Is Autoblogging Gradually Becoming The Next Phase of Making Money Blogging?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it lately. Gradually but steadily it’s taking momentum. It’s becoming the buzz word among bloggers right now. At first, people were against it as, in their reasoning it adds no real value to the conversation since blogging is about conversation. But now every one is turning to it!

Wondering what this is?

Ok, I’m talking about… Autoblogging!

Of course autoblogging is not new among bloggers. But the wave at which it is becoming the in-thing is worth mentioning. The acceptance it has garnered amongst bloggers lately is unprecedented.

Revelations from many top bloggers shows that not a few of them have been involved with setting up automatic blogs at one time or the other. One such revelation has just come from no other person but Jason Potash of In a free report he released recently in partnership with Jason Katzenback, he revealed:

“My business partner, Jason Katzenback and I, started tinkering with autoblogging way back in 2005. Like many internet marketers, we became very intrigued with the blog vending machine concept of setting up 50, 100 or 200 automatic money-makers working for us 24/7.”

Hmm, since 2005? So making money blogging using autoblogs is not something of today. However, what really caught my attention in the report is this statement,

“We have a private network of well over 10,000 autoblogs in dozens of different niche markets!”

Did I hear you say Hmm..?

Then you’re as surprised as I was.. Ten thousand auto blogs in different niche markets!

Frankly, I was not too amazed with all these revelations because I knew many of them were doing things like this while they are presenting us with income reports supposedly coming from their everyday blogs!

But the truth is, though I was not surprised about the fact that they were building niche blogs in different niche markets, (of course, I’ve been doing this too) I never imagined these pro-bloggers getting involved with autoblogging! I never really thought of that considering the reaction of other bloggers whenever the subject of autoblogging was mentioned.

You see, in a guest post I did sometime ago at titled: How To Easily Build Multiple Streams Of Income Using WordPress,” I revealed some strategies for creating niche blogs as multiple income streams. Building static niche blogs using wordpress and setting up automatic wordpress blogs were some of the methods I touched on in that post. But of all these the idea of automatic blogs drew the highest of negetive comments as many were against it.

Now at the time I wrote that post I had never tried anything autoblogging. But some time after doing that post I decided to experiment with the idea! And must say I’ve discovered a lot about that topic. Now there are actually different types of autoblogs. Some are simply worthless as they add no real value to the blogosphere. But there are other ways of setting up autoblogs that are not just RSS aggregators. You can actually have good content posted on your autoblog that Google loves. In fact two of such autoblogs which I set up recently are doing well in the search engines. 

So you see that when many amateur bloggers are ranting against autoblogging and continue to slave it over their regular blogs the probloggers are doing something underground about it!

Jason’s revelations speaks volume of what others are doing. And please note that Jason released that free report as a preparation for a product about autoblogging they will be launching in a few days. Yes, another autoblogging product is hitting the market 🙂

Let’s get this straight…

With the revelations from people like Jason and of course with other autobloging products in the market don’t you think many bloggers would now be considering this “new” way of blogging? I’m sure you already know the answer! In fact many of those who were speaking against it will now have a rethink.

Now I don’t know about you but like I said I’ve been testing the ground about autoblogging for some time now. This is because I’ve discovered they are a good way of easily setting up niche blogs. Of course you may have seen what many people are putting together as autoblogs, but the truth is if you know what to do you can build very profitable niche blogs using autoblogging. This is part of the system that I present in my 7-Part email tutorial:  “How To Easily Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income Online!” You’ll do yourself  a whole lot of good if you’ll signup for it right now!

I must say most of these happenings are not taking me by surprise having taking much time to consider them a long time ago. I know very soon, with many of these products being released into the market, everyone will be rushing into autoblogging as we always see among internet marketers. And very soon that segment will be saturated leaving the late comers to look for the next availabe thing.

I must say the free report titled: “The top 13 Autoblogging Blunders” is something you should also read if you want really want to understand the direction the “make money blogging” current is flowing. Download a free copy by clicking here.
I don’t know if you’ve considered autoblogging at some time in your blogging career. If you have, then now is the time to really get to know what is involved, how it works and of course the right way to go about it. Don’t wait until the market is saturated. Don’t even wait for some magic key that will give you the secret. Niche blogging and autoblogging have one basic idea and that is, to build multiple streams of passive income so that you can achieve more while working less.

As much as I love automation I also love to know what I’m doing. That is why knowing the basics is very important to me. And this is what I laid out in my free tutorial, “How To Easily Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income Online!” If you think this one may be too basic for you then don’t waste another time, go and download Jason’s free report right away.

Ok, so I may tried to convince you that autoblogging is taking the center-stage. But I know you have own opinion. So let’s have you say on this. Have you been autoblogging or you against it? Let’s hear from you.

  1. Awesome..Chadrack.
    This is the first time I have ever heard about autoblogging. I have experience with setting up niche websites..but never created any niche blogs..But this certainly looks like something that worth looking into..
    Thanks for the share brother..
    Have a good one.

