A Simple Guide to Help You Make Money from Your Website

It’s the modern dream, isn’t it? Work from home while your website pulls in the money. It’s simply the simple perfect way to get an additional income!

Recent statistics points to the fact that having a website could be the key to your financial future. There are presently hundreds of self-made millionaires who have been catapulted to fortune by their websites.

Now, if you are thinking that it is something way out of your reach then you must understand that it’s not as tricky as you think. However, there is one big disclaimer. It involved a lot of hard work. Making money from your website is not a get-rich-quick scheme! It’s a business, and it ought to be treated as such.

In this post I want to show you some of the basics behind making money online. Please note that what I will be dealing with here are the fundamentals. If you’re looking for the secrets to a truly lucrative website, you’ll have to dig deeper. You will learn how to start making money with this information, but if you want the millionaire’s fortune, you need to be creative.

Of course, when I say creative, I’m not expecting that you embark on some out of the world project. All you need is something thinking outside the box. You can do something that has never been done before but ensure it something that will proffer a solution that people are ready to exchange their money for.

But for a start follow the advice here and you will soon see every other thing fall in place. So, let’s dive in.

Make money with your website

1. Start With A Professional Website

It’s possible to monetize any basic website. But, we’re looking to the future here. You need a website built for the sole purpose of boosting profits. That means consulting the experts and commissioning a bespoke website. Customers, advertisers, affiliates (everyone we’re going to talk about here) trust a professional design. Web design expert, Oliver Wood, told us that it’s easy to spot a template website, and people tend to trust them less. Get a real, professional design, and set yourself ahead of the rest.

2. Advertising

Advertising is the first option when it comes to making money online. Now, let us say one thing before we continue. Advertising will not make you rich on the internet. Ad payouts are relatively low until you’ve got a BIG audience. By which time, there are more clever methods of monetizing. However, advertising is a great start, and it’s a vital part of your income stream. Start by signing up to Google AdSense. They’ll begin sending adverts to your site, and you’ll get paid every time someone clicks on one.

3. Affiliate Income And Sponsored Posts

For a while, online advertising was incredibly lucrative. But, as demand increased, money decreased. So, website owners looked for new ideas. Affiliate sales quickly became the internet’s hot-topic. Essentially, you’ll include links in your content to third-party sellers. If your referral generates a sale, you get a commission. Simple in design, and lucrative when done correctly. Other ideas include sponsored posts. This means you’ll collaborate with a brand to create content with their name on it. It’s a less intrusive form of advertising.

4. Products And Consulting

The most lucrative way to monetize your website is through products or consulting. Use your web presence and community to sell something. That’s how you make serious money online. Sell your own products, or contact third-party wholesalers. If a product isn’t appropriate, sell your skills as a consultant.


Using a website to make money online is not really a complicated thing. With the basic understanding of what it entails and you taking action on what your knowledge you will soon see the money trickle in. and of course, with time you can always build on that foundation. I hope therefore that this post has given you a few ideas to get started. It’s now your turn. Get creative, and find clever ways to monetize your site.

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