How to Turn Your Blogging Hobby into a Flourishing Career

Online ventures have paved the way for hundreds of entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. There’s never been a more exciting time to launch a company on the World Wide Web.

There is a plethora of opportunities open to creative individuals. Blogging is a phenomenon that many people get involved with on a leisurely basis. However, growing popularity has opened up many streams for making money out of this idea. And so, it’s now very possible to turn this hobby into a genuine career.

Earning a living from the comfort of your own home is appealing, especially when you’re writing about something you love. In this post I want share with you a few ideas on how you can move from just a hobby blogger into pro-blogger and join the list of people living the dotcom lifestyle!

So, if you are truly interested, here’s how you can master the market:

Find Your Feet

One of the first challenges that any businessman faces is finding their place in the market. This is no different with blogging, and it’s imperative that you decipher your brand before jumping in at the deep end.

Writing about your passions in life will make blogging more enjoyable, which is one of the main reasons you’ve made this your career. As well as deciding a topic, you must also discover your writing style. This will develop with time, but it’s vital that your personality shines through.

These decisions will impact every future decision you make. So don’t make mistakes.

Build the Perfect Platform

Your blog website is essentially your shop window. If you want customers (readers) to stay, it must be made appealing.

Platforms like WordPress offer bloggers the chance to build their website by modifying templates. These are often the cheapest and best option. Visitors will be familiar with the style of WordPress sites, even if they don’t know it themselves. If they can navigate the site easily, they’ve got a much better chance of staying.

Meanwhile, it’s important to buy your own domain rather than using the subdomain. It will look more professional, and is also easier to market.

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Gain More Traffic

Once you’ve made the perfect website, the key to success is building a bigger audience. Readers are the key to monetizing your blog, and will be the single factor that determines whether this can be a successful business venture.

As an online business, the internet is key to your marketing plan. Most users will still try Google to drag up information on a particular subject. Giving your blog a strong presence on this platform is a must. SEO consulting services can help boost your search engine visibility.
This breakthrough will encourage more traffic and could be the key to long-term success.

Another thing to remember is that most people now access their websites through mobile devices. Be sure that your blog is optimized for these platforms too.


The most important aspect of any business is that you keep moving forward. You cannot rest on your laurels after minor success. You must always be on the lookout for new ways to reach new heights and gain more money.

Using YouTube to make video blogs is a great way to help win over new audiences. Meanwhile, this channel can be monetized to make a second stream of income too. What more incentive could you need?

Meanwhile, you can look to use ideas like guest blogging to build the blog. Additionally, affiliate marketing and Google Ads can help increase your profits too. Ultimately, that’s what turning blogging into a career is all about.

I will love to have your ideas on how to turn your hobby blogging into a flourishing career. Share with us in your comments below.

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