How to Write a Good Blog Title: SEO Title Tips!

How to Write a Good Blog Title: SEO Title Tips!

Putting together a blog post is like constructing a building. There are different parts to the blog that will make it achieve your purpose. But of all these the title is the most important.

Crafting a powerful title for your blog post is a skill you must master as a blogger. Your post titles are simply headlines that could make or break your posts!

In this post I want to reveal a simple tactic that you can use to greatly empower your post titles. I'm sure you've heard about the why and how to optimize your titles for the search engines. All that is good stuff. But the tactic I want to reveal here is something that will take your post titles to another level when it come to search engine optimization.

This simple tactic could really be laid out in 3 components. But I'll simply handle it by breaking it up as follows:

1. Write For Your Regular Readers:

The first aspect of your blog title you want to work on is writing a title that will peek the interest of your regular readers. To get this right you want to know what has been popular with your readers and the topic you're dealing with in your particular blog post.

Once you've these in place, craft a blog title that will make them click and read more.

Remember your regular readers will not go to google before they come to your blog. They are not searching for your site. Either they will come via RSS feed or they might simply enter your blog URL into their blowser.

But once they are on your blog, the first thing that will entice them to read more is the title. So put in your best in writing that title. Frankly you may forget about seo here as that will be taken care of below!

Well, that's not much or is it?

On to #2!

2. Polish Your Title For The Search Engines:

Now this is where the fun starts.

I know you're not writing only for your regular readers. You also want to get more search engine traffic, or don't you?

Ok, search engine traffic is frankly a different ball game. To achieve that you'll need to make sure that your post does not only appear on the search engine results but the title actually makes people to click and visit your blog.

What you need do is to easily work on the same title you've written and make it do the work for you. You can easily do this with any seo plugin like All In SEO Pack plugin.

Once you've this installed, before publishing your blog post, take the same title you've written and rework it. Ensure that you build in a little curiosity and your target keywords/phrases into it. Enter the new title into the SEO box in your writing section. It's something like this:

seo title image

3. Shorten and SEO The Post Link:

One other thing you can do to empower the title is to shorten and seo the post link. This can be done easily using the new permalink feature of wordpress. Just below the title pane you'll see the post permalink.

shorten blog title example

Click on the “Edit” button and then enter a short and optimized link with your keywords/phrase. For example on this post the permalink is, “” Once you've entered what you want click on “ok”.

4. Craft A Powerful Description For The Post:

The last thing you'll want to do before publishing your post is to enter a description for the post.

Understand that when it comes to search engine marketing what will help your blog article to achieve its purpose of drawing traffic to your blog is its ability to offer something of interest to the searcher.

Getting on the first page of Google is nothing. What really matters is that people click on your links and visit your blog. And most times what will achieve this is not just the title but the title in conjunction with the description.

It must interest you to know that if you don't give the search engines a description, they will simply take the first few words on your post and return that as the description. Or most times they return your blog home description!

This does not only affect the search engine ranking of that post but also may not peek the interest of that particular searcher.

So how do you give the search engines a description for each of your post?

You simply take that post's target keywords/phrases and write a short description for the post. All In One SEO Pack plugin is handy here also. Just below the title pane of the plugin you'll see the pane for the description. Enter the description here. For example, for this post here is the description I used,

“Writing SEO blog titles are a good way of driving organic targeted traffic from the search engines. Read this post and discover a simple way of doing this..!”

Now if you look at that description you'll discover that those sentences never appeared any where on the post itself. But simply putting them there is a boost to the effectiveness of the post when it appears on the search engine results.

So Let's See The Results Of This Simple SEO Tactic!

Yes, I want to show how this tactic will come out at the end of the day! So let's use this very blog post. I've just published it before taking this screen shots. First how the post appears on your blog page:

the blog title

and here's how it appears on your title bar:

title bar example

Do you note that the post title on the blog page is different from the one on the title bar? The one on the blog is visible to your readers why the one the task bar is what searchers will see on the search engines.