    • Thanks for the comment Adam. With the knowledge of niche sites I believe you could make a great difference with setting up niche blogs. I simply love it because it is much easier and quicker setting up niche blogs using wordpress.

  2. Hi Chadrack:
    I did not know it is your site.  i came here looking for some one else.  Any ways since main reason was to write a comment and to see a new site for my eyes.  That I did, it is a new site for my eyes.
    Saw you at Adams blog today, and auto-blogging, according to you is not new.  Wow! Where will you get the content from automatically?  There has to be some source.  is it pre arranged on payment basis or what?  Need to know every thing about it.  Specially money making automatic.
    Great idea.

    • Hi fran, thanks for the visit. This is indeed a new site barely a month old but the the truth is I just moved the content from another domain. So though the site is new we have content that covers almost a year!

      Getting content for autoblogs can be through various ways depending on the system you’re using. But Jason hopes with his system to change the future of autoblogging forever! You can check out his new system here.

  3. Hi Chadrack!
    Food for thoughts! Excellent article with juicy info. I also open for this autoblogging idea but still weighing the implication on the future blogging world.

    • Welcome Rammesh. Many bloggers have always being concerned with the effect of autoblogs on the blogosphere so you are not alone. But let’s watch and see what really becomes the autoblogging system. With many bloggers wanting to find the easier way out autoblogging is definitely a solution!

  4. I have ever heard about auto blogging. I have experience with setting up niche websites..but never created any niche blogs..

  5. Good day!This was a really excellent blog!
    I come from itlay, I was luck to discover your blog in google
    Also I obtain much in your subject really thanks very much i will come every day

  6. Reply
    Josh Ray@Make Money Blogging November 8, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    I am blogging as a way to promote myself and find new clients for my writing services but I keep reading more about autoblogging and affiliate marketing everyday.  One of these days I may have to look into it more to see if it’s right for me.

  7. I’ve was one of those against autoblogging but these reports have got me pretty interested again. I’ll holla @ ya when I through reading them.

    Cheers 😉

  8. Reply
    @seo services company November 13, 2010 at 11:37 am

    Auto Blogging is popular in now days because it’s steady and fast, many people do blogging for their hobby, they are earning very well through blogging…
    Blogging is good source to make money online…
    keep cheers
    jacob lee

  9. If you’re using autoblogging software, how often do you have it post articles?  It seems that Google would consider it spam if you posted too many articles all at once to try and generate content.

    • Hi Josh, thanks for stepping in the house once more! Glad to see you.

      The truth is you’ve control over how many times you want the software to post articles to your blog. You don’t have to fear google considering your blog as a spam either. I believe posting too many articles in a day will not bring google’s harmmer on your blog. I’ve an article directory with over a thousand authors and that directory publish over 15 articles in a day, yet there has never been any problem with google. You simply need to ensure you doesn’t over ping in a day.

  10. I’m taking your advice and starting my first affiliate marketing site.  I love to golf so I decided to build a site doing reviews of golf clubs, golf equipment, etc.  I’m trying out some autoblogging software that gets the product description from Amazon and creates articles from it with affiliate links to the product on  I know you’re busy but if you have some time I’d love for you to take a look at it and give me any suggestions you have.  I can use all the help I can get.  Thanks.

    • Hi Josh, please accept my apologies for this late reply. Just took a look at your site and must say it’s really great. Only thing I want to advise for now is since you have a passion for golf, writing some original articles on the subject will not be difficult for you. So add some original articles to the site, occassionally and also use those articles to promote the site on article directories. Work on getting the site up on the search engines and if possible use google adwords to promote the site. Frankly, promotion is one of the greatest challenges of such niche autoblogs.

  11. Reply
    Iroko@Cheap laptops deals December 13, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Though I have heard of Autoblogging, there is even this free report from blogmatic that I got, though I have not heard time to read it but I might just do that today.
    But the fact still remain that blogging is for building of a community and a little bit of building interaction with your readers…

    • Thanks Iroko for your point about building community and interacting with your blog readers. Of course you must understand that blogging is evolving. Of course there are many bloggers who today still believe you shouldn’t making money with your blog! To them blogging is simply a personal journal, QED.

      But for us blogging has gone beyond that. You could set up a blog for interaction and building a community but that does not remove the fact that if you want to make money with niche blogs you can not set up autoblogs. There are niches you don’t want to build relationships in. Such ones are good for autoblogs.

  12. Reply
    raleigh seo services July 9, 2011 at 6:06 am

    I am thinking about becoming a ‘ProBlogger”. I know Blogging is a very slow business, but still i want to know how much time will it take me to start earning at least $100.I can work everyday for approximately 11 hrs. Can i expect start earning $100 within two months.

    • @raleigh seo services,

      Hey, do you want me to say you can not? No, no, no! Of course you can but it’s not a guarantee. There are few things that must taken into consideration. Your level of commitment, your understanding of your target market, how much you know about marketing online etc. But all in all $100 in two months is attainable.

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