Content & Monetization Strategies for Pinterest for Business

After the short interlude where we took sometime off to see the social media buzz being created by the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Brazil  let's return to our series on Pinterest for Business, shall we?

Alright, this is the third in this post series. In our first post, we looked at some stats and the power of Pinterest for business while in the second entry we discussed how to set up your niche blog for greater success with Pinterest-targeted audiences. In today’s lesson our focus is on creating content and monetizing your niche blog.

Creating content for your pinterest focused blogsWhat I want to do on this post is not to give you a lesson on how to write enticing blog posts nor how to write content for the web. I’m sure there many resources online with tutorials on that. You may also want to read a post I did some time ago on this topic. Read it here.

For this post I will concentrate on some very valuable tips with references to useful online resources that can help you achieve your target. And so, let’s get started!

How to Drive More Traffic and Increase Reader Interaction

As we mentioned previously, the type of posts that are best for these niche sites are posts with visually appealing content. This is because you are targeting a visually-oriented audience – traffic from Pinterest.

For this reason, your content does not need to be heavy on text. Instead of long posts, concentrate on short posts and embed good looking photos. For better results, use large, vibrant and high resolution photos.

Here are some of the best performing content to focus on:

1. Step by step tutorials with photos or videos

2. Tips and advice posts

3. Reviews and comparison posts, and

4. Trending reports and industry news

For these types of content ideas, browse through online magazines.  You can also use to search for what is trending right now. This way you will be sure of adding hot content pieces that are popular at the moment.

How to Get Photos for Your Blogs

If your content will be virtually appealing then photos must form a good part of your content. Here are some places where you can get free photos to use:

1. Google image search –

2. Flickr’s creative commons –

3. Pinterest search –

4. SXC –

If you want some paid to use photos you can check out iStockphoto –

Monetizing Your Pinterest Targeted Niche Blogs

Making money from your niche blogs might just be your main focus when building these types of niche blogs. But the truth is except your content is useful to your target audience all of your work might just amount to nothing.

So, before moving on to monetizing tactics ensure you have good, appealing and valuable content on your blog.

There are actually different monetization options you can use. Some of these include:

1. Google Adsense – This is a simple and quick monetization option powered by Google.

2. Shop Sense – This is an alternative to adsense. Shop Sense is great for Pinterest traffic.

3. Reachli – This is another great option for Pinterest traffic. You have the option of making money with photo ads.

4. – This one is great for CPA offers. A free account with gives you access to different companies with CPA offers.

5. – If you are interested in promoting physical products, Amazon Associates Program is a great place to look.

6. Your Own Products – Of course, marketing your own products on your niche blog is another way of monetizing traffic from

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A Word about SEO And A Few Ad Linking Tips

Optimizing your content for the search engines is necessary if you want to drive organic traffic. But beyond this you also need to optimize your affiliate promotions to achieve high CTRs. This means approaching your ad placements the right way while implementing the best SEO practices.

Here are a few tips to help:

1. Write short but descriptive blog posts.

2. Use the target keyword in the post title. Make it descriptive and enticing.

3. Include your keyword phrase in the first and last sentence. Use a few related terms in the body of the post.

4. Include the keyword phrase in the post’s url and in the meta description.

5. Link to some authority site within the post and include a video, where possible. Simply search with your target term and choose a video that best suit your post idea. (See how I did this on the previous post!)

6. Stealthily integrate your affiliate links within your content.

7. If your post is a tutorial, put a resource section highlighting the tools and products mentioned in the post at the end of the post and then include links (your affiliate links) to where readers can get these resources!

These are just a few things you can do to maximize your search rankings and CTRs. At first this might not come easy but as you get more adept at doing this, you will definitely see more success.

Ok, there is actually so much within this post that I trust if you are following this series there is enough for you to do before our next entry. In our next post we will take a look at how to skyrocket your income. Watch out for it!

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