Keyword Research Tools: Are They Really Important For SEO?

The world of search engine optimization is a vast and, most times, complicated one. There are many rules and techniques that one must follow to get the desired results. And there are also many tools that SEO newbies and experts alike use each day. Of these tools, keyword research tools are perhaps the most used of all.

However, some naysayers suggest keyword research tools aren't that important for search engine optimization. But come to think of it, is that not like saying engine oil isn't necessary for your car?

Of course, I have heard many (and also read many articles) that tend to portray the view that even using keywords in our content is nothing but a waste of time. Their argument? Google has evolved to the stage where search engine spiders now know more about your content and what people are searching for!

As much as I don’t dispute the fact that Google has “evolved” significantly in the past few years I still believe a “splash” of keywords here and there will greatly help the search engines understand better what your content is all about. Don’t forget that the search engines are like some secretary who has control over a huge volume of documents neatly filed away in carbinets (indexed content). To retrieve any of these content this imaginary secretary definitely need some form of tag (in this case keywords).

This is actually the way I look at keywords or keyword phrases when using them in content. The search engine spiders have improved over the years but still need you to give them something to help them identify your content so they can know where to “file” (index) away your content. And of course, whenever, someone searches using something similar in their queries, the search engines will know which content to retrieve and present to them!

Sure that makes the whole thing much understandable, right?

Now, if that is the case why should anyone say keyword research tools are not important for SEO? Look at the market today and you will see that there are many free and premium keyword research tools around. Is that not enough to convince you that these tools are very useful?

If you are still in doubt, then let me give you some reasons why you and your business need keyword research tools.

Keyword research tools and SEO

3 Top Reasons Why You Keyword Research Tools Are Important For SEO

1. They Help To Make Your Content Relevant

Today's search engines use “algorithms” to serve only relevant content to people's queries. So, if you're searching for a colcannon recipe, such results will get returned to you. You are seldom likely to see results for things like “how to grow potatoes” or “a tourist guide to Ireland”!

All too often, website owners fail to target the right audience. The reason is usually down to the fact they aren't using the relevant keywords on their pages. Keyword research tools help website owners to fine-tune their content.

The higher the relevancy, the higher you will rank in search engines like Google.

2. They Help You To Discover Popular Keywords And Phrases

Let's assume that you know how to tailor your content for particular keywords. What happens if you do so for queries that people don't usually type into search engines? Well, not a lot will happen, as you can expect!

The brilliant thing about keyword research tools is they tell you what's hot in your niche. Colcannon recipes might not be as popular as jacket potato ones, for instance.

3. You Can Find Out What Keywords Are Popular With Your Competitors

What is it that people search for when they visit your competitor's sites? One way to find the answer is by using a keyword research tool, of course!

Such tools are also useful for learning more about the competition. New websites get set up each day, and some grow faster more than others. A keyword research tool will help you stay at the top of your game.

So, Which Keyword Research Tools Are The Best To Use?

As you can appreciate, there are plenty of tools out there that you can use. Google's own keyword research tool is one example. It gets offered to people that use its AdWords pay-per-click marketing service.

Another is SEcockpit. I recommend reading the review of SEcockpit by Andrew Hansen to learn more about it. The best thing to do is research the different tools available and find one that best meets your needs. That's because there isn't one universal tool that works for everyone.


As you'll have deduced by now, keyword research tools are an important part of any SEO strategy. If you want people to visit your site, you need to make sure they can find it first and using the right keyword research tool will help you do this!

This of course, is my take on this issue. Feel free to let us know your opinion in your comments below.

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