5 Key Elements to Consider When Designing a Professional Website

Are you considering a professional website design for your business?

Do you feel your business website is not presenting a professional image of your brand?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you must understand that there are some key elements that a professional website must have if it’s to effectively convert visitors to buyers.

You see, a lot of online businesses are lacking in profitability not because they are selling the wrong products or because they are implementing the wrong traffic strategies but because their websites lack these basic elements.

Recent studies shows that these days, most people turn to the Internet when they want to find a particular product or business. This is because visiting a business website is much easier for a consumer to see what a business has to offer without leaving the house. The website is therefore the first point of call for many businesses. Considering this, a professional website is a MUST-HAVE for practically every business owner.

Professional Website Design Elements


If a first time visitor comes to your business site and, instead of being met by an appealing site, he/she is met by some amateur-looking site that first impression will definitely affect their response to what you’re offering. Now, don’t forget that your competition is a click away!

Indeed, first impressions do matter, especially when it comes to building your business website.

So how do you avoid losing business to your competitions because of your website design? The answer is by incorporating these five key elements.

Five Elements of a Professional Website

1. Captivating Images

Captivating images are a great addition to a website regardless of what a business owner is selling. In fact, many online shoppers notice the images on a website before they read a single word on the page. As an example, the owner of an online shop that sells pet supplies may want to put up several colorful images of dogs and cats at play. This serves to grab the attention of shoppers and makes it more likely that they will stay on the website to check out the products for sale.

Use captivating images for your site design

2. Clear, Succinct Text

Most online shoppers scan any text they see on a website. They want to find out what a website has to offer in a matter of seconds. This is why having clear, succinct text is so important. After scanning this type of text, shoppers are likely to peruse the merchandise on the site and, perhaps, make a purchase. A savvy online business owner understands that he or she only has a few seconds to make an impression on a potential customer.

3. Ease of Use

Online shoppers appreciate a website that allows them to find the products they want to see in a matter of seconds. For instance, the owner of an online clothing shop should set up her website so men and women can find exactly what they are looking for. Some owners of online clothing shops organize their merchandise by color, size or style. A website that provides shoppers with an easy, pleasant experience is likely to be successful.

Highlight product images in your site design

4. A Secure Method of Payment

Business owners who invest in a custom web design can set up a secure method of payment to ensure that they protect the personal information of their customers. This is a critical element of a professional website. A business owner’s customers must feel at ease with submitting their credit card numbers or bank account information when they are making an online purchase.

5. Accessible Contact Information

The last element that goes into making a professional website is giving shoppers a way to contact the business. Generally, a business owner provides a phone number for all types of customer service questions. Also, many owners display an email address for customers who want to contact the business via computer. Displaying contact information lends credibility to a business.


There is no doubt that creating a professional website is an owner’s first opportunity to make a positive impression on online shoppers. Your business website is your 24/7 sales rep. equip it with the design and it will effortlessly give you the results you so desire.

Over to you: What other elements of professional website design would you suggest be added to this list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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