Covert Super Affiliate Tactics for Making Money in the Web Hosting Niche Market

Making Money in the Web Hosting Niche Market

Every potential online business entrepreneur knows the importance of a webhosting company. You need a webhost if you want to market your products/services on the net. This is one reason why the demand for webhosting has continued to grow by the day – because more and more businesses are right now going online. This is indeed a potential market that anyone desiring to make money online cannot ignore.

Of course, with the high demand for webhosting, companies offering hosting services has also grown. Right now there are thousands of such companies, all working to outsmart each other. To do this many of them design different hosting packages that even the smallest, but savvy, online entrepreneur can latch unto to make money.

Getting a Slice of the Lucrative Webhosting Business as an Affiliate

With predictions of ecommerce growing into the multi-million dollar business in the no distant future you may be wondering, how do I get my own slice of the cake?

Of course, you don’t have to be some multibillion dollar company to tap into this goldmine. By simply joining any of these webhosting companies’ affiliate program you can tap in and get your own slice of the cake. Some of these companies you may want to look into include:, and For more suggestions, do a simple search on

Besides offering affiliate programs, many of these hosting companies also offer Reseller hosting packages which allows you to build your own webhosting service without worrying about the huge investments involved!

The basic difference between a Reseller account and an affiliate is the fact that as a Reseller you can brand yourself as a hosting company and keep every profit from your business but as an affiliate you are paid a commission for every sale you refer.

In this article my focus is creating an income as an affiliate marketer.  The following are some covert tactics that will help you make some extra income as a webhosting affiliate with as little hassle as possible!

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3 Simple Webhosting Affiliate Tactics You Can Use Right Now!

1. Choose A Webhosting Company That Meets Your Needs

Before promoting any hosting company it is important that you test and see if what you will be promoting will meet the expectations of your target audience.  As mentioned above the number of webhosting companies to choose from are plenteous. The dividing line however is the quality and value that the company can provide for you.

As a potential affiliate, first choose a few companies. Purchase a hosting package from these ones and try them out. While testing these ones, take some time to check out the hosting features and the support system. Test the customer support for things like: how long it takes for the support team to answer your support ticket; how promptly they answer to your telephone calls and how effective the technical team is when there is a technical issue.

You must understand that support is one of the biggest considerations for people when choosing a web hosting package. And so, doing these checks before opting to promote any webhosting company as an affiliate is very important because at the end you will be able to effectively and confidently effectively recommend the webhost without any qualms.

Once you have find one or two that you are satisfied with, sign up for their affiliate program and move on to the next step.

2. Write A Review Of The Webhosting Company

If you are familiar with the webhosting market you will discover that nearly every one of the companies offer almost the same features and packages. While the prices may differ, most people really do not choose a webhost simply because of the price but because of the features and customer service. This is why most people will readily choose a webhost based on the recommendation of a friend or an acquaintance.

The fact that you have availed yourself of the services of the hosting company and also done your checks using their support system, writing a review of the webhosting company wouldn’t be a problem. For some initial ideas you can turn to the marketing tools offered by the company if there are any.

In writing your review ensure you are as dispassionate as possible. If there are areas you are not satisfied with about the service, do not hesitate to mention them. Highlight why you recommend the hosting company and if available offer discount coupons to those who sign up through your affiliate links. Doing this will greatly increase your CTR.

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3. Put A Footer Link To Your Webhost

Another very simple but powerful way to make some affiliate cash from your webhosting company is to put a “Powered by” or “Site hosted by” link in the footer of your site to the hosting company. This is actually the easiest way of promoting a webhosting affiliate program. Though simple it is all the same very powerful because it gives your site visitors the impression that you are satisfied with your webhost hence your “boldly” recommending them with that link.

Marketing Take Away

It is clear that webhosting will continue to be a lucrative business as long as businesses continue to setup websites for their products and services. To get a slice of this goldmine as an affiliate recommending your favorite web hosting company either through a review or footer link is a guaranteed way to put some extra income in your bank account. So in choosing your hosting company to promote, go for the one that is known for its fantastic customer support. This way you can be sure that your target audience will be satisfied with your recommendations.

Over to you: Are you satisfied with your present hosting company? Can you recommend them as an affiliate? Share your experience with us in your comments below.

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