As 2010 Closes and 2011 Unfolds: Believe It Can Be Better!

The countdown to 2011 has begun. In a few hours time the curtain will finally and eternally fall for 2010.

Yes, 2010 has run its course and it will never be again.

That, simply is the truth about time. It comes and goes, never to return!

Did not the Holy Book say, “Teach us to number our days that we may incline our hearts to wisdom?”

Our life here is compartmentalized into time. That is why we must learn to number our days. That indeed is wisdom.

Time lost may not be regained but, that does not mean you have lost all! It only means you can decide to make a better use of the time you have now. That is why as I arose from my bed this morning knowing we have just a few hours before the curtain finally falls for the year 2010, I asked myself, what can I do in the remaining hours of this day to uplift someone before the year finally run out?

And here is what came to my mind. I hope you get some inspiration from these lines as you step into the year 2011.

1. Think Backward With Gratitude

I don’t know how you have fared in the year 2010, but what I do know is that there were moments of joy and of course that of regrets. Be thankful for all! Be thankful for the times of joy for they added value to your life. Be thankful for the moments of sadness, for the lessons gained because those lessons will once again add joy abundant.

Express gratitude for the relationships you’ve been able to foster in the year 2010. Be thankful for yor family. Be thankful for your life.  Be thankful for your online business. Be thankful that you are among those who are still afloat despite the turbulent waves of the internet.

And let me use this opportunity to say thank you so much for being a valued friend of the Web Income Journal. We appreciate your time spent here. We thank you for your comments. They have given us encouragement and direction.  As we look back over the year, we know we wouldn’t have come this far if not for you. Thank you for being our fan on facebook. Thank you for following us on twitter and for joining our update list.  We are indeed grateful.

2. Look Forward With Hope

With Hopek ForwardSomeone indeed said, “Time is earth’s currency” and that indeed is the truth. And truer still is the fact that to every one of us is dealt the same amount of time. No one of us is given less. Neither is anyone given more!

And that means you too can achieve as much as anyone else.  So look forward to year 2011 with hope. That, which you have not been able to achieve in 2010 can still be possible in 2011. The fact that you are still standing shows you are better than a thousand others. Many who started this journey with you have fallen by the way side. They have joined million others in the DotCom cyber waste bin!

No, your portion is not to end that way, for the whole world is waiting for you. No other one can take your place.  So strategize again. Set your targets once more and from your quiver of experience take once more you arrows, aim and shoot. I’m definitely sure your hands, steadied with the experience gained over the past days will indeed strike their target!

Oh, so you have achieved your targets in the year 2010? That indeed is glorious news. But never relent, for success should breed more success. You definitely stand on a better ground. Strike now that the iron is hot. Look forward with hope for better things to come.

3. Look Up With Assurance

Yes, look up and be assured of this, there is enough room up there for everyone. There is a place for you up there. You have labored in different ways building your online business. And you must know that to every labor there is gain. So your labor shall not end in vain!

So look up and ask the rain to come and water your land that your harvest indeed shall be great. Ask and you shall be given so the Holy Book did say. The universe indeed waits for you to ask. What shall I give you? Is the great question the universe is asking every one of us even now. Rise up therefore and demand what you want for the year 2011. Now is the time.  Look up with assurance. You can have what you want.

I hear the sound of abundance of rain in the year 2011. But to be part of it you must rise up now and sow you land for when the rain comes, it must meet your land sown. Or else how can you expect to reap a harvest if you have not sown. The overriding principle of life is this, “as the earth remains, seed time and harvest shall not cease.” As long as you’re still alive know for sure that your harvest will come. But that harvest must be preceded by your sowing. For he who sows shall reap but he who observes the wind shall lament in harvest!

I wish you a FRUITFUL 2011!

We will appreciate your comments below. Share with us your dreams for the year 2011.

