today be bold to say that the carpenter from the little known town of Nazareth is indeed the most influential of all men who has ever trodden the face of the earth!

But, how was this outstanding success achieved?

I personally see the secret in Jesus’ resolve to give all. He never held on to that which he had. In his desire to bring lives to the Father's glory, he was ready to give his life! As he said, “except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone; but if it die, it brings forth much fruit!” This shows that if He must accomplish that divine plan, death is inevitable. If he had not died he would have remained alone but in agreeing to give up his life, billions of other lives were birthed to the glory of the Father. Indeed, the  travail of his soul has brought Him real satisfied today (Isaiah 53: 11-12).

How To Apply This Truth To Build A Flourishing Online Business

In my reflections I found the following to be some ways of applying this divine truth in our lives today and achieve success in our business endeavours.

1. You Must Sow Before You Reap

If there is anything that is glaring from the above picture it is the principle of sowing and reaping. And this is what, as a business entrepreneur, you must take note of carefully. Building a successful business is like farming. In farming, the farmer knows that he must sow before he can reap. As an entrepreneur you must understand this very well. However where the farmer plants seeds you plant ideas for your ideas, like seeds, will never grow a crop unless they are planted. The more ideas you sow, the more success you will reap.

For example as an entrepreneur blogger you must learn to sow enriching ideas in your blog readers through your blog posts if you must reap success. Your ideas must convey to your target audience the real value of what you have to offer in a way as to satisfy their sense of caution, security, and safety. It is necessary therefore to create your blog’s content around the needs of your target audience.

2. Become Interested in Your Target Audience

Another way of putting this lesson to use is by understanding that people don’t care about you and your product. Their only concern is what will make their lives better. The only way you can make them care about you therefore, is for you to become interested in them. And there is really one way of becoming interested in them – by calling their attention, in no uncertain terms, to something that will add to their happiness, health, or wealth.

In doing this you must understand that talk is cheap. Don’t just talk about how much you want to help. show it by your actions. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this that a man should lay down his life for his friends”. His, was not mere talk, He went as far as showing that He indeed loved His friends. This also should be your stand as an entrepreneur.

Again using the example of a blogger, showing how interested you are in your target audience can really be simple to do. Entrepreneur bloggers can use their blogs to give insightful tips and usable content that will help their blog readers to better their lives. Sharing your expertise through the information you post on your blog, packaging ebooks and other  information products and  giving them freely to your target audience are all indications that you're interested in your target audience. Of course you must be ready to do this without any regard to receiving any monetary rewards as in doing this you would be sowing seeds that will blossom to a fruitful harvest in the nearest future!

I must say the Easter period was one of great gain to me both in spiritual experience and in my professional life. I've taken some decisive decisions about my online business for the coming months armed with the knowledge of Jesus' secret to unending success which is, give if you expect to recieve. And as quoted by the Apostle Paul, “It is more blessed to give than to recieve!”

Over to you: How was your Easter celebration? Were you able to gain some lessons that can be applied in building your online business? Share your experiences with us in your comments below.

  1. I think that having a holiday is just generally great to help you think. It gives you time to ‘wind down’ and time to reflect on what you have achieved, what could be better, and what you have done well 🙂

    It is (as you say) very important not only to understand your target audience, but also to engage with them…

  2. First of all, my congratulation with Easter. I also had some fine days together with my family, especially Sunday dinner was great. Christmas and Easter always make me think about Jesus and his life and especially about his words. Jesus knows and teaches us a lot. If you believe in him, if you need the answer to your question, open the Bible and find the answer. You will definitely find it.
    I’m sure practically all words from the Bible can be applied to any sphere of our life – that’s a Holy Book.

    • Hi Anna, you’re definitely right! Infact the Bible is so rich about life that not reading it is like not reading a manufacturers manual before or during operating a particular machine. The Bible is our manufacturers manual if we truly want to make it big in this life.

  3. Hi Chad,
    Nice to be back here in your site. For me Easter celebration was really great holiday for every one because you and your family must be banding in once in a life time, because after that celebration you will be back in work and make your self busy,

  4. My family and friends came together to celebrate the past holy week and its the perfect time to share ideas on each other about our careers and business.

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