13 Weird Secrets of Successful Bloggers Revealed!

How successful bloggers make a living blogging

Have you ever wondered how a “select” group of bloggers are making a living, or very nearly making a living from their personal blogs?

Yes, you hear (or read) of them jetting off to interesting places, wearing beautiful clothes, and reviewing all manner of products…and making a living from it. But, have you considered how they do it?

Now, if this has been a sort of mystery to you then wonder no more because you too can. In this post I'm about revealing to you the carefully guided secrets of these successful bloggers!

For the past five years I've been monitoring a select few of these bloggers and now I can confidently say, I've uncovered their secrets! The surprising thing is that most of these bloggers are really not “working” as hard as the rest us however, the results are totally weird!

So, if you have been thinking that this is beyond you, then you will need to think again!

Secrets of Successful Bloggers Revealed!

Secret #1: Blog About Stuff You’re Interested In

The first step is to think of things that you’re interested in to blog about. If you blog about things just because you think people will like them, even if you don’t like them, it’ll shine through in the way you write. You’ll lose interest pretty quickly. Only blog about things you’re interested in and care about as a rule.

Secret #2: Blog For the Right Reasons

You should blog for all the right reasons. Blog for you. Don’t blog for somebody else, because somebody you know is doing it, or because you think it will make you rich. It might very well make you rich, but that will come after years of perseverance and work. You’ll make next to nothing in the first few years, and you’ll quickly give up if you’re doing it for money reasons.

Secret #3: Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to a successful blog. Posting sporadically won’t get you many loyal readers. That isn’t to say you should post at exactly the same time on the same days, although that would be way more organized and effective. Simply commit to posting a couple of times a week to stay fresh and current. If you leave it for too long without publishing a post, you can bet that you’ll lose interest.

Secret #4: Write Original Content

The worst thing you can do is copy other bloggers. Your content should be completely original. So original that it passes all of the searches Copyscape can muster. You can get in trouble for this and you won’t develop a great readership. Make sure your content is all your own, written off the top of your head. Feel free to take inspiration and do research, but make sure that it stops there. Nobody likes a ‘me too’ blog either, so even if you aren’t copying anybody still try to make your blog stand out.

Secret #5: Make Friends With Other Bloggers

Whatever you do, don’t keep yourself to yourself. Even if you’re normally an introverted creature, try to come out of your shell and make friends with other bloggers. Comment on their posts, follow them, share valuable information, whatever it takes. Most successful bloggers are really supportive of one another, so make sure you’re always friendly.

Secret #6: Connect With Blogger Networks

Blogger networks exist to help connect bloggers and brands. Working with brands has many advantages, if you weren’t aware already. Some of them will give you something free for a blog post in exchange. Others will pay you for advertising. Blogger networks makes it easy for you to find each other, so make sure you sign up to them and make your profile look appealing.

Secret #7: Comment On Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is essential. Not only will it send people back to your own blog, it allows you to connect with bloggers and blog readerships. Just make sure that the comments you leave are valuable. They should be well thought out and relevant to the content. Answer a question posed or add something useful to the discussion. Comments like ‘good job’, or ‘nice!’ won’t get you very far.

Secret #8: Guest Post

When you’ve made enough blogger friends, you may have the opportunity to write guest posts and have guest posts written for you. This is a great way to attract a bigger following, so don’t hesitate to approach a blogger you like with a collaboration proposal. Don’t get ahead of yourself though; you need to establish yourself in this industry first.

Secret #9: Post at Peak Times

Peak times include early in the morning when people are travelling to work, in the afternoon when people are having lunch, and in the evening when people are relaxing. Releasing your blog posts at these times will be much more effective than doing it when you feel like it.

Secret #10: Take a Notebook Everywhere

Most successful bloggers take a small notebook everywhere with them. This way, they can note down ideas for posts and never forget another valuable opportunity! Even if an idea doesn’t seem tangible to you at the time, write it down. It may come in handy one day. If you haven’t made a blog yet and find yourself thinking about it, start with this to see if you regularly come up with good post ideas. I bet you’d create a free website today if you realised just how great your ideas were!

Secret #11: Include Pretty Pictures

Pictures are proven to increase the click through rate of a blog post by a mile. Try to include pictures that are all your own. They should be as high quality and attractive as you can make them. There are lots of tutorials online, so make sure you watch them to get an idea of how to make great blog photos. Some bloggers make their posts photo heavy, while others go easy on the photos and heavy on the text. Either way, you need something to break up your information!

Secret #12: Be Yourself

Don’t try to be somebody or something you’re not. The most successful bloggers are nothing but themselves. Ignore what you think is popular and what people will like. There will always be somebody out there who wants to read about you.

Secret #13: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Never compare yourself to others. This can be hard, with so many other bloggers around. However, this can stop you from being yourself and posting the things you want to post. Don’t focus on how many followers somebody else has got, or how many awards. Focus on yourself and how you can improve. Show support to other bloggers and you’ll get it back.

There you have the uncanny secrets of that successful bloggers have been using to make a living online. Use these secrets wisely and you will be able to create a successful blogging career without fail. Good luck!

How many of these secrets are you applying right now in your blogging?  Share with us in your comments below.

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