  1. Well, 2010 was the year that I decided to start web-development, in hopes of quitting my day time job, and becoming a self-employed person 🙂
    Hopefully that goal will be achieved within 2011
    Hoping you too could achieve all your goals within 2011, happy new year Chadrack 🙂

    • Oh great. Like I said in the post you simply need to work towards it and sure your dreams will come to pass. As for me I’m all out this year 2011 to make a great change.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Wish to be as productive as I can ever be to be able to provide @ least one article weekly for each of my sites ;-). That way I can keep them alive in 2011 for Google to start/continue taking them seriously.

    • Hi, that’s a good plan. Hope you put it to use. I’m really planning on doing more of article marketing and some more marketing stuff in this year. Thanks for remaining a loyal friend!

  3. yep i do many changes in my life on 1 January…and hope continue with them..

  4. first of all Happy new Year to all of you..and come your dream fulfill in 2011..

  5. I do not think I or you are a random quirk of nature, for if we are, then in the grand scheme of nature, our lives are meaningless, it matters not, if we live or die. I tend to think like this:

  6. Great advice for the new year.  I try to always think of the good from my past.  If you question anything, then the entire present falls apart.

  7. I do many changes in my life on 1 January…and hope continue with them.. Thanks..

  8. Reply
    Edinburgh Driving School January 6, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    I always look forward to the new year. It gives me a chance to review my year and plan the year ahead which always gets me excited!

  9. Fully agree with your post. With few good efforts we can make our coming year more successful. First of all we have to set our targets for coming year and give our 100% toachieve these. Nice sharing with all..

  10. yep i do many changes in my life on 1 January…and hope continue with them..

  11. Lets hope that 2011 is better than the last.  I hope the economy picks up.

  12. I am hoping that 2011 will be an amazing year for me and my business. I think as you said some effort and I believe good attitude can help me to have a productive year. Thanks I enjoy your blog.

  13. A positive attitude can be the difference between failing or succeeding.

  14. I hear the sound of abundance of rain in the year 2011. But to be part of it you must rise up now and sow you land for when the rain comes, it must meet your land sown.Thanks for it

  15. You’re probably right, but if you want respect, then help the ledger by giving names and times from SJ meets. Who on those teams make up the depth?

  16. I have only a 5 year history learning about and investing in stocks, but feel like its every day a roller coaster. What was it like in say the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc. or before if you were around then?

  17. Thank you for the information. Great job you have done and keep it up.

  18. I left to work for the DoD as an overseas contractor in February 2010. I’ll be coming back to the states February 2011. Will I qualify for the first time home owner tax credit extension if I close by June 2011? Thanks!

  19. Though I came to this blog post late but I am really starting to do some of those thing I intend to do in 2011, thanks for the heads up!!!

  20. I have also noticed that it is better to have both long term and short terms goal and they should both have time limits, it makes your whole being gear up and pursue the goal…thanks

    • That ‘s what it should always be. Though for me my long term goal has been decided right from the very day I started. Because I believe in starting with the end in mind. What I do along the way is simply setting short term, time limited goals that work towards that very end! Right now my plan is for the first quarter of the year. Once that is achieved I will move on to others areas!

  21. I’m curious if there are any still life photographers involved in art photography, not product photography? Like Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ or Robert Mapplethorpe’s still life for example? It’s so hard to find any. Are there any?

  22. Looking back, Ive always lived in regret that I missed living in the present. Then I realized that Im missing the good things that I am getting now because I have always lived in the past. Ive realized that my past makes me who I am but it shouldnt stop me from who I want to be. Im now looking forward with high hopes and big dreams.

    What we haven’t achieved in the present year can still be achieved next year. That’s a very motivating line to live up.

    • @Gregg Camp,

      Truly motivational and I really love it. I’m putting that into list of quotable quotes. “Ive realized that my past makes me who I am but it shouldnt stop me from who I want to be. Im now looking forward with high hopes and big dreams. What we haven’t achieved in the present year can still be achieved next year!”

      I think if we only have such a mind and approach life from that perspective, we’ll live life more and be less stressful. Thanks for sharing.

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