This is really powerful. You can use this to empower your blog titles for more SEO results every time!

So let's hear what you think of this tactic. Have you been using it? If so how effective has it been to you?

  1. Be honest with you, I don’t really depend on SEO to make money online. Over the years, Google and most search engines have changed the algorithms for site rankings. They will continue to do so as along as people look for shortcuts to game the systems.

    The best SEO I know of, is to write good contents and demonstrate that you are an authority in your field. With time, you will draw the traffic to your blog.

    I’m a serial entrepreneur. I set up blogs and flip them for cash. The ones that did fine were the blogs that the new owners, keep updating with authoritative contents. The others kind of wither away not withstanding the SEO tactics behind them.

    What’s your authority? Be real. That’s my best SEO practice for all the blogs I sell including my own.

    If you chose shortcuts, the readers will soon find out and flee. You will not get them back.

    • Yea, showing your authority is important. But never undermine the importance of the search enginess. One thing you may not know is that your great content has some good points with the search engines if they are sending traffic. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Sweet! Thanks for sharing! It’s always nice to be able to tweak things here and there so that you can optimize it for search engines and readers as well. People will definitely visit your post if it contains an interesting title.

    • The title is one of the most important part of the post. You must be able to optimize it for the search engines and for your human readers also.

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  4. Your Post Title Should Be keyword rich Unique and Informative…People Show interest in Your blog many Things depends like – content format, image optimization, on page factors that makes a good website..

    keep cheers..


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  7. It’s possible that these tips have been shared before–perhaps they were lost among all of the “great content” on the web–but I’m pretty sure these will be fresh ideas. I initially thought I could fit half a dozen tips in a single blog post….

    • But is there really any thing new? I can only be new when you’re seeing it for the first time. With the internet of over a billion webpages nothing can really be new!

  8. I also use the seo feature in wordpress but used to just copy and past from orig post. Will give it some more thought to change it up a bit to see if helps

  9. I use wordpress’s plugin for seo, so I set my normal titels for people and I have separate seo titles for google etc, works pretty well.

  10. While writing the body of a blog, the writer might not always be perfectly correct in the grammar, this is still a time that understanding the basics of grammar is helpful.  A writer doesn’t want to look like they don’t understand the regular rules of grammar.  As with any writing, start with an idea, come up with a spiffy title, and then write the body, and to appear knowledgeable write within general lines of grammar.  Of course, the writing will not be perfect, but the blogger doesn’t want to look like failed all the grammar classes in school either.

    • Good ideas there. blogging is about communication and to communicate you must able to pass across your thoughts. I think you can do that much better if you’re able to express yourself in good construction of your content. Thanks for the comment.

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  20. This is the technique I’m using on some of my blog posts right now. A post title to peak curiosity and another one to get me those clicks from the search engines 😉

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    This is amazing! I’m still learning all about what, exactly, SEO is and how to utilize it. There are so many programs, plug-ins, e-books, etc that it can be quite confusing. This looks pretty simple!

    • Frankly, we’re all always learning one thing or the other! About SEO, I take is simply know how it works and put that knowledge to work. I never worry myself about most of the tactics that many want make believe as the all in all solution. There are consistent tactics that whatever happens with google, your results are not affected drastically. Thanks for the comment.

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    • Hmm, I have doubts if you truly read this blog post because that is the tactic laid out in the post. Any way it’s not a problem. It’s actually a seo tactic. Please you may want to read the post again so you can really know how it is done.

  30. I have used this method and it is fairly effective.  I have noticed it generates a bigger guest appearance when I use a description and SEO for the title of my post.  I also try to make sure that the first 3-5 words of my title are what I use for SEO.  Thank for the advise!

    • Hi Jasmine, it’s really good to hear from those who have experienced a particular tactic and can vouch for it. And like you said, to gain greater results with the system you definitely need to use your target keywords. Thanks for the comment.

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