Need an Income Boost? Here’s How to Do It

Would you be interested in raising your income? Have you recently thought about how you can easily boost your income to meet up with some immediate financial needs?

There’s no doubt that from time to time situations arise that warrants us going something like: how I wish I had some more extra funds!

This was the situation with a friend a few weeks back. He was in a desperate need and because what he had with him could not solve the situation, he reached out to me. Unfortunately, I too didn’t have to help him because of a project I recently started of which he is aware. In frustration he blurted out, only if I could just have some way of boosting my income right now!

boost your income tips

That got me thinking of how I could help him out in that aspect – that is, find some ways to help him boost his income. Though I've written a post a few days ago on making some extra income online, I wanted something that really did not demand so much. And so, after some much thought and looking around, not to overwhelm him with too many choices, I picked the following 4 simple ways and shared them with him.

Now, I know there aren’t many of us that would turn down a boost in income, especially if they’re in a desperate need like my friend was. I have decided therefore to put the simple ways I shared with my in a post knowing that it might just help someone else is looking for ways of making some extra money.

So, whether you want to pay off debt, or you have a one-off expense you can’t really afford right now or perhaps you’ve just realized that you can’t survive properly on what you’re making, you should be happy to know that there are simple ways of boosting your income.

Here are the ideas I shared with me friend.

How to Boost Your Income without Any Much Stress

1. Go Freelance

Being a freelancer isn’t always a secure job, but it can be a fantastic second job to boost your income. If you have a particular skill set, you may find that many employers are willing to work with you on a part-time basis so you could work during the nights and evenings. Freelance jobs include anything from writing to data entry and graphic design to photography. It’s an ideal way of pursuing a passion and making some money out of it while you’re at it. There are also plenty of call centers looking for native English speakers to work night and weekend shifts from their own homes.

boost your income with freelancing jobs

2. Get Qualified

You may want to boost your income without having to work two jobs. To do that, you may need a change of career to secure yourself better financial prospects for the future. Many people give up at the first thought of this because studying and working at the same time can be very difficult. However, if you opt to study online, you can choose from thousands of different courses and study in your time. As long as you get your assignments in by the deadlines, it doesn’t matter when you do the work. For example, doing an online marketing MBA could mean that your employer hires you as an addition to the marketing team.

boost your income by getting more qualifications

3. Start Your Own Business

Got a great business idea? What’s stopping you? Lots of small businesses start off from home, in the owner’s spare time. Starting a business can be an ideal way of boosting your income, doing something you’re passionate about and setting up a future for yourself. It’s safe because you can stay employed as you build the business up and only exit employment when the business is making enough money for you to take home a decent wage. Take a look at some tips on how to market a new business through social media.

boost your income with a business

4. A Second Job

If you only need a boost in your income for a short period of time, you could consider getting a temporary second job. There are always companies looking for delivery drivers during the evenings, like local take-aways. You could also consider weekend work, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be something mundane. There are lots of exciting weekend jobs, like working in Santa’s Grotto during Christmas or being a team leader for children’s outdoor activities during the Summer. Think outside the box and you may just find something you love doing.

Get a second job to boost your income


While there may be many others ways you can use to boost your income starting today, any one working with these tips can turn around their income situations right away.

Do you have some really simple ways you want to suggest for those who want to boost their income? Share with us in the comments below.




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  1. Very helpful tips, I also like to increase my income thru blogging.

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